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American Presidents - Interesting Facts

The US President is a post (similar to the post of the President of the Russian Federation), uniting in one person the head of state, commander-in-chief of the fleet and the entire army, and also the head of the executive branch. However, there are differences: the American Constitution introduced it back in 1787, and in 1789, 1 US president was elected.

The first American president was the famous George Washington. In principle, many US presidents have somehow marked and perpetuated their presence in power, but Washington is worth mentioning separately. It was the only person who collected 100% of the elected votes, this was not only in the US, but in the whole world! The image of it we still see on the national American currency and on postage stamps.

What else could American leaders distinguish themselves with? Let us list some of the most memorable facts. For example, of all the presidents (and there were 44 of them in the history, if we consider the acting one), the lowest post was occupied by the ninth - William Harrison, who died on the 31st day after taking the oath. In general, in addition to Garrison, the post was left on the death reason by seven more people, three of whom died from natural causes, while the other four were killed. Some kind of directly evil rock ....

American presidents can also be re-elected for a second and subsequent periods. So, the longest term of rule was at the thirty-second US president - Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was elected to the presidency four times! And as an excellent, serious politician, he was known throughout the world. Two consecutive terms held the post of fourteen people.

All US presidents were US citizens and were born here, so the current President Barack Obama, who was born outside the country and has African-American descent, stands out very much, which explains the dark skin color.

We are all people, and American presidents are not an exception; therefore, their inherent habits, which ordinary people would consider to be just a manifestation of character, were considered oddities. What "oddities" did the people who held America's great post have? George Washington loved riding, but was very picky about the appearance of the horse, or rather - to its purity. All is clear, but to check the horse's teeth - is not it a fad ?! Abraham Lincoln apparently did not particularly trust his subordinates, for he always wore a black high cylinder on his head, in which he concealed future bills, letters, and important financial documents.

Do you know where the famous teddy bears came from? One day during the hunt, Theodore Roosevelt took pity on the bear with the cubs, after this incident cute plush toys came into fashion, named after the reduced, affectionate name Theodore. But Bill Clinton had a weakness for cats, so he loved his cat Saks. Subsequently, the president ordered the creation of a personal website for his pet. Another animal lover is Harry Truman. He had a small tame goat, who obediently waited for the master from work, enjoying juicy grass near the White House.

These are the American presidents - people who are not different from us!

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