Tomatoes Siberian miracle: reviews, features of cultivation and productivity

Tomatoes are a favorite vegetable of almost all people. Many gardeners, with trembling, grow them on their plot, in order to have plenty of time, and prepare "cans" for the winter. In order to save, seedlings are prepared on their own, because it is much cheaper not to buy seedlings, but seeds. Siberian miracle - tomato, which we will describe today, delivers on sale at an affordable price agrofirma "Aelita". Many gardeners for many years trust this particular company. We suggest to consider a tomato variety, to talk about the features of planting and growing. Also we will get acquainted with the responses of truck farmers not only about the variety, but also about the seeds of the agrofirm "Aelita".

Tomato Siberian miracle: description of the variety

Bushes of this tomato need a garter, as they grow rapidly and reach a height of 160 centimeters. Tomato Siberian miracle (reviews, photos, yield can be found in this article) as fruitful as tall. Shrubs indeterminate, stamping. Fruiting can not be called early, but late as well. On average, a hundred days after planting the seedlings, the first ripe tomatoes of the Siberian miracle will appear. Comments gardeners say that after the first fruit, fruiting can be accelerated, extended and increased if you collect unripe tomatoes and lay them on the windowsill until they turn red. In this case, the bushes will quickly begin to appear new ovaries.

Not only in greenhouses, but also in the open ground it is possible to grow tomatoes Siberian miracle. Comments gardeners confirm that the bushes themselves feel great even without shelter, are not afraid of a sharp change in air temperature. Also, this variety is resistant to many diseases to which tomatoes are exposed. He is less likely than all other varieties to attack attacks of aphids and other volatile pests.

Description of fruits

Fans of red varieties will have to taste tomatoes Siberian miracle. The reviews of gardeners about mature fruits are identical. They say that tomatoes are quite large, the average weight of one fruit is from 150 to 200 grams. The skin is bright red, even, rather dense, not the same as that of raspberry varieties. But still it is eaten well and easily, protects the pulp from damage, does not allow cracking.

The flesh of tomato is dense, fleshy, not watery, but rather juicy. There are five to seven cells with seeds. Seeds are not large. Pretty well kept tomatoes Siberian miracle. Reviews of lovers of tomatoes are in abundance and about the described variety say that it can easily be transported for long distances. In this case, does not lose its presentation and form, even if the weather at the time of transportation is hot. They do not deteriorate, do not burst and do not decay, which perfectly protects the budget of the farmer who is driving tomatoes for sale.

Method of consumption

Tomato variety The Siberian miracle, which you can learn about from this article, is very popular not only among amateur gardeners, but also on extensive farms. Of course, these tomatoes are ideal for fresh consumption. Salads are juicy, aromatic and delicious. Tomato is a sweet taste, with a barely perceptible sourness, which gives it an extra charm.

But this variety is also very suitable for conservation. The fruits are large, but very convenient ellipsoidal, they are easily placed in the jar and are taken out of it. Thick peels will not allow cracking, and a moderately juicy pulp will not spread out in the jar. Also from the "Siberian miracle" produce tomato paste, puree, lecho, add to salads from vegetable assortment, make juice. Ideal for cooking hot dishes. It can be used to make sauce, pasta, to saturate the taste of a vegetable garnish, such as a stew. It should be noted that with conservation or heat treatment, the beneficial properties of tomato are not lost. That is why tomatoes are so useful and they should be harvested in order to replenish the stores of vitamins in the body in the winter and spring, when the fresh fruits are still long.


Siberian miracle is a fairly young tomato variety. It is worth paying tribute to the Russian specialists-agronomists, who brought out this wonderful variety. Patriots of the country will rejoice at this fact! In 2006, tomatoes were officially registered and began to spread throughout the whole of Russia. They immediately fell in love with amateur gardeners and industrial farms.

Which regions are suitable for the variety?

