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Why dream of sewing in a dream?

It was the first time to interpret dreams in Ancient Greece, and Plato believed that dreams can inspire and give birth to ideas. The first attempts to systematize visions were undertaken by Freud at the beginning of the 20th century. Later, other psychologists, soothsayers, mystics were engaged in the interpretation. What does it mean to sew in a dream? Let's try to figure it out using different dream books. At the same time, let's look at the meaning of the various attributes, without which it is impossible to sew.

In the classic interpretations, if you are sewing new clothes in a dream, then you are awaiting the comfort and warmth in the house that you will create yourself. This is a really good dream, you can fill your home with happiness, create a strong family if you are not yet married. And those who already have a husband, he reports that the strength of the relationship depends only on their desire and desire.

Sonnik Miller

Miller is an American psychologist who became famous precisely because he wrote a collection of interpretations of dreams. At its creation, the researcher relied on his personal experience and the theoretical basis of psychiatry. Tens of thousands of stories about dreams were analyzed before the book was published.

In his dream book there is no precise interpretation, what it means to sew in a dream. But many related dreams have been considered. It is clear that it is possible to sew from cloth, so to see it in your dream means that there are "friends" in the environment who want evil for you, which hinder your happiness. Because of them you are in for trouble and loss. But if the fabric feels elastic and smooth, then you will endure everything, and luck will accompany you, whoever repaired troubles.

If you are not sewing but a seamstress, then some event awaits you, because of which an important meeting will not take place. But the event is good and joyful.

But to see in a dream tailor - to cares after a trip. If you quarrel with a tailor, give up your plan, still it will not bring satisfaction. Withdrawal from you is a quarrel and frustration awaited in the near future.

Another accompanying object of sewing is a thimble. If you sew in a dream with a needle and use a thimble, then soon you can give someone joy. And to see a thimble in the hands of a woman - you are going to commit some serious deed.

But to see the needle in the night visions is a warning about the approaching grief, suffering or loss. Needle with thread in the ear indicates the appearance of worries to the detriment of themselves and their interests. A broken needle is a symbol of poverty and possible loneliness.

Find a lost needle - feel a sense of anxiety, and find it - get friends who will appreciate you highly.

The Dream of Nostradamus

Michel Nostradamus is known not only for his predictions, but also for the interpretation of dreams. You decide whether or not to believe its definitions, but many of the predictions have already come true ...

In his dream book, sewing is associated only with a needle, symbolizing insidiousness and revenge, witchcraft and vulnerability. If the needle shows traces of blood, then sleep warns about sabotage by relatives.

Sew in a dream with a needle and thread, and very long, predicts the coming to power in the country where you live, a dictator who will inspire respect to his enemies. His will will be tough and cruel to the people.

Dream Interpretation of Freud

A well-known psychoanalyst Freud interpreted dreams as a manifestation of man's hidden desires. And the more fantastic they are, the more significant the experience. He tried to reveal the meaning with the help of psychoanalysis. How to treat these interpretations is up to you.

The occupation of sewing is treated according to Freud as sexual intercourse. And if a woman gets pleasure from the sewing process, then in reality she likes to have sex. If a woman in a dream sewed to make a living, she is prone to promiscuous sexual relations, it is possible that she is engaged in prostitution.

Sewing in a dream using a thimble means isolation and alienation. It is very difficult to evoke reciprocal feelings in such a person. Even the most innocent flirtation is immediately stopped. Maybe we should reconsider our attitude to others?

To see in a dream a lot of thimbles made of different materials, of different size and diameter means a rich and varied life. You are waiting for meetings with new people, among whom, perhaps, and your future sexual partner.

If in a dream a thimble is small, almost childish - this means complete disappointment in your sexual experience. Look for something completely different.

Sonnik Tsvetkova

Tsvetkov is a Russian writer who gained popularity precisely thanks to the interpreter of dreams he wrote. After all, he devoted this issue to more than 30 years. It differs from the reality of the XXI century, it is simple and understandable for the Slavs.

In his interpretation, sewing in a dream means the hope for a favorable outcome of all undertakings, especially if in a dream a woman does it herself.

But if you do not sew a new thing, but darn the old one, it means acquiring a new friend. If someone darns, and you see it - to gossip.

If the tailor removes from you a yardstick in a dream - someone is experiencing a strong love for you. Absolutely different meaning gets a dream, if you are a tailor, it means that you are waiting for false accusations or you show excessive credulity. And to sew something to yourself - absolutely unnecessary experience.

To see in your hands a needle - to troubles and disputes, and to prick - means to fall in love.

To see in a dream a thimble - to new things.

Erotic dream book

Its author is Elizabeth Danilova. She used the works of Freud, but the interpretation connects with situations from life, and not with the subconscious.

Self-sewing in a dream means your willingness to change in life. It can also be an opportunity to try something new in sex, which will bring more pleasure and will have to taste.

But if someone else is sewing in a dream, and you are watching the process, there are gossip about you, and maybe you yourself are to blame for them. They appeared because of your irrepressible sexual appetite or because of the frequent change of partners.

Dream Witch Medea

Interprets what he saw: it's time to combine all your skills and develop a new proposal that will amaze your friends, colleagues, bosses. Still this dream can mean marriage in the near future.

If you sew a finger to the blood while sewing, sleep warns against dangerous acquaintance.

To make a dress

Separately in all the dream books a dream is interpreted, in which you sew a dress. It does not matter if you started sewing a dress in a dream for yourself or for others, its importance - your efforts are not in vain and will be rewarded in the near future. Still, the hassle can not be avoided.

If the dress turned out smart and well sits - changes in life will be positive, and vice versa - if the dress is ugly.

You can find other interpretations of your dream about sewing, which of them to believe is up to you. But remember, with what feeling you woke up after this dream, and you will understand whether a good one is a dream or a bad dream. If there was a sense of anxiety, then he warns you about troubles, and if you woke up with a smile - it means everything is good, and you are waiting for some positive results.

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