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The series "Bourjoui's Birthday": actors are popular, the plot is swirling

This series won the hearts of millions of viewers with access to the screen of the first series. And this is not accidental. After all, it was told in him not about the life of the new Russians, but about the fate of the young man, who himself achieved all that he has at the moment. This was the film "Bourgeois's Birthday", the actors of which instantly became the favorites of the whole country.

Story line. Bourgeois or, after all, Volodya?

Now he is the president of a fairly serious financial company, "Fitrrast." He is Vladimir Kovalenko, a young but very talented person. He is one of those people who are said to have made themselves. And indeed, Kovalenko has everything you can dream about: a spacious house, a comfortable car, an excellent job, a high financial position, a beloved woman. Working tirelessly, he was able to realize all his plans. Colleagues and partners call him Vladimir Vladimirovich. And only for the closest he is - Bourgeois (actor Valery Nikolaev).

Such a nickname little Volodya received in the children's home, where he was brought up, because he never knew his parents. And when asked by the journalist, he was told that Bourgeois was named because he had understood the power of money earlier than other children.

So simple and uncomplicated begins the series "The Birthday of the Burzhuy". The actors who played in it: Valery Nikolaev, Irina Apeksimova, Andrei Smolyakov, Vitaliy Linetsky, Andrey Panin, Daria Poverennova, Oleg Isaev and others - were chosen so accurately and correctly that it is impossible to believe that they are playing the role at the screen. A complete sense is created that their characters and themselves are one.

The only thing that bothers him all these years: he does not know his real name, his real last name, and when he celebrates his birthday. So from time to time he tries to find out something about his family. But while all these attempts do not bring him anything but disappointment.

Story line. What do the spirits say?

One day, out of simple curiosity, Volodya agrees to go with his girlfriend Amina to a spiritual meeting with a fortuneteller. According to rumors, this fortune-teller could reveal all the secrets of both the past and the future to everyone who asked her for help. And although Burzhuy does not believe in this, he decides to form Amine.

Such a turn of the plot is shown by the film "The Birthday of the Burzhuy". The actors who played in these scenes later told that, despite the fictitiousness of these events, they "felt a little uncomfortable at the" reception at the fortune-teller ". But what if?

Thick (a friend, a guard, a driver, a colleague and a man who is faithful to Volodya) does not dare to go up to the right apartment, because he is afraid of all evil spirits, so Volodya and Amina went together. At first everything was clear, but suddenly something inexplicable happened: through the mouth of a fortuneteller-medium in response to a question about Volodya's parents, the evoked spirit uttered just a few words (a basket, a child, look ) that could be the key to unraveling all that he wants Learn Kovalenko. And he believes in this, because almost no one knows that little Volodya was found just in a wicker basket.

The search for relatives: they or not?

Then a new stage in the life of the characters of the film "The Birthday of Burzhuy" begins. The actors were able to very filigree to convey the whole atmosphere of what is happening in the picture from the first frame to the last.

And Volodya begins to look. Search with the help of his faithful friend Tolstoy (actor Anatoly Zhuravlev). As a result, he finds his grandmother and sister. When Amina (actress Irina Apeksimova) asked him if there was any confidence that it was not someone else's people, Volodya answered very simply: yes, they can be to him non-native in blood, but he already accepted them in his heart.

Unfortunately, later it turns out that the answers to the fortune-teller were not prompted by otherworldly forces. To this, the longtime opponent of Burzhuya Kudla, both on business issues and in the matter of feelings, was involved (Kudla, the actor Andrei Smolyakov, turned out to be Amina's former lover, whom she does not want to remember, because he once hurt her too painfully).

Volodya learns the truth, but before that he will have to go through many tests that he will withstand with honor.

What happened next?

The success of the first fifteen episodes was so deafening that it was decided to shoot the adventures of the heroes who loved the spectators. And a year later, in 2001, everyone again clung to the screens, because they showed a new series "The Birthday of Burzhuya - 2". The actors remained the same, with a few exceptions. There were other heroes, and some of the characters of last season were removed. Amina, according to the script, was burnt in the house with Bourgeois, their little son Volodya and his grandmother. Thick now the company president instead of Kovalenko. But what disturbs him every hour, this whole year that has passed since the day of the terrible fire?

As soon as the first series of this film began to appear, it immediately became a real hit. The series "The Birthday of Burzhuy", whose actors worked very professionally, even those who were at the time at the very beginning of their career, watched both Russian and Ukrainian audiences. Which is not surprising, because it was these two countries that worked on the production of an action-packed detective.

The story is interesting, intrigue is an exciting, subtle and correct combination of mysticism, detective and melodrama, actors are popular. That's why the serial "The Birthday of Burzhuy" had such a deafening success. Actors and roles, They performed in it, were very close to the audience and seemed easily recognizable in any of the proposed situations.

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