Sea salt: reviews and applications. How effective is sea salt for nasal lavage and inhalation?

Why do many people seek to spend their holidays on the sea and ocean coast? "I want to bask in the sun," you will say. In these words, of course, there is something. But in the summer it's hot. Grace in the sun, how much you want, but still pulls to the sea. Let's talk about a product such as sea salt, about which almost every one of us searched on the Internet.

All at sea!

Most of the holidaymakers intuitively fly and travel south. The organism directly drives you there, because it wants to survive. And while he has strength, he directs you to the path of health. Accumulated in it a lot of different things. And on the sea - beauty. The people there have fun. It flattens in sea salt waves, dives right in the head. Breathes salty sea air. Nerves calms. Beauty adds. Maybe it's not in the sun, but in the unique salt air and salt water?

Is cooking and sea salt the same thing?

What is the difference between salt, which we are used to in everyday life, and sea salt, whose reviews are so screaming about the miracle of this product? In fact, both one product and the other consist of sodium chloride. However, there is more in the salt, and in the sea salt it is only a constituent part of the product.

Let's remember the school curriculum in chemistry. Remember, there was such a table of chemical elements of Mendeleyev? Well, so much of what is there is in sea salt. Sodium and potassium, calcium and magnesium, bromine and chlorine, zinc and iron, selenium and iodine and much more. According to the constituent elements of sea salt, this periodic system can be studied. And everything is necessary for our poor worn out organism, and in all this table it needs.

Of course, some buy vitamin complexes, which advises us to advertise on television and radio. This is very good, only all these complexes are synthetic, that is, they are made in the laboratory, and mother nature itself invented sea salt. But it usually does not do bad. Sea salt for legs, for hair, for the body, for the face and peace of mind will do. So choose yourself, food products or even marine. Moreover, it is now available to all. It can be bought in pharmacies and in cosmetics stores.

You can eat sea salt !?

So now, is there something, this sea salt? Of course, there are, only a little and only food. In a day you can only have one teaspoon of sea salt to eat. It is added in the first dishes, and in the second. You can also pour a little into the tea and coffee. In summer, salty tea quenches thirst, and even sates you with vitamins and trace elements. Many cooks appreciated the quality of sea salt. Dishes are obtained with a pleasant sea flavor. And the broth is good, and fish, and meat, and salad greens.

Just imagine: the street is slushy, and you have in the soup solid vitamins and minerals. Well, not a soup, but a periodic table. The energy was saturated, the mood was raised with immunity, and the body told you: "Thank you!" At the same time, your vacation was remembered, because from your fish, which you marinated in sea salt, the sea.

But it is better not to add sea salt to preserves. I do not like iodine when it is preserved.

Products began to appear in our stores with iodine. Iodized bread, milk, water. Many people buy these products to make up for this chemical element in our body. In pharmacies, many preparations containing iodine. Please, eat - I do not want. Why should salt be added anywhere else? Yes, because all of this iodine in products and tablets scientists have done, and in sea salt this chemistry was engaged in nature. The thyroid gland will thank you, which means that everything will be in order with the metabolism. The face is clean, without acne, the skin is smooth.

Small sea

If you want a smooth skin - make a scrub from sea salt, and better take a bath with her! Feedback from those who have done this, demonstrate that it is very pleasant to get into the bath with such a product. Salt should be diluted in a vessel, so that you do not scratch on the crystals. Yes, and it must be something only 100 grams. But then there is no limit to enjoyment. Who came out of the water? Aphrodite, I think? Another thirty-three heroes also came out of the sea. Bogatyri, you see, not some weak servicemen. So, arm yourself with sea salt and - into the bathroom. Do a comfortable water for you, pour the prepared saline solution, lie down and enjoy. You can include music with surf sounds to make the picture complete.

You will be flooded not only with memories of a well-spent vacation, but also familiar to us already bromine, magnesium and their friends. Why go to the bromine baths, you have your own here, and even better. The nerves calm down, the arrhythmia passes, the pressure normalizes. Beauty. I want to live on. The skin becomes smoother and more beautiful. Bromine and magnesium will take from your body excess fluid and strengthen your immune system. The vessels will strengthen, and migraines you say: "Farewell!" If you have any stress or insomnia, the first thing is a bath with salt. Will put you in order after the first reception.

