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Male Virgo. Work first.

It is believed that a man born under the sign of the Virgin, this is a bore, inclined to an endless reading of notations. But this is far from the case. In full measure, all these features of the male Virgo manifests, if they are strengthened by other aspects of the notal card. Representatives of this sign have a fast and lively mind, prone to analysis. The influence of the elements of Earth makes Dev pedants who are little capable of romantic displays of feelings, they never hover in the clouds and look at the world with a sober glance.
Representatives of this sign, especially men, are real workaholics. Work for them above all else. However, despite this diligence, the tops of the Virgin's career are rarely achieved. It's all a matter of mundane thinking and skeptical attitude to life. For Virgo, the bird in hand is more attractive than the distant crane in the sky. As a rule, the Virgo do not seek career growth themselves, although they often work for three.

In most cases, a man is a Deva discreet and silent. Perhaps his reluctance to engage in conversation is associated with violent thought activity, but most likely it is due to usual indecisiveness. In noisy companies or with strangers, Virgo feels uncomfortable. As a rule, a man born under the sign of the Virgin, has a specific sense of humor and is too critical in his statements. But do not take it personally, for Virgo treats herself quite strictly.

If your man is a Virgin, do not wait for lush courtships, bouquets and serenades under the window. Representatives of terrestrial signs are not peculiar. In addition, Virgo is a famous scooter, who simply will be sorry to spend money on flowers, which will still fade. If they give gifts, then it surely is something practical and useful.

As life observation shows, men - Virgo do not aspire to create a family. They do not like to change the established way of life, and with the household, in their opinion, they themselves perfectly cope. A sign of Virgo's readiness for marriage is the sudden tides of a romantic mood. If you see a calm and reasonable householder turns into an unusually sociable, and sometimes even wildly cheerful, then for the Virgin came the marriage period. If the chevalier is serious and restrained, tries to finish the meeting early, because tomorrow to work, then he is not yet ready for family life. Do not be deceived by the lengthy reasoning of the man-Virgo about marriage, he can make plans for years, but remain a bachelor. Consider, if this man did not get married before the age of forty, you have no chance to go with him to the crown.

Men born under the sign of Virgo have a whole set of positive qualities that are very valuable in marriage. They are hardworking, economic, carefully monitor their health (do not smoke, do not abuse alcohol). In addition, they economically spend their family budget and are sensitive to the problems of their offspring. But unfortunately, you can not call a good lover Virgo, even with a big stretch.

When asked what the Virgo men like, astrologers respond unanimously. Representatives of this sign attract smart women. If Virgo does not have an intellectual relationship with a partner, such relationships are doomed to failure. Following the principle: opposites attract, the male Virgo often falls in love with eccentric and eccentric women. Especially attractive are the ladies born under the sign of Gemini. In adulthood, a man - Virgo is attracted by royal Lionesses and cheerful Sagittarius. Ideal pair for the Virgin can become Cancer, Scorpio or Fish.

If your man-Virgo, cheating on his part can become a collapse of relations. For casual relationships, he is too squeamish, and the variety in sexual life is not required. Therefore, if the Virgo decides to betray, then the lady grazed him seriously. Your betrayal of the man-Virgo will be perceived as a deep personal insult and will never forgive the offense.

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