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Alexander Vasiliev - biography, creativity and personal life. How old is Alexander Vasiliev?

Fashion historian ... It is the image of Alexander Vasiliev that pops up in memory when we hear these two seemingly ordinary words. But understand their meaning: it is a person who has learned all the subtleties of the world fashion trends of the whole history of mankind. His life can not be ordinary, millions of people around the world listen to his opinion. Should not he be called an "icon of style"?

Alexander Vasilyev: Biography

So, Sasha was born December 8, 1958 in the family, to put it mildly, people of creativity: People's Artist of Russia Alexander Pavlovich and actress of the dramatic theater Tatyana Vasilyeva. Apparently, the son from the very childhood followed in the footsteps of his parents, since already at the age of 12 he put his first play. But long before that, he had tried (and very successfully) his forces in the field of creating theater costumes and stage scenery. Having succeeded in this business, he easily entered the Moscow Art Theater and already in 1980 he received a diploma in the hands of the Graduate School. After this began his professional career. First he settled in one of the Moscow theaters as a costume designer, and two years later flew to France to become a world-famous theatrical decorator.

From those who want to learn from a developing artist there was no release, so Alexander Vasilyev decided to become a teacher. He conducted his lectures and master classes in four languages, and they passed literally all over the world.

TV presenter-2009

The beginning of the new century promised Vasilyev new opportunities. In 2002, he began his work on television. He became the author and host of the program "The Breeze of the Century", which was broadcast on the channel "Culture". In parallel, Alexander Vasilyev opens his own design studio in the capital, with which he plans to popularize the rich Russian traditions and present them in "Parisian gloss."

He also does not forget about his pedagogical activity - he teaches fashion theory at Moscow State University and other major Russian universities. Starting from 2005, Alexander opens his touring school, which recruits listeners and tours with them to the world's fashion cities.

In 2009, with access to the blue screens of the program "Fashionable sentence", Alexander Vasilyev became known to a wide audience. And although the fans were vigorously apprehended the replacement of Slava Zaitsev with a new TV presenter, Sasha, always confident in himself, quickly won their sympathy.

In the same year, the fashion critic became the head of the Moscow Academy of Fashion at Ostankino.

Awarded - then recognized

"Lilies of Alexander Vasiliev" once again confirm his internationally recognized taste in fashion. This international award is awarded only to the most worthy, according to Vasiliev, interior works of Russian and foreign designers. Laureates as a prize receive branded hand-made lilies, each of which has its own number and passport.

Alexander himself also does not suffer from a lack of recognition: he was solemnly awarded with the medals of Diaghilev and Nijinsky, the Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts for his contribution to the development of Russian art, and the Order "Maecenas". In addition, he twice won the "Tobab" award, and in 2011 joined the ranks of honorary members of the Russian Art Academy.

Life in the Museum

It turns out that the extravagant fashion designer and collector Vasiliev can be found in an ordinary antique store or on the market. Of course, where else can you find with such ease an old thing and add it to your collection! And Alexander collects literally everything that only a head can come, but his pride is a collection of clothes with centuries of history, which by approximate standards costs about two million euros.

Nadezhda Babkina - a colleague of the designer for filming the program "Fashionable sentence" - shared with journalists impressions of what she saw in Vasiliev's house. According to her, the housing of Alexander was very reminiscent of a huge museum. There is everything: from the marvelous beauty of old dresses and hats to antique caskets and other interior details. But the most valuable exhibit in this collection is still Alexander Vasiliev himself. Biography of an outstanding 55-year-old Artist, fashion designer, critic and just an extravagant and charming man will not allow you to doubt this.

The Golden Jubilee

Yes, yes, it was Vasilyev's 55th birthday in 2013. But you can not tell! A person is young with soul and body, so sincerely loves art and in his years has already become its integral part. But to guess how many years Alexander Vasiliev, it is not necessary - he himself does not hide this. And what is it for? For his lived half a century, he managed as much as not everyone will be able to, and at the same time, as the fashion historian himself says, he made himself, although he gives what he owes to parents who made that very first push into the world of art.

And, strangely enough, the audience is not so young designer is quite diverse: his fans are representatives of the fair sex at the age of 14 to 96 years. But the statistics of Vasiliev's personal site says that his main fans are girls under 26 years old. Well, Sasha, women's attention is always an indicator, so keep it up!

Alexander Vasilyev: personal life

As we said before, Alexander moved to Paris at a young age. But how did this happen? The calculating Sasha just married a friend of the Frenchwoman, who at that time was on probation in Russia. But the formal wife of Alexander Vasilyev, with whom he was married for four years, knew everything about everything: and that he just wanted to go to the capital of fashion, and about the true love of her husband. She turned out to be an artist Masha Winner-Lavrov, with whom he lived neither much nor little, but three magnificent years.

Collection - above all

Nothing strange in that one of the leading domestic (and not only) fashion legislators allows themselves to deny world-sized stars in their whims. Take even the incident with Nicole Kidman, who would like to dress any
Designer in the world. The Australian beauty wished to take part in the film "Lady from Shanghai" in one of Vasilyev's collection dresses. But he had the audacity to deny her agent. He explained such an act by reluctance to spoil the historical original, although he cordially offered to simulate the dress that Nicole liked. And if you believe his words, then neither Coco Chanel nor Audrey Hepburn he would have honored such honor. Although, as the fashion designer admitted, he is an ardent admirer of both legendary women. Apparently, Alexander Vasiliev likes his exhibits more than his popularity.

A few interesting facts from the life of Vasiliev

  • When 12-year-old Sasha went to school, his classmates called him "pomoechnikom." All because the guy already then began to collect antiques. And where else, if not in the garbage can, at that time it was possible to find such things?
  • It was Sasha Vasilyev who became the founder of the fashion for men's neck scarves in Russia, and his followers in this today are Yudashkin and Zaitsev, Mikhalkov and Menshikov.
  • The most stylish stars of domestic show business Alexander believes Lyudmila Gurchenko, Renata Litvinov and ... Maxim Galkin.
  • Vasiliev is a jack of all trades. Even a hammer to work for him is not a problem. Especially often he has to drive nails at home. What for? It's simple - he paints old paintings from his own collection on his own and only on his own nails.
  • A designer with a world name is often invited to appear in films, mainly on the role of imposing aristocrats and a nobleman, to whom Alexander Vasiliev so closely corresponds (his photos always remind us of the times of landlords and noble masters). And in 2012 he even auditioned for the role of Napoleon, but for some mysterious reasons, all projects with his participation ended in nothing.

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