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Alexander Berda: roles, films, biography

Alexander Berda is a Russian actor, a native of Volgograd. Known for roles in the films "Garbage", "Passport", "Mikhailo Lomonosov", "Gregory Moulin against humanity." For 2017 was involved in 55 projects. The most successful film among his works is a television series of a multi-episode historical series "Mikhailo Lomonosov".


Alexander Berda was born in the city of Volgograd on June 5, 1956. In a small interview, the actor, talking about himself, said that his mother and father had lived in Moldova before his birth, left for the construction of the Volga-Don canal. As a schoolboy, he lived in the village of Karmanovo (Moldavia) in the family of his uncle. After graduation, he was drafted into the army. After the passage of military service, he became a student of Moscow State University, having chosen the Faculty of Journalism. In those years he began to take part in productions of the student theater, the artistic director of which was Roman Viktyuk. According to Alexander, if not for the acquaintance with this director, he would never become an actor. Since 1986 he works at the Sovremennik Theater.

The personal life of Alexander Berdy is unknown, the actor does not say anything about it. One day he mentioned that often happens in Moldova, where he holds his vacations, during which he never gives an interview, because, as he himself says, he "comes to rest with his soul and does not want to strain at this time."

First roles in the cinema

The first steps in the actor's field actor Alexander Berda did in 1985, playing in the military drama "Go and See" the chief of staff in the partisan unit. This film Elema Klimova is based on real events, which were described in the "Khatyn story" Adamovich. This is a story about a young man who, during the war, experienced the monstrous and indescribably cruel inhumanity of the Nazis. The young man at the beginning of the film looks at us through the eyes of the child, and in the end it is the look of the old man. The film, in which the main roles were played by Alexei Kravchenko and Olga Mironova, took the main prize of the Moscow International Film Festival of 1985, won the award at the IFF in Avellino.

On November 11, 1986, residents of the USSR saw for the first time a television film "Mikhailo Lomonosov" in which Alexander Berda appeared in the role of Alexander Orlov. This is a story about the life path of the greatest scientist, a man of unusual strength of will and courage, who, contrary to obstacles, the stagnation of society and ill-wishers, managed to achieve everything he aspired to. The creators of the film, in which such movie stars as Alexander Domogarov and Oleg Menshikov brightly showed themselves, acquainted the audience with their hero when he, still very young and full of hope, helped his father in fishing, and told the audience goodbye only after that, How this fascinating story was completely told. It is worth noting that this biographical picture has largely become unforgettable thanks to the brilliant and heartfelt play of Viktor Stepanov, who played the main role.

Career peak

In 1986, actor Alexander Bird opened up to the full, playing one of the main roles (Kolya's father) in the comedy "Without a son do not come." This is a story about a boy who decides to re-educate his father, who is popular among people as a loafer and a frivolous person.

A year later, the actor appeared in the drama "Shura and Prosvirnyak." This is the story, which occurs in 1952, about the telephone operator Shura, which is respected by colleagues for their candor. The girl has to be very tight when a certain Prosvirnyak appears in the ministry in which she works, a man who is lame and flippant before the authorities.

In 1989, Alexander Berda played the supporting role in Alexei Rudakov's drama "Life at a Limit" with Marina Zudina and Oleg Menshikov. This film is about the life of the inhabitants of the Moscow abandoned house, which once includes a young and charming man, striking the surrounding people and causing them sympathy for their ease.

Some films with Alexander Berda talk about the lives of famous people. In 1991, the actor played in the drama of Viktor Sadovsky "My best friend, General Vasily, son of Joseph." This is a biographical story about the life of Stalin's son, who did not like hockey in the hockey and took an active part in his popularization, that's why he brought Vsevolod Bagrov, who later became one of the greatest sportsmen of the USSR, to himself.

A year earlier, actor Alexander Berda helped director Danelia create another cinematic masterpiece, playing in his comedy "Passport". This places a funny, sometimes sad story about the misadventures abroad of a taxi driver named Merab, who by his imprudence ended up in Israel instead of his brother-choirmaster. The picture won the prize "Nika" for the best script and not only.

Role in a foreign film

In 2001, the actor played a small role in the French comedy "Gregory Moulin against humanity." This is a funny story about a lover who is in love, who will have to radically change his sluggish life for his girl and start all the hard.

New roles

In 2014, Alexander Berda appeared before the audience in the role of Korolkov in the crime drama "Alien among his own." This is a film about Sergei Nechaev, who stayed in prison instead of a local rich man. Released hero dreams of revenge, but he is not in a hurry to do it, because revenge is a dish that is served cold. First, Sergei must gain influence and money, and only after that he will be able to fulfill his plans.

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