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Flexible gas supply: installation rules

The gas equipment in the house, which includes plates and gas heating boilers, is equipped with hoses for supplying fuel. Most often they are painted in a bright yellow color. Work with them is strictly prohibited, such activities are carried out by special services. But the choice and purchase of this element often lie on the shoulders of the end user, so it is important to consider what flexible liner is.

Varieties of gas hoses

If we consider gas hoses, we should divide them into three varieties, which differ among themselves in the material of manufacture. Thus, on sale it is possible to meet bellows cords; Rubber sleeves, which are supplied with metal braid; As well as rubber-fabric elements. Flexible threading based on rubber-fabric sleeves is the softest, this quality can be called negative, since the mechanical rigidity is at a minimum. The advantage is that rubber products are not capable of conducting electric current. More common among consumers today are hoses with metal braiding. The reason for such popularity is expressed in low cost. A similar gas hose differs from the water supply for water, in that a yellow strip can be found on its surface. Flexible bellows-type linings are characterized by maximum rigidity and reliability among the remaining types of hoses. For such a product will have to pay the highest cost, regulatory documentation recommends the installation of products of this type. This is due to the fact that such material perfectly copes with the effect of high pressure, which is created by the gas flow.

What you need to know before installation

You can choose a flexible line with certain characteristics, but in any case, the diameter should be more than 10 millimeters. This is due to the fact that modern gas equipment has a high power, therefore it requires large fuel costs for efficient operation.

Mounting rules

Before proceeding with the installation of a flexible gas connection, it is necessary to close the gas pipeline. If it is a question of installing new gas equipment, it is first necessary to dismantle the old device, if necessary. At the next stage, the gas hose is installed, the master must check the tightness of the existing connections, which will help to avoid the possibility of gas leakage. The new device is installed on the surface according to the level, and after that the working capacity is checked.

Recommendations for installation work

When a flexible gas supply is installed, it is important to observe certain rules, one of which involves the installation of equipment at a distance of 4 meters or less from a rigid gas pipeline. Between the flexible hose and the gas valve there must be a dielectric insert. For flexible connection of domestic gas equipment, all three types of hoses, which are also called hoses, can be used. Rezinotkanevye provide the highest degree of safety of gas equipment. The pipe, through which the gas will flow to the residential building, is supplied with a positive electrical potential. This is necessary to ensure that the pipe that is in the soil does not corrode. At the entrance to the living quarters the pipe has a dielectric insert, and the risers are not under potential.

Recommendations of specialists

When a flexible gas supply is installed, one can not ignore the likelihood that a current will flow through the bellows or metal braid that forms the basis of the rubber hose. This can be dangerous for a sleeve that is provided with a braid. The cross-section of the wire is very small, this indicates that the current density will be high. In this case, you need to be aware that the hose braid will warm up like a spiral of electric tiles. When a flexible connection for the mixer is installed , it is recommended to use a real dielectric insert. Most often it is made of plastic or has a metal thread on both ends. Experts advise to purchase a bellows metal hose with yellow dielectric insulation, which is applied over the metal. The consumer is best to abandon the bare sleeve. Manufacturers apply a coating for aesthetic reasons, so that the hose surface is easier to clean. However, due to the electrical characteristics of this coating, it prevents the occurrence of current in the sleeve, if it touches the riser.

Nuances of installation works

It is worth remembering that flexible gas piping must be installed only by specialists. It is necessary to exclude the kink of the hose, but if such a need arises, it is necessary to ensure that the radius does not reach the minimum level established by the documentation. Before the nuts are connected to the consumer, the wiring needs the desired configuration. Wiring should not bend at the site, which is located closer than 7 centimeters from the union nut. This is true if it is attached to a gas appliance. Flexible reinforcement must never be stretched, it is necessary to eliminate the twisting of the hose. If there is a need for the use of union nuts, they should only be operated with flat gaskets. To avoid the possibility of breakthrough gaskets, do not over tighten the nuts. If damage has been observed, the entire replacement must be made.

What else you need to know about bellows threading

Flexible feeder for a mixer today you can be purchased at the store of the relevant goods, this applies to bellows, which although it is expensive, but found its distribution among consumers. This product is a corrugated hose made of stainless steel. At the ends are fittings made of stainless steel. Such a piping should be fixed to the gas inlet pipe or equipment by means of union nuts. Necessary to use metal gaskets, which should be soft, here should include aluminum or copper. In the role of the material for laying, special plastic can be used.

Such a flexible stainless steel liner can have a corrugated and fittings made of different materials. However, experts recommend buying products that are completely made from the same base. This requirement is due to the fact that welding of different metals can cause an electrochemical reaction that contributes to the destruction of the welded seam. Such a connection can not be called strong.


Particular attention is paid to the specialists recommend to those pipes in which the fittings are soldered with silver or tin. They will not be durable durable, as well as those in which the fittings are glued. Bellows threading can undergo pressure up to 6 atmospheres, and the elongation of the product can be 100%, this indicates that the bellows can be stretched safely during installation works up to a two-fold increase.

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