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Smart teapot: review of models and reviews

The modern pace of life puts certain conditions on the person. He is forced to create objects that can provide simple and convenient use. So there was a smart house, representing an intellectual technical complex. The concept of "smart teapot" also entered into this system.

New functions of a regular kettle

In the recent past, "smart things" were the property of domestic craftsmen. They adapted the familiar things to a comfortable and safe use. Now the "smart", comfortable, comfortable things have quietly filled our lives. This applies to the usual device for us - the kettle.

The first electric kettles represent an achievement in the field of home appliances of the late XIX century. The design with large enough for the kitchen dimensions was convenient because to get boiling water did not need a fire. In addition, the water for tea could be heated at any time in minutes.

In recent years, home appliance companies, to attract customers, have equipped the devices with a significant number of additional functions and capabilities. This is how the clever teapot appeared. The description and recommendations for using the device are given in the instructions. The buyer can get a complete picture of the product.

Types of heaters for smart teapots

The basis of the electric kettle is the heating element. There are several of its types:

  • Open. In this kettle, the water is in contact with the heating element. They are distinguished by quiet work and low price. The drawback of these models is obvious: you need constant monitoring of the water level. Another disadvantage is the formation of scale on the inner surface of the kettle.
  • Closed type of heating element is a complex construction. The helix providing heating is located under a special plate, there is no direct contact with water. This ensures long service life. The resulting scale is removed from the surface of the protective disc. For such a teapot is characterized by a quiet mode of operation. The closed heating disk of electric kettles of the latest generation is connected directly to the electrical contacts. The water in this kettle warms up faster.

Additional functions of modern electrical appliances provide not only their comfortable use. Safety of construction is in the first place and consists in the following:

  • Automatic shutdown of the heating element at the time of boiling water and when removing the device from the stand.
  • Presence of the filtering element, protecting from getting of solid particles in a tea cup at pouring boiling water into it. In the device of the kettle nylon web with a fine cell or metal filters with a special coating are used.
  • An additional built-in filter for cleaning water poured into a clever teapot. The devices with removable filters are very popular.
  • Presence of a digital thermostat. This option, thanks to which it is possible to heat water to any given temperature.
  • Equipment of the device with a sound signal warning about the boiling of water.

Manufacturers of small household appliances offer users not just "smart" functional equipment. These devices are distinguished by a beautiful, sometimes unique design. They not only create comfort, but also fill the room with a special cosiness. Select the right model of the device will help a general acquaintance with each of their representative.

Redmond - the device of the newest technologies

The ruler of devices from the "smart house" series is the latest model - the clever teapot Redmond SkyKettle M170S. This device of the latest generation implements many useful options, but this is not its only advantage. Its main feature is the remote control function. The technology is called Ready for Sky. Clever teapot "Redmond" has a built-in function that allows you to control it remotely not only within the house. This function is represented by the intelligent application R4S.

The kettle is equipped with a touch panel. It can be used for manual control of the model. Also, the clever teapot "Redmond" has a built-in alarm clock. He will certainly wake up in time with a loud signal.

The built-in thermal sensor, the plastic shell of the metal case, the handle of the clever teapot Redmond, its triple protection are the additions of the company's developers. It was such a wide range of functions that made the device attractive to customers.

Convenient placement of the device on a small neat base with touch buttons for control and regulation of the device creates an effective look that fits into any interior.

The company Redmond improves household appliances and offers buyers an economical device, which in fact combines a teapot and a thermos-thermolot. The clever Redmond kettle with SkyKettle function is equipped with the ability to maintain the set temperature for 12 hours. The developed five modes are able to select the temperature necessary for the preparation of any kind of tea. The heating element does not only heat the water to a boil. The device is regulated in several temperature modes. The first stage of boiling water in a thermotreat will take longer, but the subsequent completion of the liquid to the boiling water will be done within one minute.

References from Radmond Teapot

The appearance of the modern device Radmond satisfied everyone. Especially users have highlighted all the improvements in the kettle:

- Noiseless operation;

- rapid cooking boiling water;

- the possibility of long-term maintenance of the temperature of hot water;

- Models with programming and remote control functions

Complaints about the work of the kettle or its design from customers have been reported.

Xiaomi - the power of hot water

Japanese manufacturers of household appliances did not stay aloof. They also engaged in the reconstruction and modernization of familiar devices.

Xiaomi, smart electric kettle, has an elegant Japanese design characteristic of Japanese traditions. The shell is made of milky white plastic.

For the body of the device used stainless steel, corresponding to the standard GB9684. This material has no smell, does not change the taste qualities of heated water, scale is easily removed from its surface.

Clever teapot Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle has a volume of 1.5 liters. This is enough to provide a family of three people with tea.

A 1800 Watt heating element heats the water in the appliance to a boil for 5 minutes.

Silent mode indicates a uniform distribution of energy under the bottom plate.

The clever Xiaomi teapot is equipped with a handle on which the touch buttons are made. With their help, you can turn on and stop the heating of water or start a mode that maintains the set temperature. The purpose of the third button is the mechanical opening of the lid of the vessel.

The shape of the spout of the clever device allows you to pour the boiling water neatly. The heating element was placed at the bottom of the kettle. These are traditional solutions for such devices. Particular attention was paid by the developers to the details of the kettle, which is in direct contact with water. To ensure compliance with standards and sanitary standards, the interior surface, handle, lid and sensor temperature measuring device are made of stainless steel of a special standard. Such a metal is used in medicine and food industry.

The main advantages that Xiaomi models have (smart teapot) are safety features. Traditionally, models have protection from children. The kettle is protected against short circuit.