Beautiful jar with salt

Often in cosmetics stores you can see beautiful vessels with sea salt of different colors. Colors are usually cheerful: blue, red, yellow. Used such sea salt for nails, for example, but no more, since different colors are dyes. Benefits from them, no, some problems. Color your bath, and then you will work long to restore its whiteness. It is better to buy salt of brown, gray color. This is the natural color of such a product, what happens when the seawater is evaporated. Her color is unattractive, to put it mildly. Salt receives it from sea clay. So, the product is "scarier" for color, the better. In the production of such a variety, more useful microelements. Do you want to become an Aphrodite or a hero? Then a bath with sea salt awaits you.

Feet calms down, nails do not break

If you do not have time for a bath, you can make at least a bath with sea salt, for example, for the feet. The solution is done according to the same recipe. As shown by the reviews, fatigue is removed, blood circulation is adjusted, legs are updated. Foot baths will calm not only your feet, but you.

Were you going to do a manicure? It's time already, a while ago you did not pay attention to nails. First make a bath for the nails. How did you get used to it? Vodicka and soap? Add sea salt, and your nails will cease to be brittle. Such a shortage quite often torments people. Sea salt for nails is very useful: chemical elements will do their job, and even get rid of the fungus, if, unfortunately, you have it. Do not neglect such a procedure. Baths can be done as much as your heart desires.

When the weather changes

Sea salt (reviews of many people prove this) is useful for the joints of the feet and hands. If the muscle fibers make themselves felt, then I want to smear them with something, only if my hands do not "twist", and my legs could bend. This is especially felt when the weather changes. You can, of course, run to the pharmacy if you run up to her. Give a lot of money for ointments and pills. And you can make compresses with sea salt. Judging by the numerous reviews, the second option is more preferable.

Some like dry compresses, you can burn the product, if you want, or you can not warm yourself. Just take a wide bandage and sprinkle salt. Then it is necessary to knead the sick joint on the leg or on the arm. Be like in such a compress, it should get easier. Others make a compress with clay and salt. To do this, take the usual cosmetic clay, stir it with sea salt and spread on a bandage. This compress is applied to the joints and walks with it for a while. No tablets and expensive ointments. A natural sea food will help you.

Sea salt - a joy for the face and hair

Sea salt for the face - an excellent tool for improving its color, purification, removal of toxins, etc. With it you can create your own tonic for the skin, cream or mask. If, for example, mix sea salt with honey and vegetable oil, we get a mask for dry and mature skin. And if you mix the product with baking soda and sour cream, we get a scrub mask from the black dots. That is, all types of skin are useful sea salt. For the face with pimples saline lotions will do. In a glass of water, dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt, soak the cotton pad with this solution and apply for half an hour to the problem areas of your skin.

It would be necessary to do something with the hair, some of them are dull and hang like a tow. To help you will come your old friend - sea salt. For hair (reviews of many ladies confirm this) is very effective mask with sea salt. It is done so that the hair grows well, combed without problems and obedient.

Do you already have the usual balms or hair masks, just add sea salt in them and use the way you are used to. Nothing complicated. You can just take the product and rub it into the scalp. The blood will stick to the skin and bring her its nutrients, the roots of the hair will rejoice.

If you still have kefir in the refrigerator, you can use it as a mask. Did you want to drink it in the evening with a bun? No buns. Figure then you "thank you" will not say, but the hair is thanked. And if in kefir sea salt add, literally 1 teaspoon, it's even better. Spread on the hair and rub into the scalp. You can add a few drops of oils that you like, for example, lavender, mint, almonds. Almond oil can be rubbed into the scalp just like a mask, and you can add salt, which will give a greater effect.

The rules are common, like all masks. Hair wet, smeared, a bag or hat put on, after 20 minutes washed off with shampoo. All, now you are Aphrodite, well, or one of the brothers-heroes. The only caveat: if you have scratches on your scalp or some allergic manifestations, then salt can not be used, and then Aphrodite Baba Yaga will succeed. And again, the principle "the more often, the better" does not work here. Maximum 2 times a week: 3 months make masks, 3 months - break.

To not tickle in the nose

Do you tickle in the nose? Congratulations - it's a runny nose. You got cold. What is there from the cold? Eh, I had to listen to advertising, now I have to walk with a red nose . To run to the pharmacy is necessary, but not for any gels, sprays and ointments, but for salt. It is inexpensive and perfectly suited for washing the nose for both you and the rest of the family, even the smallest. Attention: the product should not contain impurities, dyes and flavors. Just sea salt. Still run to the store for a lemon, it will also be needed.

