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How to wean a child from motion sickness on his hands? Advices of experienced moms

Almost all experienced parents warn their less experienced acquaintances and say that it is not worth keeping a child in their arms all the time. However, listen to this unit advice. And really, how can you be so indifferent to not paying attention to the cry and crying of your own baby, just wait until he calms down? But in any family, sooner or later there comes a point when parents are so exhausted by the necessity to constantly keep a crumb on their hands, that there is no strength at all. How is it best to act in such a situation, how to wean a child from motion sickness on his hands? We listen to the opinion of leading child psychologists and pediatricians.


If you decide to understand how to wean a child from motion sickness on his hands, the first thing you need to learn is to distinguish when the crumb is crying because he is uncomfortable, something is disturbing him, and when his cry indicates only the next whims.

If the baby cries, make sure that he is not hungry, his diaper (or diaper) is dry. It is also important to ensure that the child does not overcool and does not overheat. Other causes of crying may be gastric colic or other ailments, banal fatigue or fright (for example, because of a sharp sound).

None of the above does not bother the child? Then this is a sure sign that you are confronted with ordinary vagaries, and your task is to stop this as quickly as possible, to help your child to cross a new line in his development and become a little more independent.


This is another popular question, which, as a rule, is of interest to all mothers who ask how to wean a child from motion sickness on his hands. Experts have long formed a clear opinion on this matter: do not do this too soon, but do not delay. The optimal age is six months. During this period the child opens a new page in development, he will easily and painlessly endure such changes.


So, we got to the most important thing - how to wean the child from rocking on his hands. Experienced moms often share tips on this topic. And now you can see the most effective of them:

  • Try to take the child in his arms so that he himself was a bit uncomfortable. At first, moods will increase, but if you survive, over time, the baby and most will be reluctant to accept such an uncomfortable position.
  • In no case can not go on about hysterics and tears. Approach the child, stroke him on the head, hug, hold his hand - he must feel that his mother is near, she still loves him as much. But you do not need to take it with your hands. No need to cite other children as an example - you will only make it worse.
  • Some moms just leave the baby for a while (to "scream"). Psychologically, this can not all, but if you decide to wean crumbs at the wrong time, it is likely that this method will remain the only effective one.
  • Take for the rule before going to bed instead of rocking talking with the child, reading fairy tales, listening to music. If he is afraid of the dark, you can leave a small nightlight included for the baby. Or put your favorite toy in the crib - the child will feel protected.
  • Instead of indulging the desires of a little capricious, better find something that will take him and distract: a new toy, music, a cartoon - whatever!

And most importantly, if you decided to take this step - do not go backward! Of course, everyone wants the child to remain small as long as possible, but your child grows up, and you need to help him in this, and not to interfere!

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