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Astarot (demon): photo. How to call the demon Astaroth and is it worth it?

Demons are antagonistic figures in many religions. Their greatest popularity was due to the spread of Christianity, although the creation of a demonic origin is mentioned both in Ancient India (Rakshasa), and in Japan (Akuma, Yokai and Mononoke), and in the Sumerian state. Most of these creatures are self-willed and serve evil in any of its manifestations, although sometimes it is mentioned how demons help mortals pursuing their own interests.

The power of demons has always been of great interest to weaker people. The idea of subjugating such strong creatures, capable of destroying cities and countries with one hand, always excited the minds of mortals, both in ancient times and in our days.

Why do people call?

Sometimes the reason is laziness and unwillingness to work independently, sometimes - a hopeless situation, when a person does not see another solution.

In any case, the demon's call is an extreme measure, since it is not known what exactly it will require as a fee.

Why Astarot?

Demonic creatures, according to the magicians, have a very well-built hierarchy:

  1. Demons of Power. They are the strongest demon-rulers of hell. This group includes Astaroth - the demon, who is the first mate of the Lord.
  2. Approximate ruler. These demons are divided into those who have the right to deal with public affairs on behalf of the Lord, and those who are denied it. The second type of demon has as much strength and power as the first, but they are not able to bear the burden of responsibility for decisions.
  3. Demons of the Brotherhood. Inside their group they have a division in terms of function for the heads of groups, elite fighters and a kind of "police" of hell.
  4. The priests. They have strict standards of behavior and, in fact, are separated from the Demons of the Brotherhood by a group. Their main activity is to control the energy and monitor the state of the artifacts of hell.
  5. Strong. Almost all of them take part in the battles. These demons are engaged in adjusting the residual energies and performing the tasks of the Higher.
  6. Medium. Also known as Demons-Gatherers. They recruit souls, gather rumors and information.
  7. Small. Demons of this kind include demons of dreams, as well as incubi and succubi.
  8. Lower. All known demons belong to this group. In fact, the lower demons are servants to everyone else.

As can be seen from the above diagram, Astaroth is a demon possessing not only incredible power, but also great power in hell. Therefore, the favorable call of this very being ensures that other demons will also obey the caller.

In addition, Astaroth is considered the patron of the magicians and the demon scientist. He has a rather benevolent temper and sociability. But behind these qualities the caller forgets about the demonic nature of this being and that he is too cruel even to his friends and wife.

How does the demon Astaroth look like?

Of course, there are no photos, however, according to written sources, Astaroth has several forms:

  1. A tall man with bluish pale skin and blue-black hair. He has dark shining eyes, massive horns and leather wings, which have a claw at the end of the upper joint.
  2. Disfigured or, on the contrary, an unbelievably beautiful angel. A viper wraps around his right hand, and Astarot himself sits on a purple dragon.
  3. The shape of the dragon without paws and with a very long tail on which it moves.


Astaroth often settles in people and other living beings:

  • In the 1560's, his presence was recorded in a girl named Nicole Aubry.
  • 1611th. Astaroth and other 6665 demons owned the body of the nun Madeline Demandol.
  • Later, Astaroth moved into the Lundun nun.
  • In 1673, Astaroth and Asmodeus were summoned by the mistress of Louis XIV with the request to keep her at court. During the mass, a child was sacrificed. Now the contract of Madame de Montespan and the demons, written in Latin with the help of inverted words from right to left

Also, some scholars see the connection between Astarot and such goddesses as Ishtar and Astarta.

Summon Demon

Astaroth try to call many. According to written sources (Lemegeton, Grimorium Verum and others), it is capable of giving the power of invisibility, answering the innermost questions and giving the caller an incredible magical power.

Before summoning the demon Astaroth, experienced esotericists are advised to go fast in nine days. This will strengthen the spirit, gain determination and protect yourself from the influence of the demon. At the end of fasting, it is recommended to perform a cleansing ritual. First, by this you will render respect to Astarot, and secondly - even more secure your own soul.

The call is made in a circle drawn on the floor or on the ground, protecting the caster. The place of conscription depends on the purpose: an old cemetery will be required for answers to questions, whereas for an oath of allegiance to Ashtaroth, any room or building, preferably abandoned, will come to faithfulness or request.

If you are not an experienced magician - never cause any entity in the place where people live! Close the portal is much more difficult than opening, and beginners do not always get it.

To address the demon is necessary without fear and admiration, but with great respect. Remember that Astaroth - a demeanor quick-tempered and cruel, but still quite curious and complacent. If desired, he can bring gifts: in preparation for the ritual, you will understand that this should be.

Pronounced words are not so important, the main thing is that you know exactly what you want from the demon, and whether he does not find your request or question an insult. At the call for a greater immersion in the magical act, one can speak Latin, but this is not recommended for those who are not able to independently write sentences in this language: coming to Latin, the demon can speak Latin. Better use your native (or familiar to you) language and call Astaroth by name during the call.

Before you leave the circle, you must necessarily release the creature, even if you do not see any signs that the Astaraota demon has been triggered. Thank him for coming, and then say: "Go in peace, Astoroth, Demon of Power, where did you come to me, and peace will be in your soul!" Be ready to come to me when I call you, in the name of all Gods ! May it be so!"

In no case do not you leave the protective circle before saying goodbye to the demon and do not neglect the closure of the portal, which will happen with the departure of Astaroth.

Will the summoned man come?

If you expect the spectacular appearance of Astaroth straight from the underworld in the smoke clubs, then this will not happen. Most likely, you will not even see it.

Demonic creatures are felt, like cold and otherness, you will want to leave the place of the ritual. Perhaps you will even lose the gift of speech or you will break a cold sweat. But even if nothing of the kind has happened, do not neglect the farewell to the being, because the consequences of ignoring it can be very different.

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