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Figuratively - it's figurative, metaphorical, beautiful

The adverb "figuratively" became today an introductory, meaningless word. But it has a fairly precise lexical meaning. Express figuratively - this, as the dictionaries say, means "beautiful, allegorical, figurative."

Why do we need metaphors, comparisons, personifications?

Trails in the language are called figures of speech. Thanks to them, the texts take on an amazing appearance, literary works fascinate, cling to the reader and do not release it until the very end of the book. And it happens because the author writes figuratively. This is what makes people feel compassion for heroes and characters. Metaphoric language of the author allows the imagination to create vivid images, personifications help to imbue with the beauty of nature. It is enough to compare the two descriptions to understand that the context written figuratively is a poetic picture, affecting the soul, imagination.

An excerpt from a scientific article

The accumulation of vegetation, including wood, located in the subequatorial, equatorial and tropical belt, that is, between 30 degrees south latitude and 25 degrees north latitude, is called a tropical forest. In areas of the tropics a zone with high atmospheric pressure is created. This causes the circulation of air masses to the low pressure zone, that is, to the equator (Text dry, concretized by scientific explanations).

Artistic description

The beauty of the rainforest is difficult to describe to a man with a poor imagination. Speaking figuratively, this is a fabulous place where the giant trees are like huge living fantastic creatures who are tired of their thousand-year life and have grown their feet in the ground. But sometimes they begin to talk among themselves in a language we do not understand, people. It is said that this wind blows the branches somewhere up there, under the sky, but this, of course, is completely wrong! This giant giants wake up from their sound sleep, shake off the branches of birds, monkeys and other animals. And those in turn, frightened by the unexpected movement, raise a cry: some are indignant, others are crying hysterically, and others laugh gaily at others (The text is written figuratively - this means that the author uses avatars, metaphors, comparisons).

The root adjective

The meaning of the word "figurative" has a common root with this dialect. Consequently, the meaning of these words is similar. "Metaphorical, allegorical, eloquent" - that's what this adjective means . Of course, the range of its use is rather narrow. Figurative can not be a specific object or person - it can only be a literary work, text, speech, manner of presentation and the like.

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