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Dream Interpretation: why do you dream about bridges?

What can you see in a dream! And people, animals, and various objects, realistic and not very events. Today we propose to understand together what the bridges are looking for. To do this, we turn to the help of several of the most famous and complete collections of interpretations of dreams.

Dreamer Gustav Miller: if the dream of a bridge

A dream in which you dreamed of a long and dilapidated building, bizarrely bending in darkness or half-darkness, predicts that you risk succumbing to gloomy thoughts and a melancholy mood. In love, however, such a vision promises disappointment in love, as it turns out that their partner is very far from ideal. Bridge in a dream to pass - to the final overcoming of all the difficulties and difficulties, although to achieve this result you may have to resort to very unsafe means. If it suddenly appeared on your way, then in real life you should be afraid of betrayal by a person from your closest associates. To look from the bridge to clean water is to abundance and prosperity. But muddy water promises only sad results after considerable effort.

What do the bridges look like? Dream Hasset

According to the information of this collection of interpretations, the vision in which the bridge appears, promises happiness and positive emotions. However, if you can not move it in any way, then you should abandon your intentions. Stumble and fall on the bridge - to the appearance of an unexpected embarrassment in business. Go under his arch - to achieve the goal through hard work.

Wangi's dream interpretation: a bridge in a dream

The interpreter considers this sign as a symbol of hope, vow or promise. If you imagined that you are walking on a bridge that suddenly collapses under your feet, then you will betray a man whom you unconditionally trusted. It will be hard for you to accept this, but after a while you will be able to forgive the traitor. To dream in a dream the bridge that you are building with your own hands - to the offensive in your life of a difficult period. It will be connected with the excessive burden of responsibility that you have placed on your shoulders. Long walk along the viaduct - to a sense of shame in connection with the bad deeds that you have done.

Ukrainian dream book: what does the bridge dream about

If you saw this symbol in your dream, you should be careful. Did you manage to cross the bridge happily? So you can avoid serious danger. Disassembled or destroyed viaduct promises a great grief or even death. Why dream of a wooden bridge through which the girl is transferred? Such a vision promises young women of the fair sex a fast marriage. To erect a structure - to great happiness and glory. To hear the noise of the water under the bridge - to the crossing or long road.

Medieval dream book: bridges in a dream

According to the compilers of this collection of interpretations, if you dreamed of a newly erected building, then in the near future you can not worry, because you are not threatened by any danger. Why do we have bridges in large numbers? A similar vision portends an illness or a nervous breakdown. Destroyed, he promises a dreamer of anxiety and experience.

Islamic dream: dreamed of a bridge

The symbol can be interpreted in different ways. A dream in which a structure that connects the two banks of the river appears, can promise an acquaintance with a very influential person who uses his power to help you. Also, such a vision can mean achieving a cherished goal. The bridge leading to the cemetery is regarded as a symbol of life lived. Go on it - to a quick departure on a very long journey.

Dream of bridges: A dream from "A" to "I"

If you dream that you are crossing the bridge of a narrow and calm river, then you will enjoy happiness in family life and success in business. If you cross a violent mountain stream, then all your attempts to achieve the desired result will be futile, and a close person can cool towards you. A dilapidated bridge over a deep gorge, which you are boldly trying to overcome, predicts you a depressed state in connection with a mass of unexpectedly piled on you problems. If you fail and hang over the abyss, at the risk of breaking into the abyss at any moment, then in the near future there will be difficulties that do not allow you to advance even one step in the implementation of your plans. To go by train on a very long railway bridge - to disappointment in your lover. If you managed to successfully move from one side of a deep ravine to another on a thin and dangerous crossing, then in real life you can achieve the cherished goal by choosing the shortest path, but exposing yourself and your loved ones to serious danger. Why do we have bridges over the railway? Such a dream presages that in spite of a lot of difficulties, efforts and despair, sometimes you will manage to achieve your goal and find happiness. The dream in which you swim by boat or boat under the arch of a large bridge is a warning of possible treason and betrayal on the part of a person whom you completely and completely trusted. If you dream that someone is trying to commit suicide by jumping off a high bridge, it means that in real life you are unable to find a common language with your subordinates, which in the end leads to very disastrous consequences. Breaking when trying to jump over the bridge that began to breed - to the need to stop, because your venture was from the outset doomed to failure.

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