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Viewing remote history in different browsers

If you need to know what the user was doing on the computer, or just need to restore their old data, for example, viewing a remote history, then you can use one of several methods. First of all, everything will depend on what kind of history you should learn. This can be a history of visits on the Internet, correspondence with the help of various messengers or the use of certain programs. Only after you have decided what you need to know, you can choose the most optimal option for yourself. But today we decided to bring several different options to look at the old history of working on the computer and all the other actions.

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If you need to view a remote history in Yandex (browser), then you need to prepare certain programs beforehand, or rather, you need a keylogger - a multifunctional program called "PuntoSwitcher" or any other application that is designed to restore data on the computer.

Easy way

So, let's start with the first option, it is the easiest, and even a beginner can cope with it. The keylogger program can help you learn everything that happened on the computer in your absence, including you can view remote history of the browser. The program is designed to track all the actions that are performed on the computer, including this applies to the correspondence that can be conducted in different clients. You can configure this multifunctional program and for it to produce screenshots independently, only this will require setting a certain time interval for creating snapshots.


Before using such a multifunctional program, you need to download it to your computer, then install and open it. When you open it, make all necessary settings, and then close the program with a special password that will ensure the safety of the recorded data. In this case, even if the user can notice the installed program, delete or just stop it from him will not work. If you want to get a really high-quality and full-fledged version of the keylogger, do not think that it will be so easy to download. Most professional keyloggers are provided on a paid basis. When you need to check the entire history, including making a remote history view, you simply enter the password in the program and begin to view all the actions that the user performed in your absence.

Alternative Browser

So, let's now talk about how to make a remote history scan in Opera or in another browser. Most users at the end of work in the browser prefer to delete the entire history, so that other users could not find out what sites they were on. But the story can still be restored even after the removal, and for this case there are many programs. For example, viewing a remote story in Yandex can be done with the help of the professional program EasyFileUndelete or Recuva. Of course, in order to view the remote history in the browser, you need to find, and also run a special file called "Places.sqlite". It is in this file and will contain the entire deleted history. Viewing remote history in various clients, with which you can send instant messages, can be done very simply. To do this, you simply need to find the folder in which all correspondence is stored, most often it is in the section "My Documents" or in the folder "ProgramFiles". Here you just need to find a subfolder with the name "History" and view the entire history. Of course, you can read this correspondence history only if the user does not delete this folder, although, however, most users do not know about its existence at all and just log out of their account. Today we have given you several options, with which you can view remote history in both browsers and clients.

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