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Anastasia Ploskova: biography and creativity

Anastasia Ploskova is a Russian actress from Perm who became famous for her role in the series "Real Boys" on the TNT channel. It was this role of the "night butterfly" that brought Ploskovoy all-Russian fame among the fans of the series.

Childhood, adolescence, youth

Anastasia Ploskova was born in Perm, on October 10, 1986. By the way, it was in Perm that the action of the beloved television series unfolded. Teachers and relatives predicted her acting career, but Nastya herself did not think that she would manage to realize herself in this sphere. From the very childhood, the future actress dreamed of becoming a journalist, so immediately after finishing school number 122 in her native city, Nastya entered the journalism department of Perm State University.

In the student years, many classmates of Nastia noticed that the girl has an outstanding sense of humor and acting skills. Do not realize this data on the stage was just blasphemy, so Nastya tried herself as a comedian in the KVN team of her university. And she did it. While studying at the university Anastasia Ploskova successfully came up with jokes for her KVN team and even participated in the marathon "The Great Student Spring".

The first television success

In 2009, Nastya first tried herself as a real actress. This year became her debut due to her participation in the "Videobytve" on the TV channel STS, where Nastya with her video "Hysterics" won first place, overtaking both Chelyabinsk and Muscovites. Before the performance, Nastya was very worried that it was not peculiar for her, but everything turned out - Anastasia was on top again.

The next project with her participation was "Laughter without rules" on TNT, where she took part in one scene. Despite the fact that in all events in which Anastasia Ploskova participated, she showed herself only from the positive side and laid out to the full, these victories did not bring her special fame. Up to one case.

"Pacan" triumph

Probably, those projects in which Anastasia Ploskova participated were not serious enough. "Real Guys" became the very starting point on the path of her acting career.

After participating in Videobytve and Laugh without Rules, Nastya was offered to play in the new series on TNT "Real boys". It was a very interesting experiment, so Nastya agreed. It was after the role in the series that the All-Russian fame came to her.

Today we know Anastasia Ploskov from "Real Boys" as Nastya Ivanchuk, the heroine of the actress. Nastya Ivanchuk graduated from school with a gold medal and went to conquer the capital. With this she somehow did not work out, so she had to return to her hometown. She had no money, so the heroine had no other choice but to sell her body.

The modest and insecure assistant of the local Lech Bazanov is in love with Ivanchuk since the school's bench and has long been trying to achieve its location. Even the unusual profession of the beloved does not bother him. As a result, Nastya surrenders to Bazanov's shy but sensual and sincere courtship and gives him her hand and heart.

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