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Diseases of the 21st century, paraproctitis treatment.

There are diseases that people prefer to keep silent about. Usually, these are diseases associated with the rectum or genital organs. Partly that's why they do not turn in time for medical help on time, which leads only to the aggravation of the disease and the inevitable getting into the doctor's office. Only in this case does the question arise in which doctor's office? Often, they are already a surgeon who, with the help of a scalpel, will cure a patient of a neglected disease. But the disease could be cured without surgery, if the patient turned to the doctor in a timely manner.

Paraproctitis is one such disease. Treatment of it sometimes begins when the inflammatory process of the tissues of the rectum has gone far. The main symptomatic signs of this disease are painful sensations of a sharp nature in the area of the anus, elevated temperature, problems with urination and directly defecation. Also, in addition to all of the above, this disease is accompanied by reddening of the anal region and the formation of an abscess, which increases with time, which leads to increased pain. With visual examination, experienced proctologists diagnose paraproctitis using the method of palpation. Paraproctitis is characterized by a tumor of fragments of the rectum and tissues near it.

The majority of people who happened to suffer paraproctitis, treatment of it, note that the disease proceeds in different ways depending on the degree of neglect. The danger of the disease is that if you do not take the necessary measures at the initial stage, then the disease can begin to actively progress. There are cases when everything began with paraproctitis and ended with a malignant tumor.

The formation of an abscess and the build-up of pain in the affected area also occur unequally in each patient. And the rehabilitation period is often more difficult than surgery, because unpleasant feelings accompany defecation for a long time, and the place of the lesion is difficult to be inspected independently. Surgeons of the department of proctology say that the paraproctitis diagnosed at the initial stage can be completely cured by non-surgical methods. In the case of a neglected disease, treatment with medications, baths and lotions will not help.

In medical practice, there are cases where paraproctitis at a late stage leads to the need to remove part of the gastrointestinal tract and a fragment of the rectum. This is due to the fact that over time the affected area increases, moving to the intestinal organs. If in this case, do not remove the affected areas, then in the future they are possible malignant formations. Paraproctitis, treatment of it often reduces to an operation, the essence of which is to open and remove the focus of purulent lesion. In the process of surgical intervention, relaxation of the muscles in the pelvic region is important, therefore, complete anesthesia is used. The complexity of the operation is to accurately detect the place of suppuration and to completely remove it. Paraproctitis, treatment after surgery is quite long, since the lesion is difficult to heal.

Among the drugs for the treatment and prevention of paraproctitis include proctosedil, uroprotect, etc. With the regular use of these funds in the anal passage, the process of defecation is much easier, the healing of internal tissues is faster, besides these ointments have hygienic and anti-inflammatory properties.

In the press and the Internet, you can find the headlines of articles "Paraproctitis: treatment with folk remedies". This method of treatment is categorically forbidden by doctors, since the funds used in this case do not have clinical approval and are not tested in practice. Paraproctitis in the official medicine is treated (in addition to medicines) with herbs of chamomile and sage, in some cases hot baths also help. Paraproctitis, treatment after surgery which has a rather indefinite period, is acute and chronic.

Paraproctitis, the treatment of which was carried out only by folk remedies, can pass from an acute form to a chronic one. Chronic paraproctitis is a consequence of an incomplete acute paraproctitis. When the area of suppuration is not completely removed during surgery, the likelihood of fistula formation and repeated suppuration is high. It is with this that the timing of complete recovery of the patient is related. It should be noted that paraproctitis, whose treatment is not always possible with the help of drugs, can lead to undesirable consequences for human health.

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