One name Siberian miracle can tell a lot. It is quite unpretentious to climate conditions, and it can be grown on the territory of our entire vast country. But nevertheless there are some nuances. If you grow tomatoes in a greenhouse, you can not think about the resistance of bushes to unexpected cold snaps and prolonged rains. If the plot is allocated a garden only on the open ground, then stock up on a portable greenhouse. It will need to be removed in the morning, if the weather is warm and clear, and close the tomatoes in the evening or on rainy and cool days. If you live in the Rostov region, in the Krasnodar Territory, the Caucasus and other southern latitudes, the shelter will not be required at all.


If you planted seedlings and began to steadily forget about caring for it, weeding and loosening the soil, there can be no question of high yields. If you are a responsible and caring gardener and take full care of the plants, they will also respond to you in the same way. In gratitude for proper care and comfortable living tomatoes Siberian miracle will respond with a high yield. From one bush it is possible to collect up to eight kilograms of ripe tomatoes, and from a square meter to fifteen.

Cooking sprouts

To grow tomatoes on your site, you can buy ready-made seedlings, but, as we have already said, it is much cheaper to grow it yourself. To do this, you will ideally suited the seeds of tomato Siberian miracle ("Aelita"). There is one packing about fifteen rubles, and in it is up to forty seeds, while one bush of seedlings you can buy an average of thirty rubles. Agree, a profitable acquisition?

So, in March we begin to prepare for the summer season. Recently, an increasingly dumping method of cultivation has been practiced. This is a fairly easy process, it does not take much time and effort to care. You will need special self-dissolving in the soil peat cups just for growing tomatoes. They are sold in specialized stores. But we are adherents of saving, so take the usual plastic cups in volume of half a liter, so you do not have to transplant the seedlings before planting on the bed, that is, dive. In each glass at the bottom make holes, so that the roots can breathe freely, and at the bottom we put the drainage. You can buy the soil in the store, or you can prepare it yourself. To do this you will need good chernozem, river sand, humus, peat and ash. All components of the future soil are taken in the same proportions.

We fill the cups to the middle with this primer, and at a depth of 2 centimeters we plant one seed. Before planting seeds it is recommended to "bathe" in a weak solution of manganese, and wash the idea with water. If desired, processed stimulant growth, but also excellently grows tomato Siberian miracle ("Aelita"). Comments gardeners are evidence of this fact.

Care of seedlings

So, you have got half-filled cups of the earth. Remains of soil do not throw, it will come in handy. When the first signs of tomato germination appear, place them on a well-sunlit window sill. Pour is moderately and only as necessary, when the top layer of the soil will dry up (but not dry out). The earth needs to be stubbornly loosened so that the root system develops without problems, for this use a plastic or wooden stick with a sharp tip. When the sprouts are already quite high and reach the top edge of the edge of the glass, add the soil that remained from the planting, filling the glass with them for 2/3. In the future, it will be necessary to add the land practically to the brim as necessary, two to three weeks before planting the seedlings on the bed when it is already quite high. Such a podsypanie of the earth will not allow denudation of roots, will constantly bring to plants new mineral substances and trace elements.

Experienced gardeners recommend to prune a little bush, making three stems. They say that this increases the yield.


At the age of seedlings from 60 to 65 days it is time to plant it. The ideal place to grow tomato Siberian miracle will be a greenhouse or greenhouse, an open ground, where in the past season, grew beans, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots or onions. We are bushes at a distance of 25-30 centimeters from each other, a little rake the ground. Plants immediately need to tie to trellises, distributing the branches so that everyone has enough space and light, then tie up as they grow. At the stage of formation of the ovaries, bushes need to be fed 2-3 times with fertilizers with a high content of phosphorus and potassium. Watering is necessary regularly and only with warm water. Do not forget to loosen the soil, as necessary, rake the plants, weed the weeds.

Finally, I would like to wish you good luck in growing tomatoes and other crops. To all the high and stable harvest!

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