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The most interesting museums of Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad is a city with a very noticeable cultural life, the activity of which is reflected in the number of museums, of which there are quite a few. And as old, with a rich heritage, and recently opened, with the newest history. This is an indicator that the museums of Kaliningrad not only preserve traditions, but multiply and develop. Kaliningrad offers its inhabitants and guests of the city a museum-oriented event for any, even the most demanding, taste.

Museum of the World Ocean

This is both a museum and a research center with the world's only space communication vessel Cosmonaut Viktor Patsayev in its arsenal. Visiting this museum, you can learn all the facts known to science about the flora and fauna of the world's ocean, and also about the history of Russian flotation.

The museum organizes thematic exhibitions and expositions, which give an idea of the iconic events in the difficult but extremely important and interesting work on the human exploration of the World Ocean. And only here you can go aboard one of the research ships to learn about its basics.

Address: embankment of Peter the Great, 1.

Cost of visiting : each object has its own ticket for an adult costs from 50 to 400 rubles, depending on the object and type of excursion.

Working hours : from 10.00 to 18.00, weekends - Monday and Tuesday.

Friedland Gate

This is one of the surviving old city gates, and today in their premises is a historical and local history museum.

A permanent exposition occupying one of the halls consists of objects dated by different times, but connected by one place that was once foreign, but later became Russian. Household items from different eras - coffee grinders, utensils, various kitchen utensils, sewing machines and even a collection of beer bottles.

A separate room was given to the collection of small arms produced in Europe during the First and Second World War. The Museum of Local Lore conducts exchange exhibitions and vernissages, as well as all other museums in Kaliningrad. Photo of the evenings by the fireplace in the small hall, where candle litches are held literary and musical meetings, are often met in the local press, these events attract a lot of the public.

Address : st. Dzerzhinsky, 30

The cost of visiting : for adults, the ticket costs 200 rubles, preschoolers - 30 rubles, and for schoolchildren and students - 100.

Working hours : daily from 10.00 to 18.00.

Art Gallery

It was founded in 1988, but at that time it was called the Museum of Modern Art. Today, the gallery's main expositions are samples of official and alternative trends of Soviet painting, the work of Russian and foreign graphics, contemporary art of artists from the Baltic countries, samples of folk crafts from all over Russia. Separately it is worth mentioning and art objects from East Prussia until 1945.

In addition to the main exposition, the gallery, like other art museums in Kaliningrad, participates in the projects "Museum Night", youth and children's festivals.

Address : Moscow avenue, 60-62

Cost of visit : depending on the exhibition and the exposition prices vary from 30 to 250 rubles.

Working hours : Monday - closed, Thursday - from 10.00 to 21.00, other days - from 10.00 to 18.00.

Amber Museum

The museum building is a historical landmark: in the middle of the XIX century it was a bastion of the Don (in honor of the commander of General Friedrich zu Don). At the end of the Second World War, for many years there were only ruins on the site of the bastion, but in 1977 the Soviet authorities began to rebuild the building, and in late 1979 the world's first Amber Museum was opened in the reconstructed building.

Currently, the museum can learn the history of the origin of the fishery and aspects of amber mining, inspect unique exhibits, including amber nuggets with inclusions, amber jewelry and gorgeous jewelry from gold and silver with amber.

Address : пл. Marshal Vasilevsky, 1

The cost of the visit : adults - 200 rubles, students - 100, schoolchildren - 80.

Working hours : from October to April - from 10.00 to 18.00, except Monday; The rest of the time - without days off, from 10.00 to 19.00.

The Kant Museum

The construction of the cathedral, in whose building the museum is located, was started in the 14th century on the Kneiphof foundation and was conducted for fifty years. Today, many museums in Kaliningrad, including the Kant Museum, are interesting not only for their collection, but also for the history of the building itself. So, the cathedral itself is a historical landmark of the city.

Construction began with Bishop Johannes Claret. Subsequently, a clock with a bell-ringing was installed on the cathedral tower. In the altar there are the tombs of the rulers of Prussia, belonging to the Hohenzollern dynasty. At its walls, in the sarcophagus of dark granite, surrounded by twelve columns, the great German philosopher Immanuel Kant also rests . The museum of his name contains exhibits reflecting his era, telling about the legacy of the philosopher and his life.

With the exception of small restoration works and some architectural buildings added to the ensemble at a later time, the cathedral looked unchanged from the end of the construction to the assault on the city of Königsberg in April 1944, when the historic building was seriously damaged. Many years after the end of the war, as a result of a long and large-scale restoration, the cathedral once again became operational, and in 1991 the first service took place within its walls.

Address : st. I. Kant, 1.

The cost of visiting : adults - 150, students and students - 100 r.

Opening hours : from Monday to Thursday - from 10 to 18, the rest of the days the museum closes an hour later.

Altes Haus Amalienau

In Kaliningrad, there are many houses and apartments that could preserve the almost lost spirit of the old Koenigsberg. One of the most interesting is in the house number 12 on Pugacheva street. In this apartment are preserved not only the walls in the dilapidated wallpaper wallpaper, the ceiling with authentic paintings, a hundred years ago laid larch floor, the original interior doors. In addition, the interior of the apartment itself is selected so that you can plunge into the authentic atmosphere, typical for the citizens of the early XX century.

On an excursion to Amalienau, it is most convenient to come in groups. And for a fee you can order a tea party in the apartment, because thanks to the fact that this private collection, here is possible something that other museums in Kaliningrad will not offer. The mode of the apartment is daily from 15:00, but it is necessary to call the owners in advance.

Address : st. Pugacheva, 12.

The cost of visiting : depends on the number of people on the tour.

Museum "Bunker Lyash"

Not all museums in Kaliningrad are in old buildings. Museum "Bunker" is located in a reinforced concrete bomb shelter, equipped in February 1945. It was in this underground bunker that the act of surrendering the Königsberg garrison was signed. The atmosphere and atmosphere of that time are completely preserved in the bunker. In the museum you can visit the updated thematic expositions.

Address : Universitetskaya ul, 2a.

Entrance fee : entrance ticket costs 100 rubles.

Working hours : daily from 10 to 18, day off - Monday.

Of course, this is not all museums in Kaliningrad, not to mention those located in the region. However, being in Kaliningrad, visit at least a few of this list - impressions and new knowledge will definitely remain mass.

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