I fell in love. What to do?

Love moves the sun, directs the elements and changes the structure of dense bodies. The energy of love nourishes and nurtures, accelerates and sends to flight. A girl or woman, embraced by this power, ceases to perceive reality as she was always, and understands: "I fell in love. What to do? "Unfortunately, today, in an age of equality and grandiose opportunities, femininity becomes a captive in a relationship, and falling in love brings suffering more often than happiness. Why is this happening? Because of the confusion in terms. Today, children are taught writing, arithmetic, exact sciences and the basics of the economy, but they are not taught to respect a man and protect a woman. They do not teach to read in hearts, to distinguish between love and love. In a good intention to simplify life, scientists have reduced sexual relations to sex. But a woman does not just have to abstract herself from a cardiac attraction, although many are eager for this, after experiencing her first disappointments ...

What should I do if I fall in love?

The wise say: keep your feet warm, and your head in the cold. But, to be sure, they were lucky in life - they have never experienced this all-encompassing immersion in passion: the heart is beating somewhere in the throat, the hot breath draining lips, the head is spinning, the palms become wet, and the doctor does not even record a rise in temperature. When this happens, you understand: I fell in love. What to do in this situation? If you are only twelve years old, this does not mean that you are not ready for serious trials. Think of yourself - now, when you're in love, the whole world is painted with new shades, every day you feel an amazing sense of happiness. You are constantly visited by fantasies about the object that awakened all this fireworks.

But, you in fact itself understand, that approach to the Sun threatens incinerating. If the object of passion is an unreachable star - you're lucky. You can talk about it with your friends - it does not break the idyll of your love. But the feelings for a real boy will have to be kept secret. It's very difficult, but you're strong. Get a diary and stream the tenderness to its pages. What do you dream about? About reciprocity? It's fine, but most likely you forgot to tell one important thing: even if a young man aspires to relationships with you and gets attention, you need to check it, find out what kind of person it is. And recognition is so bad for feelings - they often go out.

As long as you have time - enjoy the feeling of your love alone. Do not reveal your secret to anyone.

You say that Romeo and Juliet were so happy that they wanted to die? Be attentive. This Shakespearean story fascinates and for its sad ending, everyone forgets a no less tragic beginning. Read how it all began: Romeo from the first minutes of the appearance in the play was already in love - passionately and recklessly, and, as he claimed - for life. His heart and mind were focused on the image of Rosalina. But what happens next? Just a few hours after the raptures in her address and genuine suffering, we see Romeo swearing in love to Juliette. If they had time to meet and know each other, where is the guarantee that Romeo in the near future would not instruct Juliette horn ... There is something to think about, is not it?

Can you benefit from temporary insanity?

Do not think that falling in love is only a teenage problem. "Oh horror, I fell in love with what to do?" - such questions arise in women of any age. Neuroscientists, psychiatrists, psychologists attribute this experience to the category of obsessive states quite rightly. Love is a crisis experience that makes a woman think about what she wants, why she lives. Any crisis is a potential possibility of death and rebirth to a new life. Unfortunately, we can not choose whether to fall in love or not. This is an illusory reality, a disease of the mind and heart, given to us in the sensation. But if a woman knows what she is worthy - she has a much better chance of turning this crisis into something good. After all, it is not necessary to rush headlong into the void of new relations.

If we recall, most creative people used the state of love to activate their potential, to express emotions in art objects. Is this not a worthy alternative to tears in the pillow?

I fell in love with what to do? Use your chance!

One can disagree with this, but personally I adore the state of being in love. This sensation has a life-giving force, which can not be compared to coffee, alcohol, chocolate. No vitamin cocktail was standing next to the cup of happiness filled with love. In fact, every girl knows how to properly use this gift. If you fell in love - what to do: sing, dance, draw, write poetry and prose. Use your chance. This state of flight does not last forever. Embodiment it in creativity. Fall in love more often with people, flowers, paintings. And be always in love with life - this is the secret of happiness.

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