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KV-4: Guide. Hyde on a heavy tank of the USSR KV-4. World of Tanks

Many gamers believe that a heavy tank is a kind of machine for destroying all combat units of the enemy, which does not even need to be able to control, because it is head and shoulders above all others. In fact, this is one of the main misconceptions. The fact is that every tank has its pluses and minuses here, and the winner is not the one with the steeper car, but the one who knows how to handle his model better than others, uses pros, smooths down the minuses and so on. That's why even for such a powerful tank as KV-4, a guide is simply necessary. Because with it you can easily find out the information that will help you to form the tactics in battle and win the battle even if you are not a favorite.

Pros KV-4

So, KV-4-gayd will include consideration of the pros and cons of this model, as well as the tactics that need to be built on the basis of what advantages you can use in combat. Also you can find out which modules are best to put on this machine. To begin, of course, it is worth considering the pros, because they are the determining factors in the game - but you need to learn how to use them in full. The most important advantage of this tank is its booking. The thickness of the armor is extremely high, which makes you not very susceptible to damage. Moreover, a very good gun with a high penetration rate and an impressive rate of fire can be installed on the tank. And all this is adorned with a total mass of one hundred tons, which will give you an advantage in close combat. KV-4-guide, of course, is not limited to enumeration of pluses. You will also learn about all the shortcomings of this machine, then to be able to smooth them in the right places.

Cons KV-4

The most important drawback, which distinguishes this KV-4-guide is a very poor mobility. It's clear that a heavy tank can not fly like a butterfly (well, or at least like a light tank), but the KV-4 has practically no mobility at all, so you should always take this into consideration when you go on the attack. Also worth noting is the fact that the angle of vertical aiming of the gun of this model leaves much to be desired - naturally, this is compensated by armor-piercing and rate of fire, but this shortcoming is worth remembering, especially in cross-country battles. Well, do not forget that the armor is strong, but not on the tower - there are several vulnerabilities that can be aimed at by an enemy who knows how to fight against your tank. As you can see, the KV-4 characteristics are very good, but you should always remember that this is not an ideal tank, and it has its drawbacks.

Battle tactics

Well, now you have familiarized yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of this tank - but what can you do about it? Gaidy World of Tanks almost always provide information not only about the characteristics, pros and cons, but also how to use the tank in combat. Naturally, you can write a lot about this, but most importantly, that you yourself understand exactly how to act in battle. Here you will learn the main points that will help you in the future. For example, many players make a fatal mistake - relying on a thick and strong armor, they rush headlong into an open battle with any number of opponents. But do not forget - the maneuverability of KV-4 is simply terrible, and you can easily turn any light tank, and by joint efforts the enemies will be able to split your thick armor and take quantity. Another tip - do not forget about the mass of your tank, it will help you in certain moments. Be creative - you can try to take a lurking opponent to ram, which will give you certain advantages. In fact, there is no universal recipe for how to play on KV-4 and always win. You just need to be able to use its advantages, hide the flaws from the enemy, and then your chances of success will increase significantly.


As a rule, you have the opportunity to install three modules on your tank, and here it makes no sense to reinvent the wheel. Establish a standard set for a heavy tank - senders, ventilation, as well as guidance drives. This combination will have the most positive effect on your car, also smoothing out some of the cons that can be thrown the enemy in the eye.

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