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Secrets of magic. How to open a money channel yourself. Ways to open a money channel

The spiritual and physical condition of a person, his well-being financially, depend on energy channels. It is they that form the special relationship of the human biofield with higher forces. Deficiency of energy can be the cause of the development of diseases, the turn of current events in a negative direction. Therefore, often the financial flow is blocked . Often there are quite certain patterns that reveal the connection of the overlapped cash flow with signals emanating from the physical body. People suffering from financial insolvency are advised to get acquainted with information on how to open a money channel.

Financial Flow Blocking and Visualization

  1. Violation of communication with people around you. The body sends a constant signal in the form of frequent headaches. A person finds himself in a state of permanent search for money, and new ones are added to the old failures. How can I open the money channel myself with these symptoms? It follows on the inspiration-exhalation to represent a beautiful shining crystal, which is localized in the field of the temples.
  2. If you are concerned about problems in the oral cavity, toothache, money is earned, but almost not delayed, incomes are mired under the yoke of problems that need to be solved, then the crystal in this case should be presented in the nape of the neck.
  3. Frequent sore throats can be a sign of aggression and anger aimed at another person. This covers all opportunities for successful earnings. Visualization is carried out on the throat chakra.
  4. If a person is concerned about pain in the spine, one can assume that he is trying to bear an unbearable burden. Debts grow, and incomes do not increase. The energy area requires a belly site where the navel is located.

Method for the most desperate people with large debts

Studying how to open a money channel on your own, you need to understand that all things are done according to the Lord's blessing. Before starting the ritual, it is recommended to visit the church. There you can buy candles, and better to choose the largest.

What to do?

  • Three days in a row the akathist is read to I. Christ or the Holy Spirit. This first step is already helping to open a money channel. Prayer coming from the heart, works wonders.
  • The space in which a person lives is purified by incense.
  • One candle is lit.
  • The icons of the Kazan Mother of God, "Lord Almighty", are placed.
  • The paper spreads on the floor, on which the wax will fall.
  • It is necessary to face east and pick up three candles.
  • When the candles are lit, you can start the ritual: the prayers "Our Father", "Living in Help", "Song of the Theotokos", "The Cross" are read three times.
  • The proof is accompanied by spiral movements of the hands, all the negative is supposed to be burned out by candles along the contour of the body.
  • Movements are made counter-clockwise exactly seven times.
  • The candle is shifted to another hand and manipulations are repeated.
  • The ritual ends with the prayer "Symbol of Faith". Candles should burn themselves. The course consists of nine sessions.

How to open the money channel yourself: the basic method

If problems become part of life, you can consider the method presented. To understand how to open a money channel yourself using this method is very simple. It is necessary to equip a special corner at home. He will perform the function of a magical magnet for money. For this purpose, a special place is allocated in the south-western part of the room, on which several new coins are placed. The corner should be beautifully decorated and arranged. After a while you can feel how things have gone up.

Meditation to stabilize the financial flow

This is another way to open a money channel. It is necessary to wake up at sunrise, stand up straight, facing east. The body should be exposed to the sun's rays. Twelve quiet breaths and exhalations are performed, maximum relaxation is achieved. It is necessary to imagine that a shining crystal appeared in front of the body. It gradually envelops the entire body and gives protection from the negative with its sparkling energy. Exercise must be repeated every day until clarity and clarity of the visualization object are achieved. The methodology opens up new financial prospects, helps to successfully resolve the accumulated problems, pay off debts.

Moments worthy of attention

Any ritual that helps to open a money channel can be useless if a person does not have a permanent source of income, for example, work or own business. It is recommended to think over ways that finance will start to flow into the house. Such magic must be perceived as a decent fee for their own work, but not as a receipt of financial resources from nowhere, and undeservedly.

Welfare amulets

The ancient sacraments help you learn how to open a money channel. Magic allows you to create special talismans, multiplying the wealth. In order for the financial flow to become inseparable, you should take three woolen strings of white color, tie them together with knots. The number of nodes should be equal to the number of years. Fresh raw egg wrapped in threads and hard-boiled. It is stored in the refrigerator for exactly twenty-one days. When the period has expired, the thread is removed and placed in the left pocket. The egg clears and crumbles on the road. An amulet with a white thread will help to enrich itself.

Instead of concluding

The question of how to open a money channel on its own is one of the most urgent at the moment. The presented methods will help to eliminate the majority of problems, stabilizing the financial situation both for single people and for married couples.

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