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If you have lost the voice, what to do and how to help?

Missing voice - what to do? Most likely, the loss of voice is a phenomenon that is familiar to almost everyone. Sometimes you can wake up in the morning and find that there is no voice. Sometimes, even a whisper can not speak, no sound is spoken at all, and if it is pronounced, the vocal cords are strongly strained.

The voice of the abyss may for various reasons. First, because of the various infectious diseases that affect the throat. What kind of illness can this be? Pharyngitis, sore throat or laryngitis, for example. As a result of the virus, the vocal cords narrow, and as a result, the voice disappears.

You should pay attention to the kind of activity of the person whose voice is missing. The fact is that some professions are associated with a constant strain of ligaments, for example, the profession of a teacher, a consultant, a doctor and others. After any overstrain of the vocal cords, you can lose your voice, whether it's a noisy quarrel or an active part in supporting your favorite sports team. In fact, the voice is easy enough to lose, sometimes it's enough to drink in the heat of cold water. To restore the voice is already a difficult matter.

In such cases, the question arises - the voice was gone, than to treat it? To begin with, if the voice is gone, you should try to strain the bundles as little as possible, speak only in a whisper, and it's better not to talk at all. Sometimes even a whisper can lead to a deterioration in the condition of the ligaments.

If the voice disappeared, what should I do first? The most important principles in the treatment of vocal cords are warming up and softening. It can help warm milk with a spoon of honey or butter dissolved in it. Such milk can help and in that case when there is a pain during swallowing. Drink it preferably at least three times a day. It happens that the body does not respond very well to milk, in this case, you can use the usual scarf, you can even sleep in it. The main thing is that the throat is kept warm for as long as possible, then there will be more probability of returning the voice.

There are special means for returning the voice, they can be purchased at any pharmacy. Usually it's candies, syrups or sprays. Pay attention that it is best to first consult with a doctor, and only then to run to the pharmacy. It is necessary to try to refrain from smoking, alcohol, spicy, hot, and also tea and coffee. When the voice was gone, what to do? Heat, peace and time are the components of recovery and the return of the voice.

Than treat a cold?

As for the treatment of colds, which can lead to loss of voice, it must also be properly treated. For example, you can not drip into the nose drops, when you want and what you want. It is best to use drops for long-term use, vasoconstricting, and to drip just once a day, in this case there will be no addiction. It is important to distinguish between ARVI and ARI, because they have different pathogens, and the treatment, respectively, is used differently. It is necessary to determine and the type of cough, because it can be dry and moist, medicines, respectively, for each type of coughing its own. Do not abuse powders that relieve the symptoms of a cold, for example, "Fervex," Coldrex, "and so on. The fact is that they only improve the condition, but do not cure the disease. And finally, do not forget that you do not need to knock down the temperature if it does not exceed the figure of 38, you need to lie down for 2 or 3 days with the temperature, so that the body overcomes it, otherwise you can weaken your immunity. This applies to adults. Elderly, it is better to knock it down, especially with sick hypertension or someone who has suffered a heart attack or stroke.

Watch your health, and then you do not need to know the answer to the question - the voice was gone, what to do?

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