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Gas cooker Gefest 3200-06: instructions, reviews

Assistant in the kitchen for each housewife is a stove. Analyzing consumer demand, we can conclude that Gefest 3200 06 has won a great popularity among Russian citizens. But in order to maximize the benefits of the device and be characterized by high efficiency and performance indicators, one must be able to use it correctly, be aware of all the functionality of the plate, Maintenance requirements and properly maintained. All these aspects are contained in the operating instructions. Let us examine each question in more detail.

General instructions for use

Connection of the gas installation should be trusted exclusively by specialists in this field. Moreover, this person must be a full-time employee of the institution, which has the appropriate license, allowing to install and maintain gas stoves.

To implement the warranty service, you should contact the service center for maintenance of household appliances. Its location is indicated in the sales certificate and in the guarantee coupons when making a purchase. Further repairs and services of a service character may be provided by specialists of authorized establishments.

Before connecting the plate, require that the conformity of the type and pressure of the blue fuel in the furnace setting network be checked. These are determined in the instructions that come with the kit.

At the time of connection Gefest 3200 06 should already be entered in the installation coupon.

Independent installation of the plate is not always correct, and this can cause gas poisoning, burns, fire, electric shock. The above will lead to ignoring safety rules (they will be described below).

Do not dispose of the instructions for using the cooker. She will be your faithful companion and will help answer many questions that arise when operating the equipment.

In case of incorrect installation, improper repair work, improper use and maintenance, the responsibility for the consequences from the manufacturer is removed.

Safety regulations

  1. The potential user of the gas cooker before direct operation should familiarize himself with the rules of safe operation with household appliances operating on gas fuel.
  2. Gas stove Gefest 3200 06 is designed for operation exclusively at home, that is, in everyday life.
  3. The use of the unit provokes the formation of heat energy and the increase of humidity in the kitchen. In this regard, the kitchen should have a good ventilation system. Ventilation paths must be open. If this is not possible, a mechanical ventilation device must be installed. If the gas cooker Gefest 3200 06 is used intensively and continuously, it is necessary to think about an additional ventilation system. As such it may be, for example, activation of a higher capacity of ventilation equipment.
  4. Categorically it is contraindicated to turn on the cooker if the gas pressure gauge in the network is not identical to the pressure that is fixed in the instruction and on the plate of the furnace.
  5. Installation and use of gas tanks, which are connected to the cooker, must be carried out in accordance with current documents in the field of security and gas supply.
  6. The general purpose fuel supply valve should be located in a prominent and easily accessible place.
  7. Before performing any cleaning procedures or any other operations related to servicing the device, disconnect it from the electrical power supply.
  8. In the oven when warming up, there should be no baking trays, braziers, baking dishes and other kitchen appliances and utensils.
  9. Systematically, at least once every 6 months, you should check the condition of the power cord, flexible fuel hoses . In case of detection of even the most seemingly insignificant defects (a crack, a trace of melting, hardening) it is necessary to immediately contact the service-service that replacement of the modified parts has been made.

To avoid a fire

There are a number of requirements that set forth prohibitions. So, strictly you can not:

  1. Put in operation a faulty gas cooker.
  2. To install the equipment in places that are characterized by an increased risk of fire hazard. As a rule, the neighborhood with wooden surfaces, surfaces covered with wallpaper, as well as combustible plastic is considered dangerous.
  3. Leave the oven on without supervision.
  4. Make drying clothes over the technique.
  5. Operate the cooker as a heating device.
  6. Keep objects that are easily flammable: combustible substances, paper, various aerosols, rags, napkins, etc., in close proximity to the gas oven.
  7. Allow children to turn on the oven.

To avoid burns

Burn is the most common type of accident, which is associated with the exploitation of the plate. In order not to become another victim, avoid hot parts of the oven, beware of boiling liquids that spill, do not allow the dishes to tumble on one of the front heaters.

Circle of users

A potential exploiter of a gas stove is an adult who has sufficient physical and mental abilities. In addition, this person should have at least a minimum of experience and knowledge or be instructed on the rules for using the installation.

What if it smells like gas?

It is one of the fundamental rules for safety in the handling of fuel plates. If the smell of gas begins to appear in the room, the general fuel cock should be closed, close all the valves that are located on the furnace itself, and ventilate the room. Next, you need to call a gas service, which identifies the places of leaks and liquidates them. At the same time, until the failure is eliminated, it must be completely inactive. It is forbidden to smoke, use matches and even turn on / off lights and electrical appliances.

