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How to build a house from the beams with your own hands? A little about the main points

Many would like to become happy owners of their own country house. And how to fulfill such a desire? It is not necessary to hire professionals and pay a lot of money - you can do everything yourself. In this review will be talked about how to build a house from the beams with your own hands.

When building housing from a bar, several factors should be considered:

  1. Buy a chainsaw - without it the beam will have to be cut manually, which is too time-consuming and long. In addition, conventional tools can leave too bright traces of work that will spoil the quality of the material.
  2. Buy a concrete mixer. Useful even the smallest. You have to knead the grout for the foundation.
  3. Answer the question of how to build a house from the uneven bars with your own hands, best of all together. First, it's more fun, and secondly, if the partner knows how to work, then this will ease the task in half. And thirdly, together you accomplish the volume of tasks much faster.

In general, all work is divided into two stages: the construction of the foundation and the house itself. It is necessary to understand that it takes quite a long time to dig trenches for the foundation. An even longer period is required for pouring concrete and complete hardening of the solution. But without a foundation to decide how to build a house from the beams with your own hands, it will not work. So you have to do the work for two seasons. First of all, as already mentioned above, trenches are created under the foundation. What will be the depth - it's up to you. It depends on the ground on which the house is built. Also, weather conditions in the region should be taken into account. As a general recommendation, we can say that the deeper the foundation, the more solid the house. So about one and a half meters should be enough. After excavating the trench, formwork should be made. To do this, you need to buy six-meter boards. Saw them to the required length will already be on the site of construction work. Note that the boards should not "play", otherwise the foundation will turn out to be crooked. Next, we need a film (it is cut by the inner part of the formwork) and the armature (it will go to the frame for the foundation). Remember that the foundation must be strong. Do not skimp on the armature and make a couple of extra ligaments. After installing the frame, make a concrete mix and fill the foundation. After he has settled, and this will happen in about three weeks, it is necessary to remove the formwork. You can smear the base with mastic, in order to create additional protection, although this is not necessary. The problem of how to build a house of logs with your own hands, half solved.

Before laying the bar, cover the top of the foundation with a piece of pergamel. This will protect it from the moisture of the concrete. When you begin to lay the beam, do not forget to work out the locks. For this purpose a chainsaw is very useful, which will make the work accurate and accurate. After laying two next to the beams, you should make a marking on the floor joists. Before this, do not forget to calculate the perimeter of the last, based on the area of the house. Over the floor beams, the next tier of timber is laid. Pre-select, at what level the windows will be located, and gradually make apertures. Approximately twenty tiers should be enough to completely solve the question of how to build a house of beams with your own hands. Further, beams are installed for the roof, the ceiling is suspended, rafters are being built. To install the roof requires a minimum of two, so do not forget to call comrades to help.

After all of the above is done, you will only have to do the facing work. If you have wondered how to build a house from a log house, then there are practically no fundamental differences. Good luck with your construction work!

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