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Choose a mobile phone for newborns

The concept of "mobile for newborns" appeared in our vocabulary relatively recently, but the very history of toys goes back to antiquity. The custom of hanging a bird carved from a tree over a cradle came from ancient Rus. It was believed that such a charm would scare off evil forces, save from evil eyes and bring happiness. The toy was called "the bird of happiness".

Passing through the centuries, the guard changed and, having lost its original purpose, acquired a new one. About what is a mobile phone for newborns today, which functions, when to buy it and how to choose, we will talk. So, let's begin.

Why do we need such a toy?

First, for development. The baby, lying in the crib, first simply looks at the shapes and colors, then tries to fix a look at them. A little later comes the turn of grasping reflexes. Here you can talk about the beginning of the development of the motor skills of the fingers: the baby learns to hold objects in his hand.

Secondly, the mobile for the newborn gives Mom extra free time (you can do something or just have a rest).

When is it better to buy a toy?

Mobile for the newborn can be purchased even before the appearance of crumbs to light. This toy will be interesting to the child up to a year-old age, however it will bring the greatest benefit in the first half a year.

How to choose and install a mobile phone for newborns?

The very design - at your discretion. The main thing here is to pay attention to the strength and quality of both the material and the paint. Ideally, the details of the mobile should be understood and washed. Suspended toys (soft, plastic, wooden) should not have sharp corners.

Try to look at the mobile for the newborn from below and try to see it through the eyes of crumbs. How will the toy look? Is it colorful enough? Or maybe the color is too bright?

To properly perceive the shape of the toy, you must hang it by the side (not by the tail or head). Do not forget: you do not get a part of the interior, but the first in life crumbs developing benefit. The first colors that begin to distinguish infants - yellow, white, red, black.

Mobiles on a crib for newborns are installed so that the nearest details are 40 cm (minimum distance). Do not expect that the baby will immediately begin to react to toys, because the vision of the newborn is still far from ideal.

How necessary is the musical accompaniment? Again, this decision is for parents only. If you prefer a music phone, be sure to listen to the sounding melody. Is it pleasant and soothing? Is it too loud? The music should sound soft and gentle. It is better if the volume control is built into the toy .

In complex models, a control panel is provided (the mobile can be turned on even while in another room). Another addition is the projection of pictures that are displayed on the ceiling. By the way, knowledgeable parents are trying to buy just such a mobile phone for newborns. Reviews moms and dads are almost unambiguous: the kids are happy to watch the moving pictures, quickly calmed down and fall asleep.

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