Sights of Toledo, the former capital of Spain

Places of interest in Toledo (Spain) are difficult to describe with the mean words of the guide. This city fascinates, enchants, falls in love with itself from afar, when the traveler sees his silhouette, hanging on the high bank of the Tagus. Toledo - the former capital of the kingdom of Leon-Castile and later the centralized monarchy of Spain. He, like a crucible, fused the Christian, Islamic and Jewish cultures together. Here churches, synagogues and mosques stand side by side. It is a city-museum, included by UNESCO in the list of world heritage. Tourists come here not only to admire the majestic cathedrals, castles and visit museums, but also to get acquainted with the ancient customs and traditions of the Spaniards. Since here, unlike the newer Madrid, they are still alive.

Religious buildings and sacred sites of Toledo

The heart and soul of the city is its cathedral of the Blessed Virgin. This specimen of Gothic style stands in the place of the Cathedral Mosque. Its 90-meter bell tower can be seen from anywhere in the old Toledo. No less beautiful and the interior of the temple, the decor of which was spent about 20 kg of gold. The period of the Caliphate left behind two architectural masterpieces, which must be visited. This is the Hristo de la Luz mosque and the oldest synagogue in Europe - Santa Maria La Blanca. In the first temple from under the Arabian ligature appear Visigothic frescoes, written before the Islamic conquest.

Moorish Toledo. Sights of the caliphate

The seal of Islamic influence still lies on the whole face and even on the very structure of the city. The labyrinth of narrow streets leading to the former medina (bazaar), arches, decorative elements of gates and houses, tiles and Arabic ligature - all this again emphasizes that for a long time Toledo was the residence of Muslims and Jews. Moreover, most of the local churches were rebuilt from mosques or synagogues. The most vivid example of such reconquest in architecture is the church of Santiago de Arrabal, whose bell tower is served by a minaret.

Cultural Attractions Toledo

Church of St. Thomas, in addition to the beautiful exterior in the Mudejar style, is also interesting because under its arches is the canvas of El Greco "The Burial of Count Orgas". The painting was written specially for this temple and was never exhibited in museums. Be sure to visit the former call - the Jewish quarter, in the depths of which is the home of Dominicos Theotokopulos, better known as El Greco. The atmosphere reflects the atmosphere of the XVII century, in addition, here you can see the numerous paintings of the artist. Santa Cruz is another interesting museum located in the building of the hospital at the monastery.

Things to do in Toledo

The city has a long history. It was built by the ancient Romans and was a significant defensive point of the empire. The oldest building in Toledo is the Alcantara Bridge. It was built by the order of Emperor Trajan to connect the city with the other shore of the Tagus gorge. By the time of antiquity are also gladiatorial arenas and the aqueduct.

Locks and fortress walls

The palace of the Alcázar and the castle of San Servando are the sights of Toledo, which can not be missed. In the first there is a museum of weapons. From the towers of the Alcazar a beautiful panorama of the whole city opens. Five round towers of San Servando stand on the opposite bank of the Tagus.

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