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What is the release date of "4 Mass Effect"?

The boundless expanse of the universe, beckoning the depths of space, fascinating star sight. All this combined with firefights, customization, transport and a good role component promises to make any game a masterpiece. And this, from the company BioWare, will soon appear on our shelves, but only the release date "4 Mass Effect" is not yet known for certain.

All the best - for children

The new part in the Universe "Mass effect", received the subtitle Andromeda, will absorb all the best that was in the previous parts. Thus, the new brainchild of BioWare promises to become one of the world's best electronic fun, if only developers keep their promises.

At the official announcement in June 2015, the developers did not tell what date the release of "4 Mass Effect" will be released. However, they told a lot of new and interesting. In particular, the exact subtitle of the new part became known. Previously, the video game had the name Next or simply denoted by the number "4".

Also, platforms for which a new game of the series is being developed became known. Here will be involved the new generation of consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and, of course, personal computers. But about the release of the project on other gaming consoles of the previous generation, nothing was said.

New heroes

About the details, as well as what the release date for the "4 Mass Effect" is expected, it is known quite a bit. At one of the conferences, the developers still paid little attention to the fans and shared that the new part of the series will have a completely new protagonist. So you can not even hope for the return of the beloved Jack Sheppard.

Also disappointed fans that no major characters from the previous trilogy should be expected. But it was stated that the emergence of minor heroes that would appear in the background and remind of old times, linking all four parts of the project, is possible.

New story - a new world

The release date for "4 Mass Effect" is not known, but one thing became clear for sure: a new game will unfold in a completely new region of the cosmos. And until the summer of 2015 was not disclosed, which one. But at the E3 2015, developers reported that the action will unfold in the Andromeda Nebula. Hence the name of the fourth part.

Also, the first details of the plot were communicated - people, trying to master new territories, face the root race. This confrontation, which grows into an armed conflict, will be the core of the game.

It remains only to hope that the developers will present the players really disturbing the world. If you look at the Andromeda galaxy through a telescope, it becomes clear that there are about hundreds of accumulations of solar systems in it. It is clear that to realize such a huge world simply does not work, so rumors are circulating that a star cluster of Helios will be represented.

Game process

About what gameplay we will be presented with the game "Mass Effect 4", very little is known. Precisely, we can say only one thing - there will be skirmishes and a role component to match the genre. It was also told that players will be given the opportunity to explore the planets of solar systems. To do this, they will have at their disposal will be returned from the first part of the armored car "Mako". But unlike its prototype, it will become more dynamic and maneuverable, and in exchange will lose the ability to conduct fire.

There are also some details about the new spaceship. The name is now "Storm" for him. On it will be, in addition to the main character, six new crew members, two of which will be taken on assignments. In addition, it is expected to introduce the ability to create shock units under the control of artificial intelligence to perform side missions.

Almost nothing is known about the very confrontation of people with the alien race. In "Mass Effect 4", the review of which you read, the main character, perhaps, will seek the salvation of humanity in the technologies of a very ancient but powerful civilization - Remnant. For these technologies, and the struggle between the characters of the game can unfold.

Should I wait?

It is determined to wait for the game "Mass Effect 4". System requirements have not yet been officially announced, but it is worth waiting for that they will be at a high level. If the developers implement at least part of the entire cluster of Helios, the world will be 4 times larger than the universe of the previous parts. In addition, it was announced the use of a new technology for capturing movements in the creation of commercials, making the graphics even better, and the requirements even tougher. But there is still time for updating. According to rumors, the game is expected in late 2016 or early 2017.

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