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Hyde on Morph ("Dota 2"). Morphling Guide, Dota 2

If you want to win at DotA, then you will have to try very hard, because the principle of this game is not quite normal. The fact is that there is a wide choice of characters, but each of them has only a few abilities, and all the cards are similar to each other and represent a limited fighting arena. In the end, it all depends on your skill in dealing with this or that character - if you do not have it, then you are unlikely to succeed. Therefore, choose the character that you think is the most worthy and suitable for your style of play: disassemble it to trifles, hone the possession of his abilities and develop tactical approaches to various rivals. For example, you are offered a guide to Morfa - "DotA 2" is full of diverse characters, but this one is very unusual and pretty strong, so you can learn a lot about his abilities and abilities on the battlefield.

Morph and its main characteristics

So, it's time to start acquaintance with this character. Description of the hero and its main characteristics - this is where to start the guide to Morph. "DotA 2" provides your hero with three basic characteristics, which in many ways determine the class of the character. The basic ones include strength, agility and intellect - naturally, the hero can not be a specialist at once in all characteristics, so most often he has some kind of bias. In this case, we can safely say that Morph's bias goes to dexterity, since he is a fighter of long distances. In general, this character is very interesting - he is a kind of water elemental, respectively, he uses these abilities. Separately, it is worth paying attention to the increase in its main characteristics - with each level, the strength of it increases by two units, agility - by three, and intelligence by one and a half. The last characteristic can be ignored, although it brings a lot of trouble at the beginning of the game. Morph's abilities are quite expensive, and mana is always lacking because of low intelligence. But the first two characteristics are closely related and make this character very dangerous. Why? Read more guide on Morfa - "Dota 2" likes to present surprises when it comes to the hidden powers of the characters.

Stats of Morph

Improving the basic characteristics of the character inevitably leads to its growth and improvement of its indicators, such as damage or health points - to understand this, you need a guide to Morph. "DotA 2" does not focus on any specific indicators, since they are all important. For example, Morf's health rises from five hundred to almost a thousand nine hundred - but this is not so important, because only certain types of enemies are dangerous for this character. But with mana problems - at the beginning of the game it's only about 200 units, which is very small, but closer to the end of the character's development, mana points grow to almost a thousand, giving you more freedom of action. It is also important that Morf has a good increase in damage and armor, but the big drawback for him is the fact that the speed of movement and the range of fire throughout the game remain unchanged, and in fact these are the only weaknesses of the character. But they can be corrected with the help of the right subjects. However, the most important thing is abilities, which the Morphling Guide tells. Dota 2 - a game that is based on the competent use of the abilities of the character, so they should pay special attention.


Morph refers to the characters who are called Kerry - these are one of the central characters that are important for winning the round, this is what the Morphling Guide will tell you later. Dota 2 is a game in which each type of character is important, so do not think that by collecting a group of Kerry, you can win everyone - the balance is very important. So do not take a lot of characters of this type - enough for a few, and one of them may be Morf. So, now you should learn about his basic ability, which you get on the first level - Waveform. It allows the character to turn into a water stream and quickly rush through the battlefield, inflicting damage to all enemies on the way. In this case, Morph himself becomes invulnerable during this trip, which makes this ability extremely useful - it is to determine the usefulness of skills and directed by Hyde-Morph. "DotA 2" (Morfling is another name for this character) is a game that is characterized by a combination of abilities, so do not concentrate on just one.

Adaptive Strike

The second ability of this hero is quite unusual. It is a dependent skill and it depends on the basic characteristics of the character, which has already been told by the Morphling guide (Morf). "DotA 2" offers the owners of this character several alternative options. If your character's strength exceeds the dexterity twice or more, then the opponent from the water strike gets the minimum damage, but stays for the maximum amount of time. If the dexterity exceeds the force, then the reverse happens - the damage from the blow becomes maximum, and the stunning - the shortest. If none of these conditions are met, then both the damage and the mill are averaged. In the game Dota 2, the Morphling Guide recommends that you use the extreme parameters, since they are more effective. But how to do it, because the increase in all characteristics of the characters is uniform? It is this that Morf stands out among the others - and this is exactly what will be discussed later.

Morph's ability to dexterity

So, the time of the most interesting skill for this character has come, which completely changes the picture of his perception. Guides on the heroes of "Dota" (Dota Allstars) can often present a surprise to readers, but Morfling is a very unusual character. In general, when you use this ability, your hero gradually pumps power points into agility. This is how you can achieve that dexterity will be twice as high as strength to effectively apply Strike Adaptive. Naturally, this can be used for other purposes, especially taking into account that this ability has reversibility, that is, you do not always overtake the points of characteristics, but only temporarily - on demand. However, this is not all that the Morphu guide will tell you (DotA 2). Morphling Dota 2 - this is a terrible phrase, which can terrify even experienced players, especially when it comes to a professional. But it's worth returning to abilities, because it's still not clear how to make the character's power higher than dexterity.

Morph for power

This ability has a second option that allows you to turn agility points into effect - this is done for Adaptive Strike, but also for other game situations, for example, for those moments when Morphs have to engage in close combat. More details do not make sense, because it is the same ability that was described above, but aimed at another characteristic.


A very useful skill that you need to be able to use competently. And if you master it perfectly, you can perform miracles on the battlefield. With it, you can create a copy of your character, which will deal half your damage. Naturally, it is not necessary to drop a copy at the very center of the battle - you can act more tactically. A copy can be used as a bait, as a way to distract the enemy, and also as a means for retreat. How? The following skill will tell you about this.

Morph Replicate

The continuation of this ability is another skill that can be used in different situations, but most often when you retreat. So, you have created your copy, continue to fight, while the copy stands on the sidelines. When things are very bad, you can apply this ability and move to the body of your double, which will allow you to completely safely retreat. This is just one of many ways to use this ability - it is actually dangerous in experienced and competent hands, so that Morf is actually one of the strongest Kerry in the game.

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