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Overlord - the passage, tips and useful tricks

How little for today there are games in which the user had to control the whole hordes of monsters, be the black lord sitting on his iron throne. "Overlord", the passage of which allows you to feel what it is like to be bad, parodies most of the fantasy films of our time. Among other things, the game is executed in a somewhat humorous style, so that the game with good and evil does not take on serious character. In general, the game is designed for children 12-15 years. It is in their eyes that the project gains all its brightness and quirkiness. Game process

Strictly speaking, we have to play not for the blackest ruler, but for his servants - small and malicious goblins, who are trying to take everything to their hands. They are divided into 4 classes: warriors, mages, healers and assassins. Each species has its own characteristics and capabilities that help it survive the battle. Such hordes of small, embittered goblins can sweep away a full-fledged village from the face of the earth, decompose and plunder it to the very bottom, bringing all the most valuable to its master. It is interesting that the player is free to choose his behavior: commit one crime after another, or help the destitute (beggars and gnomes, for example). From time to time, Overlord himself will join the battle. The passage is built mainly on the implementation of quests and the collection of various materials, after the collection of which you can forge the Black Lord new armor and weapons. In some places, there are logical puzzles that can be accomplished with the help of small goblins. For example, press the desired lever to open the gate. Against each opponent are good classes of goblins. For example, in a battle with a troll, it's best to use all melee soldiers. But be careful when the troll starts yelling, you need to immediately recall all the units! An interesting point is the appearance of the Dark Lord in the game "Overlord." Passage for the dark side will be visually displayed on its appearance: the spikes will become longer, the armor thicker and so on. Good things do not change anything like that. Everything is okay

Artificial intelligence in the game "Overlord", the passage of which provides the ability to control it, looks very tolerable. Goblins understand the orders well, do not brake or get stuck. The graphic component is based on the engine, borrowed from the game "Fable". Everything looks pretty colorful and picturesque. Passage of the game "Overlord" will throw the user in different locations, having their own environment and scale. Each looks unusual and individual. With humor, the developers are all right. The game is replete with funny gaming inserts involving small goblins and their pressing problems. Yes, and Overlord himself sometimes gets ridiculous actions. The light has already been released 2 parts, and many are looking forward to the release of "Overlord 3". The passage of the two previous parts is full of brightness, laughter and adventure. If you like to receive positive emotions from games, then this project is especially for you!

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