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Mirrors with facet. Types and scope of application

The interiors decorated with mirrors with a facet have a finished look, while they are filled with an atmosphere of solemnity, grandeur and mystery. Such effects are achieved by refraction of light, which at a certain angle produces a diamond glow. Thanks to the special finish, the items are not only displayed in a certain way, giving unusual surroundings, but also illuminated by all the colors of the rainbow.

Fatset. General concept

The French word "facet" in direct translation means "faceted plane". This technology is used to give the subject a subtlety and extravagance. For the first time mirrors with facet became widely used in France, thanks to this country they received recognition and a huge range of applications.

Facing the surface is done around the perimeter of the whole product, at a certain angle, the degree measure of which can vary from 10 0 to 45 0 . In this way, the mirror product is faceted with an original appearance, and the room visually increases in volume and becomes much more spacious and lighter.

Types of bevel

Due to modern technologies, specialists can facet the product in several ways:

  • Two-sided faceting is obtained by applying a small facet to a larger facet. This option has wide design possibilities without the use of extraneous elements. It is used for making mirror panels or compositions from several products that will transform the interior beyond recognition.
  • Curvilinear facets can be made on a mirror with a thickness of 5 to 15 mm. Dimensions of a detail with such a finish should not be less than 45 cm, since the slope of the face can reach 40 mm.
  • Rectilinear facet is suitable for decorating small mirror canvases, the minimum dimensions are 25x25. The product boundaries have a straight bevel at an angle of 5 0 to 45 0 . For such finishing, the thickness of the mirror should not be less than 4 mm, but a wide cloth will require additional polishing.

Technology features

In modern times, bevelling is made on the newest equipment, special automatic machines. Such equipment not only with high precision will make the bevel, but also immediately polish the product. Mirrors with facet, made in this way, will have a matte shade. And in order to give them transparency, it is necessary to polish the surface. To enhance the originality of the design of such products, you can use a metal baguette, it will emphasize the silvery gloss and the texture of the canvas.

Mirrors with facet in the interior

Such objects can act as an independent decor element or be used for finishing surfaces. For example, mirror tiles can become an original decoration of the ceiling or floor. It can also be decorated with columns, doorways or arches. Such material hides small defects and even visually corrects the layout of the room. A narrow room will only benefit if the walls are decorated with a mirror tile. This will give the space of sophistication and unusualness, while visually depriving him of his usual boundaries.

A mirror with rhombuses with a facet is an excellent solution for a living room. Such an object will give it multifaceted and greatness. And in order to enhance the effect, you can install next to it additional lighting. Professionals recommend using spot lights, thanks to them the whole room will be filled with a magnificent diamond brilliance.

For bathroom mirrors will be the most successful move, since in general this room has a small area. Here you can use them to the maximum, without being afraid to overdo it with reflections. In order to create a sense of perspective and endless depth, you can lay the tile diagonally, alternating between mirror and ceramic. The angle of inclination should be chosen by thinking through all the nuances, since certain lines can affect the overall perception of space.

If you hang mirrors with a facet in the kitchen in the dining area, then they will profitably reflect the cooked dishes, multiplying their number. By feng shui, this arrangement can not only increase appetite, but also contribute to attracting wealth.

The bedroom is the only room where it is recommended to use reflective surfaces carefully. The main purpose of this room - a full rest, so in its space organically fit a small mirror with a facet (photo below). It will give originality, but it will not irritate the human subconscious with an abundance of images.

Mirrors with facet are a multifaceted and bright object of the interior. Thanks to their application, you can correctly place accents, increase lighting, create an easy and comfortable atmosphere. With the use of such a composition in the room, even the most simple decoration will be transformed beyond recognition and will have an unusual, refined and original look.

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