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Shoes Melissa. Advantages and disadvantages of plastic shoes from Brazil

The history of the Brazilian trade mark Melissa dates back to the 1980s. It was then that a separate Melissa brand was created, under which the production of plastic footwear began.

The brand did not come from scratch, it "grew up" as a subsidiary of a large manufacturer of footwear Grendene. The first plastic sandals co-produced by Grendene and Nuar Sandals started to wear in 2009 in Brazil. Company producing shoes Melissa For adults and children, for many years worked to expand the possibilities of plastic, constantly experimenting with the design of its multi-colored products. The brand became known all over the world, when its stylish products, which quickly gained the sympathy of buyers, began to be sold in the United States, Europe and Asia. Shoes Melissa entered the world markets in 1994, and today colorful shoes, flip-flops, slippers, ballet flats, flip-flops, boots and ankle boots flaunt on the feet of both adults and very small fashionistas in 80 countries. The brand mastered the production together with Jean-Paul Gaultier, the brothers Fernando and Umberto Campana, Karl Lagerfeld and other not less eminent designers. The authorship of the female slippers model, which became the trademark of the Melissa brand, belongs to Vivienne Westwood. A number of models are the embodiment of the creative inspiration of invited celebrities - Kate Moss, Agnes Dean and Dita von Teese.

Melissa shoes : the advantages of plastic models

Fans of the brand show a rare unanimity in assessing the aesthetic characteristics of Melissa products, which has a very attractive appearance. The lineup is staggering with a variety of bright shoes of unique, sometimes surprising in design. The richest palette of colors is just one of the many achievements of Melissa. Shoes of different colors are always relevant in the arsenal of the person, the following trends of modern fashion. Especially now, when the outfit consisting of clothes, shoes and accessories of one color scale is not too welcomed. Another undoubted plus - the opportunity in the wet weather to look elegant and at the same time not to be afraid that expensive masterpieces from the shoe makers on their feet will become worthless. "Plastic dreams" (Slogan Melissa - "Plastic Dreams") materialize in a special patented material Melflex, withstanding all the loads, providing the feet with quite acceptable comfort and exuding the flavor of candy. The company informs customers that this variety of plastic is highly resistant, waterproof, does not emit toxic substances into the environment and is processed without rest.

Melissa shoes : disadvantages of Melflex models

About the minuses of shoes Melissa says people who do not take into account some features of Melflex, in a number of parameters inferior to leather and other footwear materials. The owner of plastic shoes will not feel any discomfort, if he does not wear it for a long time. Buyers who tested Melissa shoes share their observations, which do not forget to mention that the shoes of this brand are not designed for long walks and to be in them at the workplace all day long.

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