Xiaomi is a smart electric kettle, whose functions are described in the attached instructions. It is equipped with a convenient way of adjusting the temperature. This device works via Bluetooth.

Acquisition of new products from Xiaomi is the continuation of building a smart home. Without leaving the warm bed in the morning, you can turn on the smart teapot from the display of your smartphone.

The idea of creating and improving intellectual equipment for the home is in constant development. Manufacturers have launched a new clever teapot Xiaomi Kettle without pre-advertising. However, according to the representatives of the company, this model can be an excellent acquisition for true connoisseurs of tea.

User Reviews of the clever teapot Xiaomi

All users celebrate the eastern beauty and elegance of the device. They also talk about the safety of using the model. The body of the device is practically not heated outside, so you do not have to worry about the child in the vicinity.

The choice of the temperature regime for the preparation of different types of tea is also emphasized in the feedback of customers.

Bork - perfection of technology

The company Bork was one of the first to transform an ordinary teapot into a miracle of technology. Now the models of this company have become an integral part of the everyday life of the family. Clever Bork teapot will always provide households with hot tea or coffee.

Manufacturers do not stop improving this simple-looking device. Each new model differs not only in beauty, compactness and convenience. Developers surprise buyers by the availability of the newest features of the device.

The release of a new unique model of the K810 teapot impressed the buyers. The device surprised users not only with design. In this model, all the existing novelties were used at the moment.

A feature of this teapot is its tea making function. And it is not the standard heating of water, but the procedure for its brewing. For this, the kettle provides:

  • The presence of different temperature regimes. The water is heated to the temperature necessary for brewing a particular type of tea, including herbal formulations.
  • Regulation of drink strength. It can range from strong to medium and weak. Adjustment of these options is possible automatically and manually.
  • Control of the heating function and the duration of the brewing procedure. All indicators can be viewed on a small scoreboard.
  • Memorizing settings. They are stored in the electronic memory of the device.

In Russia, since ancient times, it is common to use decoctions to treat many diseases and maintain the tone of the body. Modern models of Bork help to prepare herbal tea of any composition. To do this, you can use the built-in functions. Smart devices Bork correctly prepare a decoction, infusion or tea.

Models made of heat-resistant glass, will allow you to monitor the process of making drinks.

Those who prefer self-brewing, without using automation, to brew tea, a multifunctional device can use as a conventional electric kettle. However, they still use "smart" functions. The kettle can:

  • Automatically turn on in accordance with the set time on the timer;
  • Provide information about the current temperature;
  • Issue a message about the availability of water;
  • Display the time until the boiling point;
  • Disconnect after cooking boiling water or preheating the water to the set temperature;
  • Smart teapot with WiFi is turned on and regulated at a remote distance.

Intellectual home appliances are in constant development. Virtually all household appliances have built-in intelligent functions, which allows you to use it remotely. The advantages of this approach are obvious. Acquisition of clever devices frees people's time, creates comfortable living conditions.

Customer Reviews smart Bork teapot

In feedback from users of the device firm Bork noted high quality teapot, its elegant appearance, which fits into the interior of modern cuisine.

Many liked the opportunity to automatically prepare tea of different varieties, as well as broths of herbs and berries. This ensures not only the rapid boiling of water, but also the quiet operation of the device.

Almost all customers who preferred the device firm Bork, consider it a good purchase.

The intellectual teapot Polaris

Technical devices in these days play a big role in organizing the everyday life of each family. There are appliances that can quickly make tea or coffee. Modern household devices are able to cook all sorts of dishes, wash, clean, iron clothes.

But all household appliances can not do without a person. He must control it, press the buttons.

Polaris has chosen a way to connect household appliances using a wireless system. This allows you not to pull the LAN cable into a particular room. To operate devices using a wireless circuit, this is not necessary. But a clever teapot with WiFi needs an access point to the network. Without this, you can not do.

Polaris - teapot for a smart home, which automatically controls and controls all engineering networks of the building.

To manage the scheme is the remote of any mobile device on iOS or Android, which is provided by a special application. The program options allow users to run the required tea brewing regimes, receiving information about the end of the process. Before using the kettle, you must first connect it to your home WiFi network.

Clever teapot Polaris presents the device in the form of a base-stand and a kettle. Control of the kettle is carried out by five buttons located on the base.

The instructions attached to the device describe the functions of each button, their combinations. In the list of programs of the kettle, there is a function to turn on the device for a given time.

The smart teapot Polaris is stylish and modern. In the design, transparent glass and metal are effectively combined. These materials are highly resistant to external mechanical stress. Even with continued use on the device does not appear chipped and scratched. Thanks to the transparent glass, you can see the water level in the device flask.

The cover of the device with the valve for the release of steam in the center is equipped with a mechanical opening button. To open the kettle, click on it.

The body in the upper part is equipped with a metal handle with a rubber gasket. The handle has some inclination for easy grip. This design ensures the safety of the device, it eliminates accidental burns of the hand.

The kettle installed on the base (base) can be rotated within 360 degrees.

The design of the Polaris teapot, the ability to remotely control the device with the help of Internet functions, enable it to be included in the elements of the smart house system.

Customer Reviews

Buyers of the electric kettle Polaris, buying the model PWK 1725CAW, were satisfied with the acquisition.

For many important was a two-layer body design. This allows you to comfortably use the device and keep hot water for a long time.

Mark users of Teapots company Polaris the ability to program functions and remote control smart device.

It was convenient for many to have a removable steel filter, it protects the kettle from the formation of scale. The boiling process passes quickly and practically without noise. The contents of the kettle does not have any foreign smell.

The high reclining lid of the device allows you to easily pour water and wash the flask of the device, it is very convenient. We liked the function of displaying the current water temperature in the process of heating and boiling.

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