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"Crisis": the passage of an interactive action movie

Back in 2007, the first part of the game series made a real sensation in the gaming industry, presenting to the whole world a new quality bar. Many people know and love "Crisis", the passage of which tells about the alien invasion, for its graphics and the possibility of testing computer hardware. Yes Yes exactly. A lot of gamers used this game only in order to evaluate and test their video cards. Yes there, the game "Crisis" was officially announced as one of the most successful tools for measuring the power of graphics cards. And this is quite natural, because it is extremely demanding on the gland. This article examines the main features of the game "Crisis", the passage of the storyline and much more.

The First Coming

The whole trilogy begins on the Lingshan Islands, where flashes of energy were discovered. As a reconnaissance detachment from the US, a special "Predator" squad was sent, consisting of a handful of professionals dressed in the nanofronts of the future. A whole army was sent from Korea, whose goal was to obtain an extraterrestrial artifact capable, in their opinion, of increasing the power of the country at times. But everything is not so easy as it was supposed. First people start to disappear, then mysterious events occur: earthquakes, terrible buzzes and so on. It will be quite a fair amount of time before the protagonist (in the first part - Nomad) will face an extraterrestrial enemy face to face. In the course of the passage of the first part, it is necessary to fight quite often against Koreans, whose effectiveness is not comparable with the combat power of a nanosuit. This military prototype has all the necessary qualities that allow its carrier to quickly and effectively eliminate targets. The costume offers a choice of several modes, which can be switched in real time in literally half a second. Maximum power allows the hero to jump over long distances and break many objects, including the heads of enemies. The speed mode causes the body to move at an incredible speed. Invisibility allows you to imperceptibly penetrate into the closed enemy sites, without giving out their presence. The "maximum armor" mode will not allow bullets and projectiles to reach the body of the carrier, preventing their penetration. But all this requires energy, which the costume periodically restores. At the end of the first part of the game "Crisis", the passage of which unfolds in the jungle, the user will meet with the boss, presented in the form of a mother ship of aliens.

New York on fire

The second part of "Crisis" will be held in the stone jungle - on the streets of New York, attacked by extraterrestrial civilization. The protagonist is a regular Marine named Alcatraz, dressed in the armor of the Prophet (commander of the Predator detachment). The second part of the game Crisis, the passage of which is represented by shootings in the urban area, in the end again pushes the gamer face to face with one of the most massive alien ships.

New world

Well, the last and final part of the game series will take place on the streets of the already abandoned New York City, completely bogged down among the green crowns of trees and in the dense grass. The passage of "Crisis 3, part 1" tells of the release of the Prophet from confinement, his dedication to the current situation and the affairs of the rebels. Further, all possible attempts will be made to reduce the influence of CELL in this territory, as well as meetings with the remnants of the alien army. But even here everything is not so quiet and calm that it gives us the first impression of the passage of "Crisis 3". Alpha Ceph is the strongest and most powerful enemy that mankind can meet. The prophet will have a difficult final battle to save the whole Earth.

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