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On how to bless your son before the wedding and what you need for this

Since ancient times in Russia, one of the most important pre-wedding rituals was the parental blessing. The very meaning of this word sounds like "praising the future".

Why do we need a parental blessing?

The decision of the young to marry or to marry against the parental will never promised anything good, for only the parental blessing for the wedding was considered a pass to a happy family life, gave peace and prosperity. Pronounced with true faith, it had a special power and meaning. The rite of blessing was so compulsory that if the groom and the bride were orphans, they turned to the godparents, and if they did not remember them, then the most respected people in the village were invited to the role of the planted parents, to whom grateful children had to render help and reverence until old age. Today, despite the changes in the life of the new generation, the fashion trends and addictions of modern youth, centuries-old traditions are still strong. However, how to bless his son before the wedding, how to carry out this beautiful sacred procedure with his daughter, unfortunately, not everyone remembers and knows.

How should the rite of blessing be performed?

So, let's try to figure out how to bless your son before the wedding? According to the old custom, the blessing is as follows: after the procedure of bride's repurchase in her house has passed, before going to the registry office, just before the exit, the parents take the oldest icon of the Savior and the Virgin in the house , the bride and groom face their parents , And those, in turn, impose a cross on them over an icon, read a prayer and say their parting words. The blessing of the son before the wedding (as well as the daughters) is not only a wish for happiness and wise advice on how to preserve it, but also the approval of children's choice of their second half. It is at this point that the bride becomes the daughter for the groom's parents, and the groom, respectively, the son for the parents of the bride. This ceremonial is always very touching and rarely leaves anyone indifferent. In the old days, after the blessing ceremony, the bride often cried, as she left her father's house forever.

What else should I know ...

Before you bless your son before the wedding or your daughter, you need to make sure that the young baptized are the basic condition for the rite. Traditionally, the daughter had to be blessed with the icon of the Mother of God, whereas it was possible to bless her son before the wedding as an icon of Christ the Savior and Nicholas the Wonder-worker. The icons with which the parents blessed the young, after the wedding, were sent to the newlyweds' house to preserve and protect their fragile family happiness for many years. They become a real family heirloom and are surrendered from generation to generation.

As the Bible says, God gave fathers and mothers special power over children, which they must use wisely and with love. Therefore, the rite of parental blessing is a trembling, exciting and responsible moment not only for the newlyweds, but also for their parents.

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