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How to establish a territory in Minecraft and why is it done?

Probably, every gamer knows what "Meincraft" is. This sandbox game has won popularity everywhere, it is played by people of all ages, it is held continuously for hours, because it is capable of capturing and not letting go, even though it does not even have a storyline or any special events. Everything that happens in "Maynkraft" is created by the player himself, that's why he is so popular. And now imagine how much more interesting this game becomes when you spend time in it not alone, but in the company of other gamers. "Maynkraft" offers such an opportunity - you can play on special servers, where a large number of fans of this masterpiece can gather. But for a successful and enjoyable game you may need some additional knowledge. For example, it is important to know how to establish a territory in Minecraft, because without it you can not easily build or extract materials.

The essence of the territory's privatization

Many players do not know about this function, so they do not use it. Sometimes, even when they find out that it is possible to do something similar with the territory, they still do not understand what it is for. Therefore, they do not try to learn how to exploit the territory in Minecraft until the last, although in a multiplayer game this is a very important aspect. The enclosed territory is the space on which only the player who has it has the right to build objects. That is, you can subordinate a small piece of land only to yourself, thereby protecting your property from vandalism - anyone can enter your territory, but he will not be able to place his unit there or destroy yours. This is an excellent way to protect against griefers - players who come to the server solely in order to harm others.

Thus, knowing how to establish a territory in Minecraft is very important, so do not ignore this information. Even on the most secure server, there can be unforeseen situations, and it is better to protect yourself from a threat that will never become real than to regret that you have not taken any action.

The first way to privatize

The game has several ways to privatize the territory, but only one of them will work absolutely on all servers. If you want to learn how to establish a territory in Minecraft on a server where special commands are not supported, then you need to get an ax made from a tree.

So, to begin with it is necessary to understand with what territory can be considered private. You need a parallelepiped of any shape and size, but you do not need to select all its faces. Note there will be only two points, which are located in two completely opposite corners. Based on this information, the game will finish your parallelepiped itself, after which this part of the game world will become yours. So, go to point A and, armed with an ax, click the left mouse button. After that, immediately move to point B (if you are playing in the mode of survival, and not in creative mode, then you may need to create some kind of ladder), where you right-click. That's all - the parallelepiped is drawn, and you know how to plot the territory in Minecraft 1.5.2 on the server where there is no possibility to use commands. But there are two more ways that are suitable only for the later versions of the game, that is, for those where special teams have already been introduced, among which the territories intended for private use also appear.

How to establish a territory with the help of a team

If you do not want to craft a wooden ax, but you have commands on your server, then you can take advantage of this. But you should always remember how to properly seize the territory, because here you can easily make a mistake. So, you again need to go to point A and, when you are in it, enter the command pos 1, which will indicate the first corner of your box. But at the same time, always remember that the command is entered after two inclined lines - this is a mandatory requirement, if you do not fulfill it, you will not be able to land the territory. When the first position is marked, move to the second, to point B, where you need to enter pos 2, again with two inclined lines. After that, your parallelepiped will be ready, and the territory is secured.

A way for the lazy

The last method will allow you to learn how to "lock up" territory in "Minecraft" without making a single step. This is really a way for lazy people who do not even want to walk from point A to point B. You just need to move the cursor first to one point, then to the other, using the commands hpos 1 and hpos 2, respectively. But you should understand that the accuracy in this case will not be too high, and the territory may not be the same as you wanted.

Do not forget to disrupt

When your parallelepiped is ready, you need only enter the name of your territory. But at the same time, if you are going to leave the server forever, do not forget to disorganize the territory, because someone else may want to build your creation on it.

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