Now we are preparing the magic potion. Take 1 glass of warm water, pour a pinch of salt into it and drip a few drops of lemon juice. All mix, but do not shake. You got a drop from the cold. Feel free to drip into your nose and into the small spout of the baby 2-3 drops in each nostril. Salt will relieve the inflammation, puffiness, and the lemon will narrow the blood vessels, it will become easier to breathe.

The baby can dilute this solution with water. It should be slightly salty and slightly acidic. Some believe that you can just do with a lemon, just drip with water, ostensibly, you can wash it - that's all. Probably everyone swam and dived in the river, and the water, getting into the nose, caused not very pleasant sensations. Salt will not only swell, but will also soften the liquid. Sea salt for the nose is a harmless and effective remedy.

In a nose not only dig in this potion, but also do or make lavage. Several drops of eucalyptus oil can be added to the solution. The procedure is more suitable for adults, but also the sea salt is also suitable for children. To flush the nose, it is necessary to perform the following steps: we take a little solution into the palm and draw it through the nose. All that is in the nose, falls into the mouth, and this should be spit out. We repeat these retractions several times.

Another method of washing is for professionals. It is necessary to put a solution in the palm of your hand, pull it in with your nose, but try to hold it there. You should make several such breaths and exhalations. After each should be spat out into the mouth of sea salt.

To wash the nose in this way, the children are unlikely to be able to do this, so we take a pipette, we take a solution into it. We put the child on the sofa, put a toy near the head and ask him to look at it. It turns out that the child will lie with his chin up. Quickly pour the contents of the pipette until the baby lies. Let the child lie down for a minute, and the salt will work with the mucous membrane and remove the swelling. Then we must ask to spit it out, not swallow.

Of the salt make a dry, but hot compress. To do this, heat the salt, roll it into the cheesecloth and put a compress on the nose. Some warming up at home. Sea salt for the nose - an excellent tool for a cold pregnant women, because you can not use superfluous medicines, but everything is natural here.

If pershit in the throat

If you still get sick and you have a perspiration in your throat, do not wait until a strong cough begins. Take sea salt. You only need 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 glass of hot water. Stir, cool and rinse. Half a glass at a time. If you do this four times a day, the throat will pass.

Did not you notice that you are ill? Everything happens, there is always not enough time for yourself. They waved a hand at the choking in the throat and the cold. You have started coughing, you can use inhalation with sea salt. Again, we go for help to our solution, just make it a little weaker: 1 spoon of salt to 2 cups of water. The solution is heated, so that the steam goes, we grab the dishes from the plate - and under the blanket. Breathe until the steam is over. If you have an inhaler, then it is better to use it. The cough will soften, and you will clear your throat. It is better to do this procedure in the evening, then to climb under the blanket.

Help for the little ones

For the child there is another way of inhalation. And, as the reviews show, it is quite effective. It is necessary to take a large cup, make a solution with sea salt, warm it. In the basin you already poured warm water and threw a toy there, with which you can play in the water. Then gently, gradually, pour a saline solution, so that the baby and pens soared, and the steam and salt breathed. The water in the basin cools, you still add hot solution. So the kid will play and breathe. Then tales, songs - and in the bed.

From this article it is already clear that an assistant in the treatment of even children - sea salt. It is very difficult to wash the nose of small children, and sometimes this procedure is prohibited by a doctor, so you can make a dry hot compress for your baby. As everyone knows, children can not lie for long, they need to jump and jump, they do not feel illness. It is necessary to sew to the blouse of the baby, on the back, a pocket with a flap. Warm the sea salt, wrap in gauze and put in a pocket. The valve is fastened so that the gauze does not fall out. The kid is playing, and sea salt is working.

Foot baths will also be useful! They will calm the child and through the heels will remove the slag from the body. Baths can start to do with 1.5 years. 10-15 minutes will not only help to defeat the cold, but will also strengthen immunity.

Reviews of people about the strengths and weaknesses of the product

Nature has given man just a magic remedy - it's sea salt. Read reviews if you do not believe us! As the comments of thousands of people have shown, the marine product stress will remove, the pressure normalizes, the immunity will raise. With it, the metabolism will return to normal. Salt will cure legs and pens, save from a cold and cough, will give beauty to your face and body.

Judging by the reviews, there are not so many shortcomings. However, one big disadvantage still exists: salt can not be used by people who have chronic intolerance to this product.

Proceeding from all above described, food sea salt should always be kept in the kitchen. Put it in a prominent place, so as not to forget. In the medicine cabinet and bathroom - another bag. Inexpensive and useful.

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