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Aluminum cans - an ideal container for transporting food!

To date, it is impossible to imagine a life without food. They are an integral part of our lives, so for their long and safe storage, humanity is gradually inventing new and new capacities. And despite the fact that aluminum cans are the development of past centuries, they, oddly enough, are the most suitable for the storage and convenient transportation of such products. What are they unique and special about? Let's look at this in today's article.

What are they?

Probably the form and their construction are familiar to each of us from childhood: a large steel barrel of cylindrical shape, on top of which there is a lid and a neck. Similar aluminum cans can be seen in almost all farms, and our village grandmothers are widely used. True, the dimension of these tanks is significantly different. For example, it's enough to use a 5-liter barrel in the farm, but a larger capacity is used in the industry. Most often it is an aluminum canister "40 liters". The average price is about 1.5-2 thousand rubles. Simple 5-lire capacity can be purchased in almost any hardware store, and they will cost no more than 500 rubles.

Why not plastic?

Polyethylene containers are now widely used in almost all branches of the economy, but if this area is related to products, it is important to remember the following. Plastic itself does not like direct rays in its properties, so if such a container with milk is placed for 5-10 minutes in the sun with a 30-degree heat, there is a great possibility that it will simply sour. Aluminum milk cans, in addition to being made from absolutely harmless foodstuffs, have double walls, most often filled with air. This is usually a model with a volume of more than 10-15 liters. In them, there is no direct transmission of sunlight, nor large heating at high ambient temperatures. Thus, aluminum cans are ideal for transporting perishable products.

What can be stored in them?

If you think that in such containers you can only store milk, you are deeply mistaken. Aluminum cans are ideal for storing a range of products, such as:

  • sour cream;
  • Birch juice;
  • honey;
  • Vegetable or sunflower oil.

In addition, in these barrels you can transport alcohol or even gasoline. However, if the latter got into such a can, it is unlikely that you will pour fresh milk, even if 10 times boil such a container. This is fraught with not only food poisoning, but possibly even chronic diseases. Therefore, for oil products and milk, use separate containers.

Finally, we note that if you constantly use such a can to transport lactic acid products, wash it periodically, even if you fill milk after sour cream. It is not necessary to use any acid and other aggressive cleaners.

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