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Male Virgo - how to understand him? Virgo-man: a characteristic of how to conquer

In order to better understand a person, you can use a variety of methods. One of them is to consider the zodiacal designation of the person of interest. So, Virgo-man: a characteristic of how to win such a guy - let's talk about this now.

basic information

What mainly characterizes people born under this sign? So, first and foremost, we must say that the Virgin are the greatest laborers. Often, work replaces them all in life. Also these are people who subordinate all their actions to reason, not emotions. From them you will not wait for a spiritual impulse, there will be only the purest calculation (this also applies to the sphere of relations). An important point: Virgo is very fond of order. As for negative qualities, representatives of this sign of the Zodiac are too economical, sometimes they can even be mean.

About the men of Virgo

So, the man Virgo. How to understand it? It should be noted that the representatives of the stronger sex of this sign of the Zodiac can be conditionally divided into two categories.

  1. Guys who actively monitor their appearance, they are neat and always dressed with a needle. These are people who are demanding in everything not only to themselves, but also to others. Appreciate the order.
  2. The second category of Men Dev is not too numerous, but you can also find such representatives. These are guys who can easily be called a "walking disgrace". Appearance, deeds and even thoughts of such people are in complete disarray. Most often these are people who have seen many things in their time, and their life values are highly distorted.

About the planet-patron

We understand further in the subject "a man Virgo: how to understand him." Here it is very important to point out that the planet-patron of this sign of the zodiac is Mercury. The planet itself is asexual, it is the representative of logic, sobriety and pure reason. That's why the Dev does not expect unpredictable actions and stormy clarification of relations. It is also important to say that the Virgo man will never openly show his feelings, even if they have it. According to the representatives of this sign of the Zodiac, this is completely superfluous. They believe that for themselves everything will be told by actions and behavior.

How to subdue the Virgin

Virgo-man: a characteristic, how to win a representative of this sign of the Zodiac? First of all, it must be said that one must act exclusively through the ears. Virgo is very fond of when they are evaluated. This is especially true in the sphere of work. It is also important to show this man his education. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac respect and honor the intelligent people who seek to develop. Also they are very positive about workaholics, considering it a norm of existence. What else is important to remember the girls who are going to finally conquer the Virgin-man?

  1. On a date you need to arrive on time (not earlier and not later, just on time.) Virgins value time, even if it's someone else's.
  2. If you want to invite a male friend to your home, you need to put everything in order. Housing should sparkle clean.
  3. Virgo do not like emotions, especially in crowded places. So do not throw the Virgin on his neck with kisses.
  4. It is very important not to talk nonsense (even in a personal conversation, in which there are no strangers).
  5. Despite their restraint, the Virgo men are very passionate lovers. They tend to demand from their partner the same behavior in bed.

What woman needs a man Virgo

Male Virgo: how to understand it, how to find out what kind of woman this guy needs? Here, in the first place, it must be remembered that representatives of this sign of the Zodiac respect the mind and cold calculation. Proceeding from this, we can make a small simple conclusion that the Virgin needs an independent person who is able not only to make decisions, but also to bear full responsibility for them. Thus the woman should be well-groomed. Also to representatives of this sign it is important that the lady had a share of intrigue. They definitely have to taste a girl who has a variety of talents and can support almost any conversation. At the same time, the chosen one must be a lady of the house: she must manage to restore order at home, prepare a delicious supper and at the same time remain always in all its glory.

How to Conquer a Man

A few words should be said about how to win a married man a Virgin. First of all, you need to tell him that you just want to be friends with him (after all, how can you not want to communicate with such an intelligent and purposeful person?). Moreover, friendship is an excellent basis for further development of relations with representatives of this sign of the Zodiac. It is also worth remembering that a man who is not free should be supported by the Virgin, even if you do not agree with all his arguments. Virgo is very appreciated. It should be recalled that representatives of this sign of the Zodiac love simplicity in everything, even in appearance. Accuracy, grooming, minimalism when using cosmetics and at the same time the sheer charm - that's what Virgos need. And again - time, a lot of time. Not soon the lady will be able to see the fruits of her labors, wishing to subdue the unfree representative of this sign of the Zodiac.

How to fall in love with a Virgin

So, the man Virgo. How can one understand it, how to make such a guy just lose his head? It is worth saying that this is practically impossible task. After all, even if the guy Virgo is in love, to understand at first sight it will be very difficult. These are people who skillfully hide their emotions, not wanting to put them on display. What should a girl do to fall in love with such a man?

