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Indication for the use of the drug "Elkar" for the child. Expert Reviews

A person from birth is forced to take various medications. For young children, pediatricians prescribe funds not only for recovery, but also for the purpose of preventing various diseases and pathological processes in the body. Often specialists write out the drug "Elkar" for a child. Reviews about this medication are very different. Negative effect after its application was not noticed, the action is mostly positive, but sometimes the tool does not show itself.

Operating principle

The drug "Elkar" for a child (doctors' reviews speak about its effectiveness) is prescribed to improve metabolism, supply tissues with oxygen. The active ingredient in the drug is levocarnitine. It is a natural natural substance, similar in structure and action to the vitamins of group B. Levokarnitin participates in various types of metabolic processes, transferring fatty acids.

The drug activates protein and fat metabolism, improves the secretion of gastric and intestinal juices. Doctors expect an increase in mental and physical activity, appointing the drug "Elkar" for the child. Parents' comments indicate that this effect has been achieved.

The agent, getting into the intestine, is quickly absorbed and reaches its maximum concentration in three hours.

Indications for use

The medicine "Elkar" is prescribed under the most different conditions of the body.

1. With excessive physical and mental stress, to improve efficiency, restore strength and reduce fatigue.

2. As a restoring agent after surgical interventions, transferred diseases, to accelerate the regeneration of tissues.

3. As part of complex therapy in the treatment of certain skin diseases.

4. Neurological disorders in brain lesions of various genesis. According to this indication, doctors most often prescribe the drug "Elkar" for the child. Reviews about the drug's neutralization of the consequences of birth injuries are positive.

5. With a lag in growth and low weight in children under 16 years.

6. Breast children with impaired sucking effect.

Mode of application

How to give the child "Elkar" depends on the reason for his appointment. Children under the age of three must take the medicine in strict accordance with the prescriptions of the doctor. The necessary amount of medication is calculated depending on the weight of the child and his disease. Children from 3 to 6 years receive 5 drops of the drug "Elkar" twice a day.

Dosage for children from 6 to 12 years is from 11 to 16 drops three times a day. The maximum dose of medication per day is 400-900 mg (depending on the weight of the child). The course of treatment to achieve a result should last no less than one month.

Contraindications and side effects

The drug "Elkar" practically does not have a negative effect on the child's body, but in some cases allergic manifestations, abdominal pain may start.

The drug also has virtually no contraindications. The medicine can not be taken only by those who have an individual intolerance to levokarnitina or auxiliary components of the drug.

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