What men like, or Debunking myths

The question of what men like, sooner or later arises in the mind of any woman. Of course, we all want to make an impression: on ourselves, on girlfriends, on relatives, on casual passers-by and, indisputably, on the opposite sex.

Apparently, that is why so often women come up with myths about men. Which ones? Yes, you can give hundreds of examples! Let us dwell on the two most common. For example, you most likely heard the statement that:

  • A man should not cry (Strange ... And, in fact, why? Is he not a man, or is he not sad, annoyed or offended?);
  • All the men are women's men / liars / scoundrels / egoists. (And why all? Maybe you do not need to sum up all the ones?)

It seems to me that all this is not more than stereotypes, and the stereotypes of the crowd, and those who are happy with their chosen ones and really understand what men like, will never be dismissed by such statements.

Those. It turns out that only unhappy women are capable of such a statement, who have not been lucky to meet their mate yet? It turns out that yes ... It's sad ...

I called my article "The Discrediting of Myths". It is dedicated to those girls, girls, women, ladies and ladies who, despite all prejudices, strive to be close to a reliable and loving chosen one.

I propose to talk about how to understand that you like a man in fact, having overcome all the set of conjectures and prejudices in modern society.

Myth number 1. The way to the heart of any man must necessarily lie through the stomach.

Exceptions, of course, there are, and you can quite meet a bachelor who is tired of dumplings, sausages and fast food. But, dear women, do you really need someone who will initially treat you only as a cook? A modern man is more important than the care and attention of a beloved woman than a varied diet. For many, a simple scrambled eggs, prepared with careful hands, is more valuable and more pleasant than some intricate salad from a huge number of overseas ingredients, so it's not necessary to spend all day in the kitchen trying to surprise him with another culinary masterpiece.

Myth number 2. In everything and always the initiative should come only from the man.

Very very controversial point of view. By the way, experts are sure, no matter how strong and brave a man might seem, in amorous affairs he often shows weakness and expects the first step from his lover.

According to psychologists, such complexes stretch into adulthood since childhood. It was in school years that in order to express their sympathy, the boys pulled us, the girls, for braids or poured water, trying to attract attention, but afraid to openly admit. What to do now? It remains to be a little bolder by yourself, but the main thing, as they say, is not to overstep the stick, since assertiveness is not at all the quality that men like.

Myth number 3. Men are not able to love, and all they need is sex.

Of course, this is a delusion, and confirmed by the statements of modern psychologists who insist that it is men, and not we, women, who are able to idealize their love more.

For example, a special social survey was conducted, which resulted in finding out that 90% of male representatives and only 70% of women believe in love for life. Looking for an answer to the question, how do you like your husband? Just be yourself, if you are together now, then, most likely, he is already crazy about you.

The love experiences of men and women are very different, and if for most women the so-called "love-friendship" is more acceptable, then for men, love-passion is more characteristic. Apparently, the latter just explains their strong desire to have a beloved woman.

There's nothing to be done, we are arranged differently.

Myth number 4. A man in a woman seldom sees anything other than a figure.

Of course, a man does not mind at all that an attractive companion is with him, but, according to the same opinion polls, the man pushes the beauty to the third place, giving preference to charm and sex appeal. So, dear ladies, we draw a conclusion: we do not run with every slightly outlined wrinkle to the beautician, but we try to use what men like, namely looseness, spontaneity, mischief and sense of humor.

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