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How to draw a demon with a simple pencil

Demons are evil characters from the realm of fantasy. To draw them, it is necessary, above all, to have an uncommon fantasy. After all, the image can be completely different. There are no specific standards for appearance. You can make your character aggressive, awkward, funny and even Attractive with a bias in languorous romance. Today we learn how to draw a demon with wings on all canons of the genre of negative characters.

We outline the composition

First you need to determine the number of characters on one sheet. If, in addition to your main demon, there is something else to attend, be sure to take this place in advance. Begin to outline the basic contours of the figure to properly position the character on a piece of paper. At the initial stage, you can limit the strokes, denoting the height and width of the daemon. The lines should be almost unnoticeable, so that in the future they are easily erased. To do this, use a solid rod. How to draw demon wings in pencil? To begin with, just outline only their outlines. All the individual details will follow in other stages.

Adding specifics

Now it is necessary to divide the figure of the future demon into separate parts. The head, chest, lower part of the torso, arms and legs will form in the form of independent ovals. In the future, they will be easier to connect, while retaining the bulk of the figure as a whole. Gradually you can add more detailed features. For example, you can already outline the rotation of the figure and the head, some very large elements. Wings of demons are different. But most often they are made leathery, like in dragons or bats. How to draw a demon pencil in stages so that the wings Looked as realistic as possible? At this stage, mark the individual veins, which will later be joined by membranes. Another option is the likeness of angel wings. However, in our case, they should be painted in black, with missing feathers, broken or with protruding bare bones. In the end, the negative character of the dark world is meant.

We are looking for new forms

Gently erase unnecessary lines with the eraser. How to draw a demon with a lot of extra details in the image and vestments? It's time to show your imagination. It can be large pointed horns, thorns and armor, a long wriggling tail. The demon's body may well be decorated with some frightening tattoo. Ears, as a rule, do Triangular. Sometimes they are not drawn at all. Pay special attention to the eyes. The look must be gloomy and heavy, and the eyebrows are low and menacingly planted. Do not forget about the exclusive weapon for your character. With his help, he will destroy his enemies. How to draw a demon armed? For example, put in his hands (or paws) a club with thorns. More refined heroes are suitable bow or crossbow. With the help of separate small parts, give the weapon a dark energy.

Filling with power

A character from the dark world can have any physique. However, the demons larger with well-developed musculature look more impressive. To do this, give the muscles volume by hatching with a soft pencil. How to draw a demon powerful? Just shade the shadows along the edges of the individual muscles. They should look bumpy and stand out clearly on the body.

Final touches

Give your demon character and personality. To do this, pay attention to facial expressions, some individual details. Eyes can be cunningly narrowed, and teeth are bared. Also, the split serpent tongue will be relevant . Lower extremities can have both feet and hooves. Carefully look at your drawing and highlight the outlines more clearly, erase unnecessary lines. The demon is ready.

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