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How to wipe the LCD TV screen? Advice

Many people are familiar with the problem of fat spots on the LCD TV screen. Especially it is present in families with young children. After all, very often the kids run to the screen when they see their favorite characters, and they point at him with their fingers, showing and explaining something to you.

The hands can be in anything from jam to plasticine. Then it becomes necessary to urgently remove these traces. Do you know that improper cleaning of the LCD TV will inevitably lead to its breakdown? Now tell you what to wipe the LCD TV screen, so as not to harm him.

Prohibited methods and means

To begin with, we will determine the most important thing: what can not be used in any case. Also, we'll tell you when you can not clean the TV:

1. Never wipe the screen of the device on. Because the matrix is very fragile. Also, do not rush to turn on the TV immediately after cleaning. It is necessary to wait until the screen is completely dry.

2. Do not use products containing alcohol. The matrix on the TV is very fragile, it is covered with plastic coating, which will turn white from alcohol, and in the worst case will fail. Think about how to wipe the LCD TV screen? Read the composition of the funds to choose the right one.

3. Do not wipe the screen with damp, sanitary napkins. Their composition is not intended for the care of LCD TVs. They will necessarily leave a divorce, from which it will not be so easy to get rid of.

4. Do not use any tools for cars! Caring for the LCD TV screen requires more gentle means.

5. Do not use any household chemicals. Do not use any products for washing windows, washing dishes, or detergent.

6. Forget about Grandma's method of wiping glass with a newspaper. When cleaning LCD TVs, this is strictly prohibited. Fibers can stay on the screen or get inside, which guarantees breakdown of equipment. 7. It is strictly recommended not to spray any product directly on the screen. It is necessary to apply the composition to the material for cleaning the LCD TV. Why? Direct spraying of liquid can lead to its falling into important parts of the technique, which again leads to breakage.

How to wipe the LCD TV screen?

First, let's define the material. The first option is to choose a lint-free cloth that is soft to the touch. It can be microfiber. The second option is the simplest and most effective - specialized napkins. They can be found in almost every store. They must again be necessarily lint-free. They can be both dry and wet, with a special remedy, which is even more convenient. The main advantage of such napkins: as a rule, they contribute to the reduction of static electricity. True, such handkerchiefs can leave a divorce. To avoid this, you need to wipe the TV first with a damp napkin, then dry.
How to clean the LCD TV screen? It is possible and necessary to use aerosols and foams that do not contain alcohol. Be sure to read the composition before using such tools. There is a good way - the use of simple household soap. To do this, rub soap with a special cloth and wash the turned off LCD screen of the TV. Then rinse and rub again until the condition, until there are no divorces. This is a difficult way, but it copes with the fat spots from children's hands.
Attention! If you have hard water, it is recommended that you use distilled water when taking care of the screen.

How to wipe the LCD TV screen correctly?

First, just before cleaning, you need to make sure that the TV is turned off. It is better to pull the plug out of the socket. We take the chosen fabric (lint-free, remember), we put directly on it a product (without alcohol, of course) and start wiping the screen in circular motions. Do not press too hard, as this can lead to breakage. If you do not use disposable cloth, be sure to check for sand or other particles that could scratch the LCD screen.

If you just need to remove dust, then it is enough to wipe the TV with cloth or napkins. If it is necessary to remove strong contaminants, then you can use the soap method described above, or use liquid or special wet wipes.

Vinegar + water

With strong soiling, there is another way how to remove greasy stains. For this, table vinegar is useful. It must be added in a one-to-one ratio to distilled water. Wet a rag from the microfiber with this solution and wash the surface. Again, it is impossible to spray liquid directly on the screen!
The frame of the TV is easier to wash, it can be cleaned with the same means as the screen. For hard-to-reach places, you can use cotton buds.


Now you know how to wipe the LCD TV screen. We hope that our advice has helped you. Take care of your technique, and let it serve you for a long time!

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