  1. Never need to demonstrate a tendency to irresponsible behavior (wastefulness, the desire for adventure - all this is alien to the Virgo, and he just does not understand this behavior).
  2. You need to create the impression of a sensible person. It's also nice to be old-fashioned, Virgo is respected and appreciated.
  3. We must be able to wait. Only five times having thought, the man the Maiden can make the choice. And at this time - waiting time - you can not compromise yourself. It must be remembered: the Virgin needs to correspond.

About Sexuality

Often, women are wondering how to understand the feelings of a Virgo man, especially when it comes to the intimate sphere. What can I say? This is not surprising if a lady reads the most contradictory characteristics of men of this sign. Some will assure that Virgo is absolutely not needed and uninteresting sex, while others will say that they are excellent lovers. So where is the truth? An important point is that the men of this sign of the Zodiac know perfectly well that sexual relations are good for health. It is from this point of view that they will consider this issue. That is, sex is not necessary for the Virgin to show one's own feelings, but to maintain one's own health. Therefore, do not be mistaken and think that sex is the beginning of a serious relationship for representatives of this sign. However, it is important to say that you can still figure out how to understand that Virgo is in love. To do this, you just need to see how he behaves in bed. If a man is very affectionate with a lady, then it is really dear to him.

Signs of Love

How to understand that Virgo is in love? This should also be discussed in this article. After all, representatives of this sign of the Zodiac are very secretive. Why should a girl pay attention?

  1. Thoughts and talk about the future. Virgo never throws words into the wind. If a man talks about a joint future, that's a great sign.
  2. Care. If the guy Deva makes small gifts, shows elementary care for the girl - this is one of the first signs of his love.
  3. Forgiveness. A loving guy Virgo will also forgive his half of all sorts of trivia (which in normal state of mind and body he will cause resentment).

These are the main indicators that will help the girl to decide on the feelings of the representative of this rather secretive sign of the Zodiac.

How to Keep a Young Girlfriend

We understand further how to understand the Virgo-boy. What do you need to know a girl who wants to keep such a man next to her? So, it is important to remember that the Virgin always needs to correspond. And if at the time of the first love, the lady will be forgiven small mistakes, then in the future it can become a stumbling block in the relationship. A woman should remember that Virgo loves smart educated people. Silly, although touching and naive, such a man does not fit. However, if the guy sees that the lady wants to develop and learn new things, he will definitely support her. Still how to understand the Virgin? A girl should always support her man, even if he is currently wrong. A little later it will be possible to point Virgo to mistakes, but it will be necessary to do this carefully and imperceptibly. Such men need to know that they have a strong rear (although they themselves are excellent defenders). What else is important to remember, wanting to keep the Devil-a man near him:

  • You must always be well-groomed.
  • Virgo is fond of food, one must remember his gastronomic predilections.
  • At home there should always be order, even at that stage, while the couple does not live together.
  • Virgo men do not like chatters. Everything that happens at home, there must remain.
  • About a man you need not only to think, but also to speak in a good tone.
  • Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac are punctual, they also demand this from their chosen one.
  • If Virgo is a man and does not give a form, he is still a very jealous person. Do not try his patience even with light flirting.

Virgo-man: characteristic, compatibility

What else is important to tell about, is it about who with the representatives of this sign is good at creating an alliance. First of all, it must be said that such a partner is selected very carefully by a partner. And it is not surprising that there are so many lonely individuals among the male representatives of this sign. Also in marriage, Virgo is not inclined to compromise, such a person needs just to fully comply.

  1. Virgo and Virgo. Such a marriage will be uninteresting, however strong (especially if the couple will engage in joint activities). A good tandem for friendly relations.
  2. Virgo and Cancer. Such a man, the lady Cancer tire of her abstract reasoning, which, unfortunately, most often do not have a serious basis (Virgo must see movement, work, empty talk they do not like).
  3. Virgo and Aquarius. An interesting union, which will prove to be very strong, if the couple will pass the first hard tests.
  4. Virgo and the Lion. Favorable alliance, because such a man will quickly tame the woman of Leo.
  5. Virgo and Sagittarius. In such a pair there will always be mutual understanding. And Virgo is very important that he is always and everywhere supported.
  6. Virgo and Pisces. Relationships doomed to failure. Such a man the woman Rybka quickly wearies her dreaminess and external inaction.

About Understanding

If a woman wants to figure out how to understand a man in love with the Virgin, she needs to understand one important rule: the representatives of this sign of the Zodiac need to feel. After all, as already mentioned above, they are not capable of displaying vivid emotions, thanks to which we can draw some conclusions. Their attitude such men will prove throughout their lives by their actions and their behavior. In this case, the most important advice: have patience. And only after a certain time, you can readily say about what the guy feels - a representative of this sign of the Zodiac.

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