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Fashion on GTA San Andreas for cars, parkour or weapons. Installing mods for GTA San Andreas

For many years the game GTA pleases the hearts of both hardcore gamers and just people who want to relax a little from real life. Thanks to an interesting gameplay and realistic situations, GTA is still incredibly popular, and all fans are looking forward to the release of the 5th part of the game.

Why do we need fashion?

Mods for the popular GTA San Andreas game are an abbreviation, derived from the word "modification". The modification modifies the game, for example, the fashion replaces standard, original-in-game textures and 3D models with new features or adds new objects such as famous brands, improved weapons, additional features of Karl Johnson, the main character of the game, or the passage of additional Missions with new characters. You can change the landscapes of the legendary city of San Andreas of the famous GTA San Andreas game just beyond recognition. Fashion distinguish between big and small. It all depends on how much the mods themselves are able to change the game.

Change the game "in its own way"

If you have already completed the game GTA San Andreas, have familiarized yourself with all the missions and the possibilities of the standard game, and the old familiar landscapes are no longer pleasing to the eye, you can download unique fashion for the game and undergo several new tests. You can download the mods and go through completely different missions or improve the graphics capabilities of the game.

The fashion on GTA San Andreas is different: for new weapons or for the passage of new missions. There are also fashion for graphics, a new texture that replaces the standard for new, higher quality, various graffiti or refined objects of the famous San Andreas. Also you can download for GTA San Andreas fashion machines allowing Choose unique cars with unlimited possibilities or original auto brands. Mods that do not fall into these categories can also improve the schedule or give new opportunities for missions. It's like different modes, and scripts that change the graphics of the surrounding world (for example, ENBSeries) or improve some game characteristics when passing the game (for example, there is a GTA San Andreas parkour-mode).

Parkour mode for GTA

Parkour-mod for GTA San Andreas gives the main character new opportunities, with the help of which Carl Johnson performs the complex tricks of a professional parker. After the installation of the appropriate fashion, lovers of overcoming obstacles and complex jumps can master the unique possibilities of the game, and even hiding from cops will be able to do it twice as fast. If you did not find what you were looking for in the missions originally provided, then in this section you will surely find many interesting things.

To perform any complex movement, just press one of the seven keys on the keyboard. Just for starters, you need to revise and check the installation of the CLEO library found in the scripts section. The file dancing.ifp is placed in the archive gta3.img, combined with the editor Crazy IMG Editor. Then there you can send the anim folder and replace it with the one already installed in the San Andreas folder. After that, install the cleo folder and run the game.

All the fashion on the GTA San Andreas are equipped with automatic installers, thanks to which they easily and quickly get used to the game. After you set the desired mode to the parkard for GTA San Andreas, experiment by pressing the keys from 1 to 7. It will be possible to perform a flip forward, back flip, a powerful jump, a side flip 360 degrees, flip back with the hands.

Installing the mod

To install the mods for GTA San Andreas, you need to download the appropriate mode archive, and then run the automatic installer, specifying the folder where GTA San Andreas is located. After this simple action, you can enjoy improved graphics or new features offered by the corresponding mod.

Among the huge variety, there are mods for GTA, allowing the player to obtain new weapons, significantly different even from the one that appears after the introduction of codes for weapons or for life. The weapon from mods has incomparably higher characteristics and looks more realistic.

There are mods for changing the depth of shadows from objects, changing the weather, the colors of the sky and clouds, the number of cars in the city and beyond, including music during three or more stars, changing the urban landscape and even the appearance of a metro or tram in San Andreas. Developers created comic fashion, allowing you to place Russian-language advertising on large buildings or stops of San Andreas.

Popular fashion for the popular game

There are fashion on the GTA San Andreas, Changing the map. This is one of the most popular mods that are in great demand among all GTA fans. Fashion items, such as hang gliding or scuba gear, allow you to admire the expanses of the game world, find new objects and have fun. Aqualung will help you to go to the depths of the sea in search of oysters, and a hang glider will give you the opportunity to conquer new heights and view the cityscapes from above.

Many fans of tricks that you can do, if you master the skill of cycling and competently pumped the character's health, have already mastered the whole charm of this entertainment. The hang glider will serve as an excellent addition to any gtashnom parkurkiku, thus complementing the collection of sports fans. By the way, you can get a job as a tram driver or a policeman to catch criminals.

Mods will improve the game according to your desire, each player will be able to create the game he wants with individual graphics. Fashion allows you to choose a profession in the game, for example, the driver of a hearse or a carrier of corpses, a pilot of a small corncob, a huge liner or a military helicopter. You can choose a military profession and manage an army all-terrain vehicle, an APC or a tank.

Weapon Models

There are a variety of mods for GTA San Andreas that allow you to change the quality of the sight. It can be a sight in the form of a point, automatic aiming, additional weapons, having got it you can start a serious war with law enforcement officers, earn many stars and increase recognition. You can destroy all members of a hostile gang by shooting individual members with a sniper rifle with an accurate optical sight to destroy the enemy from a huge distance. Do you want a machine gun? Set the desired mod. There is a huge selection of additional weapons for a professional killer and auto-racer.

New game - new opportunities

Any fashion at GTA San Andreas will improve the game, let you enjoy its virtual world, enriching the quality of the picture. Mods allow you to recreate an exact copy of the real world, significantly different from the standard world of GTA San Andreas, and the quality of the images will be much higher, which will reproduce high-quality graphics, even on an average computer.

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