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"Bezhin meadow": characteristics of boys. The work of IS. Turgenev "Bezhin Meadow"

"Bezhin meadow" - the story of IS Turgenev, included in the collection of "Notes of a Hunter". During the creation of this work Turgenev spent a lot of time in the village. His main interlocutors were hunters, who were very different from the rest of the villagers. It was these stories, as well as the amazing nature, that served as inspiration for the creation of the "Hunter's Notes" cycle. The story "Bezhin Meadow" is a small work, full of descriptions of beautiful and serene Russian landscapes.

The story begins with the fact that on a warm July day the hunter is lost in the forest. Long he wanders through unknown paths, but he can not find his way home. Already quite desperate and almost fell into the precipice, the hunter suddenly notices a fire. From nowhere, two large dogs run out towards him with barking, and behind them are village boys. The hunter learns that the guys came to graze horses at night, as insects and heat do not give rest to the animals during the day.

Modestly settling under a bush next to the fire, the traveler pretends to be asleep, although in fact he is watching the boys. The hunter does not want to hamper them, that's why he does not show that he sees and hears everything. Guys, a little relaxed, resume interrupted communication. The Bezhin meadow rings and shines with their voices.

Characteristics of boys. Features of appearance

The guys at the fire five: Fedya, Pavlusha, Vanya, Kostya and Ilyusha. Bezhin Meadow - the name of the place where they were driven out to graze horses. Fedya is the oldest in appearance, he is about 14 years old. At first glance, the hunter understands that the boy is from a rich family, and that he came with the guys not for want but for entertainment. This can be seen in his manner of communication, with neat new clothes and with delicate features.

The second boy is Pavlusha. Behind its external unattractiveness lies the amazing strength of character. The boy immediately evokes great sympathy from the hunter. Despite the fact that he is only twelve years old, Paul behaves as the most adult. He calms the boys, when they are frightened, in every word of his discernment discernment and boldness. The story "Bezhin Meadow" is a work in which Turgenev describes with special love ordinary peasant children, each of which represents the future of the country.

Ilyusha of the same age as Pavlusha. He has an unremarkable face, on which lies the imprint of painful care about something. It is Ilyusha who tells more than all the stories, he is distinguished by the ability to convey the essence of what happened with excitement and excitement. Of such stories is the work "Bezhin Meadow". Characteristics of boys, given in the story, emphasizes the individuality of each narrator.

Kostya is a boy with attentive and sad eyes. A freckled face is adorned with huge black eyes, shining with an incomprehensible brilliance, as if he wants to say something important, but can not. He is about ten years old.

The last boy, the youngest, Vanya. First, the hunter does not notice him, as the child lies, covered with the head of matting. This is a seven year old boy with curly hair. He does not tell a single story, but the author admires his childish purity of thinking.

Each of the guys is engaged in their own business and simultaneously conducts a conversation. Silence echoes them Bezhin meadow. The stories of the boys are very interested in the hunter, so he does his best to pretend that he is asleep.


Ilyusha begins his story first. He says that he heard the brownie when they stayed with the guys after the work on the field. The spirit rustled and roared over the heads of the boys, coughed and disappeared.


The next incident that Kostya heard about from his father. Once Gavrila, a carpenter, went into the woods and met a beautiful mermaid there. For a long time she called Gavrila, but he did not yield. And when I felt that I had no strength to resist, I made myself a godfather. The mermaid cried and said that he too will shed tears all his life with her. After this carpenter, no one saw merry anymore. Turgenev ("Bezhin meadow") seems to be putting the stories of the boys into one great story of a hunter.


Ilyusha talks about the dog Ermile, who, returning home late, saw a small lamb on the grave of the drowned man. He took it himself, but it turned out that this soul of the deceased had settled into an animal.

Suddenly the dogs jump off their places and throw themselves into the darkness. Pavlusha, without hesitation, runs after them to check what's wrong. He imagines that the wolf has gotten too close to them. It turned out that this is not so. Hunter involuntarily admired the boy, so beautiful and daring he was at that moment. With special love he paints the image of Pavlusha Turgenev. "Bezhin Meadow" is a story that, although it ends on a minor note, yet still celebrates the victory of good over evil.

An anxious gentleman

Ilyusha continues his story with rumors about the deceased master. Once his grandfather Trofim met him and asked what he was looking for. The deceased replied that he needed a rift-grass. So, the gentleman lived too little, he wanted to escape from the grave.


Further Ilyusha tells that on Parent Saturday it is possible to meet those who should die soon. Grandma Ulyana saw first the boy Ivashka, who soon after that drowned, and then himself. Strange and sometimes terrible images cause Bezhin meadow. The stories of the boys are evidence of this.


Pavlusha picks up the conversation with his story about the solar eclipse. In their village there was a giving, that at the moment when the sun is closed in the sky, Trishka will come. It will be an unusual and crafty person who will start to seduce all believing Christians with the sin.

Leshy and watery

Next in turn comes a story from Ilyusha. He talks about how one villager drove woodlander in the woods, but he barely got away from him. This story gradually flows into a story about the watery one. Once there lived a certain girl Akulina, she was very beautiful. After she was attacked by water, she began to go crazy. Now Akulina walks all black, in ragged clothes and laughs without reason.

Water also kills the local boy Vasya. His mother, foreseeing the disaster from the water, with great excitement, lets him go swimming. However, still can not save him. The boy is drowning.

The fate of Pavlusha

At this time, Pavel decides to go down to the river to collect water. He returns agitated. When asked by the children, Vasin heard a voice saying that he called him to him. The boys are baptized, they say that this is a bad omen. Bezhin meadow talked for good. Characteristics of boys reveals every single image, veiling the inner world of children.

Morning and Homecoming

Waking up early in the morning, the hunter decides that it's time to go home. He quietly gathers and approaches the sleeping boys. All sleep, only Pavlusha looks up and looks at him. The hunter nods to the boy and leaves. Bezhin Meadow says goodbye to him. Characteristics of boys require special attention. After the end of the reading, once again review it.

The story ends with the words that Paul later perishes. The boy does not sink, as the stories of the boys tell him, he falls from the horse and breaks to death.

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