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Alpine houses: photo of beautiful interiors

The construction of nice and cozy country houses Alpine style is enjoying increasing popularity among European homeowners, especially among our compatriots. They are guided by one single desire - unity with nature. Chalet - Alpine style in the design of the exterior and interiors of the premises - allows a person to move away from the bustle of city life and plunge into the world of natural harmony, choosing for living Alpine houses, even in close proximity to the city.

Chalet-style chalets

This direction in the interior came to the inhabitants of eastern Europe from the south-eastern province of France, bordering on Switzerland.

One of the main external differences of the alpine house is a gently sloping roof with high ledges, which can reach two meters in length. Such "canopies" perform a protective function and protect the alpine houses from the negative manifestation of weather phenomena. As a covering for such roof roof tiles with elements of a wood breed are used, technics of a decorative carving is often applied.

Modern chalet style

In recent years, a major feature of the design of houses in the Alpine style is large-scale glazing. This innovation allows you to transform the traditional design of the cottage beyond recognition. The combination of stone, wood and glass has never been so successful: the style of the house remains fully seasoned, and glass inserts in the form of panoramic windows allow you to expand the view of the incredible beauty of nature surrounding the rural alpine house.

In the past, alpine shepherds living in these houses tried to make the windows as small as possible, which was explained by the weather conditions of the mountainous terrain in which the buildings were located. Today, the technological scheme for the production of window structures allows creating such double-glazed windows that are capable of withstanding any bad weather.

Chalet-style interior

Many homeowners are so plunged into a sense of chalet style that they decide to completely transform not only out-of-town cottages, but also to modify the interior of individual rooms of the apartment. Logically in the apartment looks the living room in the Alpine style, it is appropriate to use the design with chalet elements and in other rooms.

Alpine houses (photos presented in the article) look pompous not only from the outside, but also inside.

As far as this successful combination, you can be sure during the viewing of the collection of interior designs of different rooms, sustained in the stylistics of the chalet.

We decorate the country living room

Having an idea of what should be the Alpine houses located in the mountains or near the ski resort, involuntarily we tend to use the stylistics of the hunting lodge, which is not so far from the Alpine stylistics in the interior of the country house lounge.

Features of the living room in a chalet style in a country house:

  • Spacious room;
  • high ceiling;
  • Scale windows;
  • Stylization of the interior with the help of wooden beams and ceilings, columns;
  • wooden floor;
  • Large-sized chandeliers;
  • Solid furniture, made of solid wood.

Undoubtedly, the main decoration of the guest room is a fireplace, a traditional attribute of the chalet style. With the arrangement of an ordinary living room in a country house, the accentuation of the style of the interior on the fireplace recedes into the background. Here, furnishing plays a more important role. But in the rural or provincial interior, the focus of attention is the home. Even if not stone decoration, then the extensive decor will in any case attract attention. In large-sized living rooms it is appropriate to place stuffed animals on a fireplace - another (considered classic) element of stylistics.

The prototype of the living room described above was preferable for the design of the house in the Alpine style (photo is presented).

Today, the chalet style in the interior is "modernized" and looks a bit different. From the use of traditional upholstered furniture with leather upholstery, fur covers and pillows are increasingly abandoned, replacing frameless and transforming furnishings, bringing the spirit of modernity and coziness into a wood-lined room.

Another option for modern design of the living room is the use of frameless furniture with bright upholstery. Typically, interiors in the Alpine style are decorated in restrained tones and pastel shades of the natural group. Therefore, applying a bright accent, you need to be careful not to disturb the harmony of the aesthetics of the Alpine style.

Thanks to the creation of contrast with the help of bright furniture, you can not only diversify the color palette of the room, but also accommodate in it the spirit of adventurism, the feeling of colorful positive.

Bedrooms in Alpine style

Bedrooms in alpine houses made small. This method allows not only to correctly allocate useful space, but also to save heat. Previously, in small alpine cottages in the bedrooms, bunk beds were set up, and the parents' bedroom was combined with a nursery, sometimes children's beds were placed in the recreation room for parents, where there was a fireplace, heating the sleeping zone for the whole family.

Today, alpine houses are rarely designed according to this principle, and the style features have been replaced by more modern principles.

Kitchen and dining area, made by all the canons of stylistics chalet

At a time when the style of the chalet was just beginning its formation, and the inhabitants of the alpine villages did not even suspect that their lifestyle was destined to become a trend in interior design, the kitchen and dining room were combined into one small room, based on considerations of the usual fuel economy for kindling Stove or fireplace.

The kitchen in the house was one of the warmest rooms, so the hearth was never allowed to cool down: on the fire all the time something was boiling and snarling. Today, such a need disappears, and the owners prefer to take the dining room outside the kitchen, placing the dining area butt-end from the living room.

A distinctive feature of the kitchen-living room of a country house in the Alpine style is impressive size. Despite this, the elements of the chalet style are successfully applied in small kitchens of private houses within the city. This design is great for decorating the kitchen space, making the atmosphere even warmer.

Integration of household appliances in the Alpine cuisine

In a modern kitchen in the style of a chalet filled with wood trim, the most harmonious looks is an integrated home appliances with facades made of stainless steel. This contrasting combination creates an interesting visual effect. In addition to the visual component, the emphasis is on the functionality - the kitchen, fully equipped in terms of modern household (large and small) equipment. With a simple interior, enhanced with modern appliances and the benefits of civilization, makes kitchen processes even easier and faster.

If you want to withstand the style of the chalet in the interior completely, the facades of the built-in home appliances can easily be decorated with wooden inserts for the style of the interior. You can use unpainted or color wood.

The style of a chalet in a country house with an abundance of space or in a compact city private house will in any case look appropriate. Alpine chalet houses are an interesting idea to move away from modern directions in interior design, becoming closer to nature, and at the same time to keep the functional content of the kitchen one hundred percent.

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