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Actor Gaben Jean: movies, biography, personal life and best roles

Undoubtedly, this man left a major mark in the history of French cinema. Who knows, perhaps, if the great Gaben Jean did not turn into a skilled lycée, he would certainly have been waiting for a brilliant career in the field of the operetta comic or chansonnier. He was able to make French cinema more democratic, it became loyal and respectful of the human person. In his first works Gaben Jean played a strong strong-willed man from the people, for whom nobility and fidelity is the highest value. By the beginning of the 40s of the last century the French lyceum began to be perceived by the viewer as a romantic hero, who is subject to the standard melodrama to make a real tragedy. His images corresponded to the "spirit of the times": horror and fear filled the souls of people on the eve of fascist aggression, and Gaben Jean was able to convey the depth of these feelings. What was his creative path? Let's consider this issue in more detail.

Facts from biography

Gaben Jean is a native of the French capital. He was born on May 17, 1904. The real name of the future movie star is Jean Alexis Moncorge. His father and mother were cabaret artists. Childhood years Jean Gaben, whose filmography has dozens of bright roles, spent in a small town of Meriel, located near Paris.

The boy liked to watch boxing and football, but did not choose a career as an athlete. After graduating from a communal school, Jean Alexis Moncorge started his career: he was a courier, then worked as a worker at the railway station. But the young man himself understood perfectly well that he was born for another.

The first steps in art

As an eighteen-year-old boy, Jean Gaben enters the troupe of the music hall "Foley-Berger" as an extra. Over time, he begins to play in operettas and musical performances, firmly entrenched the status of the "comedian Lovelace." Then in his creative career came a break, because the young man had time to "pay his debt to the Motherland." After military service Jean Gaben, films with which participation till now are popular, some time works in a music-hall "Foli-Berger". However, soon the young man decides to conquer the show business under his own pseudonym Jean Gaben.

He took on any images that he was offered in the capital's operettas and music halls. Beginning chansonnier over time was able to imitate the voice and convey the manner of performance of the famous pop-tenor - Maurice Chevalier. He was invited to a theater troupe, which went on tour to South America and Jean Gaben agrees to this proposal. On arrival from abroad, he arranges to work in the Moulin Rouge. Refining the talent and skill, Jean Alexis Moncorge soon becomes a famous litsedeyem: he began to offer the role of prestigious temples of Melpomene.

First roles in the cinema

Already at the age of 24, Jean Gaben made his debut in cinema. However, it should be noted that he took part in "silent" films, so when he was a lycee he did not remember the viewer. Only in 1930, a young actor played a role in the sound cinema "To each his own". It was she who became triumphant for the lyceum from Paris.

The acting talent of Gaben was opened by directors René Puyol and Hans Steinhoff.

The actor becomes famous

Initially, the French actor received proposals in which he was offered second-kind roles. He did not refuse to work with the "masters" of productions - Jacques Turner and Maurice Turner.

The other director, Julien Divivier, helped develop the skill and potential of the lyceum artist Jean Alexis Moncorge. In 1936, Jean Gaben, whose films began to please the French audience, becomes the star of the screen. The role of the romantic hero in the military drama "Battalion of the Foreign Legion" provided him with recognition and audience love. Well, worldwide fame Gaben brought work in the film "Pepe le Moco" (J. Divide, 1937) and the military film "The Great Illusion" (J. Renoir, 1937). The second film was a huge success at the box office. Work with Maestro Jean Renoir was also fruitful: it brought an even larger army of admirers of the work of the Parisian actor. The film "The Beast Man" (1938), based on the work of E. Zola, also became successful for Gaben.

It should be noted and the cooperation of the actor with the famous director Marcel Carne. Films with Jean Gaben, namely: "Embankment of Mists" (1938) and "The Day begins" (1939) became his calling card.

Necessary measure

Soon came the Second World War, and Jean Alexis Moncorge was forced to abandon work in the cinema in the territory occupied by the Nazis. He decides to go to Hollywood with Marlene Dietrich himself. Gaben signs a contract with the American film studio RKO Pictures. However, before the shooting process began, the actor, who had the main role in the film, demanded that a film work for Marlene be found. The management of the studio did not agree to this. As a result, the shooting was stopped and the contract was terminated. In the US, his career did not work out: he played two "low-grade" films, namely "Moon Tide" (1942) and "Pretender" (1943), he becomes a soldier of the army and returns to his homeland after the victory in the title of commander. He personally participated in the liberation of Paris.

A new turn in the career

After the Second World War, Jean Gaben's work begins a new stage. He changes the role on the set, preferring to play mature, wise and mundane men.

In particular, it is about the role of Pierre in the film "At the Walls of Malapagi" (R. Clement, 1948) and the image of the entertainer of the Variety Theater in the film "The French Cancan" (J. Renoir, 1954).

"Second wind"

Despite the change of image, Jean Gaben did not lose the army of hard-won hard-won army of admirers. Some film critics have predicted the sunset of his career for the actor. But this did not happen. His partners on the stage were Bridget Bordo, Lino Ventura, Jeanne Moreau. Alain Delon and Jean Gaben became a great actor's duet, which proved the films: "Sicilian clan", "Melody from the basement" and "Two in the city." The lyceum from Paris did not lose his individuality and charisma. He began to play the authoritative fathers of the family, personalities with a rich life experience. Confirmation of this is the film "Les Miserables".

Jean Gaben reincarnates in the image of Valzhan, who served a long sentence in penal servitude for stealing bread crusts. Over the next two decades, the actor will take part in about fifty films, most of which was intended for Gafer Films, a film company, which he established together on an equal footing with the actor Fernandel.

Personal life

Jean Gaben's personal life developed in a peculiar way. He married early enough. His chosen one was the actress Gaby Basset. The marriage lasted five years. Then he had a stormy affair with Marlene Dietrich. Repeatedly Jean Alexis of Moncorge married the fashion model Dominique Fournier. In this marriage, the actor was born three children: son Matias and two daughters - Valerie and Florence.

In the last years of his life, the actor had serious health problems: he often felt pain in his heart. In the suburbs of Paris, namely in the town of Neuilly-sur-Seine, he spent the last days dying of a heart attack. It happened on November 15, 1976. Gaben's body was cremated, scattering his ashes over the sea.

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