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Jin "Bombay Sapphire": description, composition and reviews

Gene "Bombay" - one of the most famous in the world of beverages, born in 1987. To date, this British brand is considered one of the most expensive and famous in the entire gin industry. The drink is so popular with consumers that you can find a bottle of azure color in any supermarket and alcohol boutique in all countries of the world.

The color and shape of the bottle are made in such a way that buyers see before them a vessel that looks like sapphire. However, those who have not yet tried such a wonderful drink, think that the genie "Bombay" itself has a light blue color. In fact, the liquid is absolutely transparent. This effect is achieved through triple distillation (distillation), and also through the use of crystal clear water.

Fortress of the drink

Gene "Bombay" is divided into several varieties. All of them depend on the strength of the drinks and the countries to which they are supplied. For example, a gin that is produced for Canada, the UK and Australia has 40% alcohol. In other countries, you can meet the gin "Bombay" with a mark of 47%. There is also an eastern variation of the drink, which contains 42% of alcohol.

What composition does the "Bombay Sapphire" gin have?

The price for a bottle fully justifies the quality. So say people who tried this drink for the first time. It consists of ten components, which give such an unforgettable and pleasant taste. The most important and necessary ingredient of the gin "Bombay" is the juniper berries.

Also included here are the roots of violets and angelica, almonds, lemon, coriander, cubebe berries, as well as irreplaceable spices. The complexity of the preparation of a drink is that all its components have to be searched in different parts of our planet.

The distillation process

In order to get a drink with such a pleasant taste and at the same time of excellent quality, the producers use the triple distillation process. The first two of them give a good Scottish alcohol, made on the basis of wheat malt. And already during the third distillation the producer adds various berries, roots and spices to give a good taste and aroma.

By the way, despite modern technologies, manufacturers use the outdated Caterhead cube. The difference between this unit is that during distillation, the plant components are placed in the distillation apparatus. Thus, the alcoholic vapors are saturated with the flavors and flavor of the additives, after which they begin to cool.

Such a pleasant flavor of gin is obtained thanks to a special distillation process. "Bombay Sapphire" is the only brand in the world that uses copper baskets with plant mixture. Thanks to this evaporation system you will be able to feel the taste and aroma of the drink delicately. This distillation process is very expensive and slow. This is another reason for the high cost of the final product.

In the production of other types of gin, the entire distillation process takes about six hours. The result is alcohol, which is diluted with alcohol and water. Thus, a huge amount of the final product is not of the best quality. The trade mark "Bombay Sapphire" spends at least eight hours for each stage of distillation. As a result of this work, an ideal product is obtained, which remains only to be diluted with crystal clear water. Unlike other manufacturers, this brand produces gin, in which each component plays a role. Therefore, only in a complete set, each of them can convey its flavor and taste.

How and with what you can drink gin "Bombay"

Lovers of strong drinks can appreciate the taste of gin, using it in its pure form. This type of alcohol is considered an excellent aperitif, so it can be served before eating. The drink can be cooled a little - so it will fully manifest its properties. By the way, according to consumers, gin can induce cold sensations in the mouth. An excellent snack are lemons, olives and even pickled onions.

Very many gin lovers like to dilute it with other drinks, thus reducing the amount of alcohol in it and adding new flavors. For example, the drink will perfectly match with tonic, mineral water or cola. Especially good blends of gin with citrus juices. Using this method, you can adjust the strength of your drink.

Consumers note that the most popular way of eating gin is in the form of cocktails. To date, there are a lot of them, so everyone can pick up a drink to their liking. The most popular cocktail with gin is "Gin-tonic". But there are many others. Variations for experiments are huge.

Quality and price

Jin "Bombay" (1 liter - the volume, most often found in stores) is a very high quality and delicious drink that has been popular for more than one decade. However, not every alcohol lover can afford it. After all, the genre "Bombay", the price (1 liter - classical packaging), which is not the lowest, is made of high quality ingredients, supplied from all over the globe. For one bottle of real high-quality gin you will have to shell out more than two thousand rubles. But you need to be careful, because you can run into a fake.

How to distinguish a fake

Gene "Sapphire Bombay" (1 liter) is often counterfeited, since it is very beneficial for scammers. However, it is quite easy to distinguish a fake. The main thing is to know several important rules.

Pay attention to the sides of the bottle. Each of them depicts all the ingredients that make up the present, genuine gin. If you do not see them, avoid this bottle. Important is the fact that all images are engraved.

Also carefully read the label. On it you should see a blue background with the image of Queen Victoria. This portrait is placed in a gold medallion. The label on the reverse side necessarily contains the UK barcode.

On the bottle there must be an attached excise stamp. Make sure that it is properly glued and free from all kinds of defects.

Customer Reviews

Jin "Bombay Sapphire" is a great drink that everyone should try. High quality and fine taste will pleasantly surprise you. According to consumers' reviews, this gin is very high quality and delicious. It serves as an excellent base for making many cocktails. The taste of the needles is distinctly felt, which is especially pleasant in the hot season. However, the main disadvantage is a high price.

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