Device and technology of work

Gas plates "Hephaestus 3200 06" have supposedly the same device. The main structural units are:

  • Cover - 1 piece;
  • Table - 1 piece;
  • Lattice - 1 piece;
  • Table burner - 4 pcs .;
  • Pad - 4 pcs .;
  • Control Panel;
  • Baking sheet;
  • Oven grille;
  • Brazier;
  • The grill-burner;
  • The pilot window;
  • A window of observation of fire;
  • Utility cabinet.

Depending on the specific model, the configuration and some parameters can be modified.

The lineup

There are several modifications of the Gefest 3200 06 assembly: K2, K5, K8, K11, K19, K32, K33, K39, K43, K60, K61, K62, K63. Each of the above models has certain distinctive features. For example, the K2 oven is equipped with a glass hob cover, and the K5 is equipped with a panel with an insert of a decorative type and oven doors with a mirror glass. Model K11 has absorbed the raisins of the previous two plates and has both a cover of glass and a mirror door of the oven. Gefest 3200 06 K19 is made in an unusual color scheme. It is characterized by the execution of a combined type, where brown tones and shades predominate. In the Hephaestus K32 furnace, the individual parts were painted silvery, and in K39 - in brown. The furnace K43 series is already more modified and combines the safety of table burners and combined execution in brown tones. Well, the most advanced is the Gefest 3200 06 K62, which is characterized by the safety of table burners, a glass hotplate, a front made of high-quality stainless steel and mirrored doors of the oven.

Control Panel

On the control panel are the handle of the table burner cock; Keys of electric ignition, activation of the lighting of the oven and the mechanism of the spit; Handle of the mechanical time counter, handle of the burner tap of the oven; The key of the safety mechanism TUPa; Burner handle.

Surface Burners

A diagram of the position of the burners is shown near each tap of the regulator. A certain symbolism is used here.

- Circle - the tap is in the closed position.

- High flame - the maximum possible fire.

- Low flame - minimal fire.

Ignition process

It is quite easy to ignite the burner. We must adhere to a certain algorithm of actions:

  1. Bring the fire to the burner.
  2. Press and turn the crane handle in the opposite direction to the clockwise direction until the maximum fire position is activated (for gas stoves without electric ignition).
  3. Press and turn the knob anticlockwise until you reach the maximum flame mode. Simultaneously, you need to press and immediately release the electric ignition key (for a plate with electric ignition). This is how the ignition occurs in Gefest PG 3200 06.


The main burner is located under the bottom of the oven. It is used for standard baking confectionery masterpieces, for cooking meat, fish and other dishes.

Baking tray - a container for baking confectionery, baking of poultry, fish, meat, etc.

The main purpose of the brazier is to collect fat and juice, which are allocated when cooking dishes using a grill or spit.

The grate provides the possibility of installing a baking sheet or frypot, as well as other forms for baking at different heights relative to the burner.

Gefest 3200 06: Operating Instructions for the Oven

System of symbols and notations:

  1. Circle - the tap is in the closed position.
  2. A square with a horizontal line at the top - the grill burner is active.
  3. The missile is the key for activating the safety mechanism (PU).
  4. Temperature range is an indicator of the temperature regime that is maintained in the oven.

Electric ignition of a wind torch

Only the oven door can open the burner.

Algorithm of actions:

  • Open the oven door.
  • Press and rotate the safety device handle in the direction opposite to the movement of the hour hand to "270 C" in case of ignition of the main burner, or in a direction identical to the clockwise movement to the stop, if you want to light the grill.

  • Press and bring to the maximum position the PU key or the TPU tap (if there is no TU button). At the same time, you need to press and release the electric ignition key.
  • Hold the safety device button for another 15 seconds after the burner ignites to activate the safety mechanism.
  • Lower the PU key or the TPU tap.
  • Adjust the knob to the desired mode and close the door.

Gefest 3200 06: reviews

As already mentioned, the gas furnace is in great demand among the population of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. And if so, then there are a lot of reviews about the work of the cooker. And indeed it is. Analyzing them, we can conclude that the gas furnace has both advantages and disadvantages, in fact, just like any technique or device.


Among the pluses users note:

  • Unquestionable functioning of the burners;
  • Compactness;
  • Availability of a high-quality backlight system;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Support of electrical ignition;
  • reliability;
  • practicality.


Even those who noted the advantages have certain complaints about the operation of the equipment. Proceeding from this, gas stoves have the following disadvantages:

  • Possible heating of the knobs during operation of the device;
  • Seizure of oven handles;
  • Difficulties in cleaning up burnt food residue;
  • Heating the entire surface of the plate when one oven is turned on.

Naturally, these lists are far from complete. But the general idea of the stoves "Gefest Brest 3200 06" and other models of this series, the potential user for them to make quite able.

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