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Vitek VT-1511 Coffee Maker: description, instructions, reviews

Who refuses to pamper themselves with a cup of freshly brewed coffee? And regardless of whether it will be a strong espresso with thick thick foam or a delicate cappuccino, a charge of vivacity and a good mood are provided in any case. Now it remains only to buy a good coffee maker and you can fill up the ranks of passionate coffee lovers.

Coffee makers and coffee machines. What's better?

To prepare a tasty, refreshing drink, it's not enough just to buy quality coffee of a certain grade. In fact, the taste of espresso depends largely on the adaptation in which it was brewed. Here an ordinary buyer is faced with the difficulties associated with choosing a decent device. Where does coffee get tastier in a coffee maker or coffee machine? What is the difference between them?

The coffee maker is a simple, even primitive coffee machine. At all its stages, participation on the part of a person is required. But the main difference between the devices is that the coffee machine needs to be ground beforehand, and it is designed to make a small volume of the drink.

A coffee machine is a fully automated machine. It is able to grind the grain in just a few seconds, heat the water to the right temperature, properly pour the coffee into a tablet and weld an amazing beverage of a given volume to taste. A coffee machine is an ideal option for bars, cafes and offices.

Before you go to the store, you need to decide for what purposes the device is purchased. If you want to make coffee at home, then you can do with a good budget coffee maker, such as Vitek VT-1511. It can boil an excellent espresso or cappuccino, while the price of the device is several times lower than the coffee machine with a bunch of additional functions.

Types of Coffee Machines

The above model of the Vitek coffee machine is of the carob type. It is specially designed for making espresso. The principle of the coffee machine is that high-pressure water (at least 9 bar) is passed through a filter with ground coffee. As a result, in just a few seconds you can prepare a fragrant freshly brewed espresso with a thick foam. The caraway maker Vitek, like most other models presented in the store, has a cappuccino to whip milk into a foam.

There are other types of coffee makers. How do they differ from each other? In a capsular coffee maker, it is easier and faster to prepare a drink by not manually compressing the coffee into the tablet. The principle of operation from the carob model differs slightly. Capsules for a coffee maker - this is the same tampered tablet, sold individually.

The drip coffee maker has the simplest operating principle. To prepare the drink, it is necessary to fill the ground coffee with a special filter (sieve), through which water, slowly, literally, drips. The taste of a drink brewed in such a coffee maker is very different from the carob or capsule type. It's hard to get really strong coffee.

Which coffee maker is better? Everything depends on the price that the buyer expects. Cheaper than others will cost a model of drip type. For capsular and carob coffee makers, the price is almost the same, but coffee made from capsules is more expensive at a cost.

Popular models of carob coffee makers Vitek

The company Vitek produces coffee machines of two types: drip and carob (espresso).

It was the latter that became especially popular lately. Among the interesting models of carob coffee makers are the following five.

  1. Vitek VT-1511 BK - the model is in top according to the results of sales of most stores of home appliances. Contains the minimum required set of functions for the preparation of espresso, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate at home.
  2. VT-1513 BK is a more powerful model of a carob coffee machine, but with a smaller volume of a water tank (1.25 liters).
  3. VT-1514 BK - this device for coffee preparation will please not only stylish design, but also the availability of a separate container for milk. It is very easy to operate a coffee maker. It is enough just to press the button with the type of drink on the display and select the volume of the cup - the rest of the device will do everything automatically.
  4. VT-1517 BN - thanks to this model to prepare a strong espresso, a delicate latte or air cappuccino with milky foam became even easier. Coffee can be cooked immediately for a few cups. For this purpose, removable water tanks (1.65 L) and milk (0.3 L) are provided in the device.
  5. VT-1516 SR - a novelty from the company Vitek has a capacity of 1470 watts and prepares coffee even faster than previously released models. The device has a stylish modern design and an improved control system.

Overview of the coffee machine Vitek VT-1511

The first thing that attracts coffee maker customers is a stylish modern panel with ergonomic controls. The case is made of plastic, and the Holder (horn, holder) is made of metal. The water tank in the presented model is designed for a volume of 1.5 liters.

The Vitek VT-1511 can prepare coffee for one or at a time for two cups. A freshly prepared drink can be poured into tall glasses, but you need to remove the drip tray. In the upper part of the case there is a special platform for heating the cups. This is important, because if the container is warm, then the drink will also taste better.

Preparation of coffee in the model VT-1511 semi-automatic. Control is carried out by means of buttons and the lever located on the forward panel. The main drawback of the coffee maker is that there is no automatic dosage of coffee, and its main advantage is at an attractive price, for which you can buy a good quality device.

How to prepare an espresso

Prepare a real espresso at home is not difficult.

To do this, the instruction of the Vitek coffee maker involves the following sequence of actions:

1) Fill the tank with water to the mark "Maximum" (volume 1.5 liters).

2) Insert the filter into the holder and fill it with 1 or 2 measuring spoons of coffee to make one or two portions of the drink, respectively.

3) Lose coffee in the filter with the back of the measuring spoon.

4) Place the holder in the coffee machine.

5) Heat the cup by turning it upside down on the area at the top of the coffee machine.

6) Turn on the coffee machine and wait for the indicator light to come on.

7) Install the cups on the lid of the pallet.

8) Press the water supply button and turn it off immediately when the beverage fills the cup to the desired volume.

9) Switch off the coffee maker, remove the holder and clean it of the coffee residues.

How to make cappuccino in a Vitek coffee maker?

In the coffee machine, you can cook not only a fragrant espresso, but also a delicious cappuccino.

The instruction for its preparation for the Vitek VT-1511 is offered below.

1) Boil the espresso, as suggested earlier.

2) Substitute an empty cup or other container under the cappuccino and clean it of condensate. To do this, press the steam button and immediately turn the knob of the adjuster located to the right of the panel.

3) Now you can prepare milk froth for cappuccino. In a cup, pour cold milk or cream and put under the cappuccino. Press the steam button and turn the knob to a quarter. After a few seconds, the foam will be ready.

4) Pour the milk with whipped foam into the espresso. Cappuccino is ready.

5) Clean the cappuccino by lowering its tip into a cup of water, turning on the steam supply button and turning the knob counter-clockwise.

Positive feedback about the coffee maker

Most Buyers like the coffee maker VT-1511. This is evidenced by their positive feedback:

  • The model is easy to use;
  • Is inexpensive;
  • Brews a real delicious espresso;
  • Speed of cooking;
  • Coffee at a cost is cheaper, compared with if you buy capsules for a coffee maker.

Due to the large volume of the tank, the device is suitable for both home and office.

Reviews are negative

What dissatisfied buyers of the presented coffee maker:

  • Over time, the upper and lower strains are clogged;
  • In some devices, the capuchator does not whip the foam well;
  • Does not turn off automatically.

In general, Vitek VT-1511 reviews are often more positive than negative reviews. And this means that the work of the coffee maker was satisfied with the majority of users.

How much does the coffee machine cost?

The review of the model and customer reviews confirm that the device is really good and can take a worthy place in the kitchen. It remains only to go to the store and buy it, especially since the price of the device is more than attractive. According to the latest information, the Vitek VT-1511 coffee maker costs 7 thousand rubles. Thus, for a little money you can become the owner of a stylish device for making a real espresso with a thick hazelnut cream.

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