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The most beautiful models of the world: photo, top-10

The work of the model is by no means the easiest profession, as most people think. Correct submission of an image is a rather difficult task. The most beautiful models of the world endure unregulated working days: one shooting day can take from 5 to 16 hours.

Only thanks to the excerpt and the desire to achieve success, some people achieve world fame and recognition. Consider the most successful, highly paid and beautiful people in the field of model business.

Rating of world models. Top 10

10 place. Naomi Campbell. No doubt, each of us at least once heard something about this person. After a rapid success in the model field, Naomi became a true businesswoman. She released her clothing and perfume line. Raging success came to Naomi due to her unconventional appearance and the ability to submit herself. She collaborated with all the famous fashion houses, increasing their overall sales level by a fairly impressive amount.

9 place. Miranda Kerr. A girl who is the standard of beauty of the modern generation. Impeccable facial features, striving for excellence and an active civic position are the factors that glorified Miranda for the whole world. Today she continues her successful career, her fees reach several million dollars. Repeatedly headed the rating under the title "The most beautiful models of the world" (photo of the girl below).

8 place. Kate Moss. Thanks to the rapid rise to Olympus model career about Kate has learned the whole world. It is the model of model appearance.

7 place. Tyra Banks. The girl is not only a model, but also a successful American TV presenter, which helps novice models to break into the world of high fashion. According to the Forbes magazine rating, Tyra is the most famous and in-demand black model in the world.

6 place. Heidi Klum. A professional supermodel with incredible beauty. Heidi combines the duties of his mother and work as a model for many years. Her professionalism can be envied even by the most highly qualified model.

5 place. Carly Closs. A girl who has received worldwide fame through cooperation with world brands of cosmetics, clothing and perfumes. Many times took high places in the list of "The most beautiful models of the world"

4 place. Cindy Crawford. After the termination of the modeling career the girl has opened the business. Despite the fact that Cindy is no longer professionally removed, she still falls into the top of the most beautiful female models of the world.

3rd place. Cara Delevingne. The favorite of almost all the eminent designers of our time and the idol of millions of girls around the world. Despite her young age, the girl was able to achieve all the heights of the model business.

2nd place. Adriana Lima. The Brazilian beauty more than once led all sorts of model ratings due to its uniqueness. All her works are unique and are in great demand among fashion editions. Adriana several times headed the list under the name "The most beautiful girls-models of the world".

1st place is occupied by the unique and unique Alexander Ambrossio. The outer and spiritual beauty of the girl helped her to gain world recognition. Alexandra is a philanthropist and a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

The most beautiful models of men in the world. Top 5

5th place belongs to the incomparable Tyson Ball. With him constantly collaborating fashion houses "Valentino" and "Versace". The guy began with the unremarkable Texas fashion shows, where he was soon noticed by agents of the Paris-based model agencies.

4 place. Simon Nesman. A young guy who achieved world fame through the advertising campaign of Giorgio Armani.

3rd place. Noah Mills. Thanks to a sister who invited the guy to go to a well-known modeling agency, Noah began his career. Now he is one of the most popular guys in the global fashion industry. The creators of the rating "The most beautiful models of the world" several times proclaimed it the first.

2nd place. Ban Hill. The man who conquered all the fashion houses and shows. He became famous almost at the age of thirty, but this does not stop Ben from being one of the most attractive men in the world.

1 place. Sean Pray takes the honorable first line of the rating. In fact, he several times already headed the top of the most beautiful models of the world.

Angels Victoria's Secret

The girls who represent this fashion house are called models all over the world. This design company has made a real sensation in the fashion world. Victoria's Secret produces incredible beauty lingerie. Every woman in the world dreams for once in her life to go shopping in their fashion boutique.

At each show there are invited stars who right on the podium perform their hits. At the same time, the stage is marched by models in incredibly beautiful outfits, each of which is framed by angel wings. Models of this fashion house are an exception. They have a unique figure, which can not be called thin or flat. The most popular among the angels of Victoria:

  1. Miranda Kerr.
  2. Gisele Bundchen.
  3. Heidi Klum.
  4. Candice Seinpole.
  5. Isabel Gelar.
  6. Carly Clos.

Models-video bloggers

Video blogging is a completely new kind of occupation, which involves the presentation of short videos about your life on the video service "Youtube". Interesting personalities are very quickly gaining popularity and viewing users. By the way, video blog - this is a good way to earn and PR of your personality. Among videoblogers - and part-time models - there are many Russians and natives of Russia.

  1. Sonia Esman. The most popular model on "Yutyube". The girl started her career as an expert of beauty. Now Sonya is professionally engaged in modeling business and has a huge number of fans in the CIS countries. She came from St. Petersburg, at the age of eleven, moved to Toronto with her parents. Now the permanent residence of Sony - Los Angeles.
  2. Maria Trotzko. A career in fashion photography.
  3. Inna Fisun. The claimed Ukrainian model.
  4. Stas Fedyanin. A famous man, an androgyne model.

The most beautiful children are models of the world. Top 3

The children's fashion industry is no less serious than the adult one. The most popular girls of children's model business:

  1. Tilan Blondo.
  2. Mackenzie Foy. Known also for the role in the world saga of vampires.
  3. Kristina Pimenova. The world-famous Russian girl, who made a real sensation at the world fashion shows of children's clothing.

The highest paid models

  1. Gisele Bundchen. Her daily profit is 128 thousand dollars.
  2. Dautzen Cruz. Her fortune is eight million dollars.
  3. Adriana Lima. 7.5 million dollars.

Successful natives of the CIS countries

The most beautiful models of the world, which are our compatriots:

  1. Natalya Vodyanova. The most beautiful and rich representative of Russia in the world model arena.
  2. Olga Pantyushenkova.
  3. Polina Kuklin.

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