Men and women still do not know this about each other!

Too many stereotypes have developed about men and women, and only some of them are truthful. Today we will try to tell you which of them are real, and which ones - outright lies. You might wonder how we will do it. We will check the statistics. Keep in mind that most of the statistics are compiled, so to speak, in an amateur way, and some facts contradict each other, so they should not be taken seriously. For example, it is often said that women spend more time in front of a mirror than men. Is it just fuss or is there any logic in this process? Let's find out.

Physical exercise

It is often said that men have to work hard to pump up a mountain of muscles. It takes time and effort, considerable dedication. Women are not recommended to have convex, relief muscles. We are told that we just do not overeat and try to maintain a slender figure. So who spends more time on this?

Men spend an average of two years on training in their lives. This includes playing sports with friends and jogging or going to the gym.

Women spend only one year in the gym. Nevertheless, they also spend about 17 years trying to lose weight, trying all sorts of diets.

Personal hygiene

If ever there is a question, who spends more time on the fees before leaving home, then the answer arises obvious to many. Most people believe that this applies to women. However, the statistics says something completely different.

Men spend in front of the mirror 81 minutes a day. This includes showering, shaving, cleansing, moisturizing, hair styling and dressing.

Women only need 75 minutes. Here is one specific statistics that seemed particularly interesting to us: men spend about 18 minutes on shaving, and women - only 14. It's strange, is not it? Given that the latter shave their legs, armpits and bikini area, while men just shave their own face. It should be mentioned that applying makeup is not included in this statistics. We only compare what both men and women do.


Representatives of the weaker sex spend 2.5 years of their life for washing dishes, vacuuming, wiping dust and doing all kinds of household chores.

Men spend on this all for a year less - only 1.5 years. Surely everyone is shocked by this statistic. It's not that the representatives of the stronger sex are more careful, because we all know that this is not so. Simply in most cases, they care less about the purity of their home and assume that their girlfriend (wife, mother) will do it instead of them.


Data from recent studies show that representatives of both sexes spend about three years behind the wheel of a car. This may surprise some people. What about all the women who are housewives? They do not need to go to work and work.

And now think about going on grocery shopping, about taking the kids to school and taking them home from there. You will be amazed how much time is spent on these all the moments.

Cooking food

Statistics show that women spend three years preparing food. Preparing breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the whole family takes a lot of time.

Men spend half of this time cooking. And basically it refers to the construction of primitive sandwiches or the heating of a ready-made dinner in a microwave oven.

We can say that this statistics has its drawbacks. Reheating something in the microwave and cooking food are very different things.

Talking on the phone

It's no wonder that women spend more time talking on the phone. Statistics show that they spend on this about 5.5 years of their lives. For men, it takes four years.

What is the difference? Women have to receive more incoming calls. Nevertheless, both these statistics lose their relevance with each passing day, as we strive to use e-mail and send SMS messages. When was the last time you voluntarily recruited someone? Not everyone will remember. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and text messages, we all keep in touch with our friends, and for that we do not need to call them.


According to scientists, women spend 27 years of their life in bed, for men it takes 25.5 years.

It's a little unexpected, is not it? You might think that most women wake up earlier. We need extra time to apply makeup and make breakfast. In addition, if you are a mother, then you need extra time in the morning to tidy up the children, and this is not to mention the sleepless nights associated with infants. However, it turned out that these statistics are associated with shorter life expectancy for men.


Women spend two years of their lives on shopping trips, trying on clothes and buying all sorts of goods. Can you blame us? Given the pressure that the media have on us, making us look good, it's amazing that we do not live in shopping centers yet.

Men spend a whole year on shopping. It is assumed that most of the time they just drag along for women while they choose the goods. I think, if it depended on them, they would never go shopping, but wore the same old T-shirt for years.

Watching TV

Women spend about thirteen years in front of television screens. Statistics show that they often watch different TV shows and other TV shows that have many seasons.

Men spend about ten years in front of the TV. Statistics show that they mostly watch sports competitions and programs about fishing, hunting and so on.

Walking to the toilet

Here is the funniest fact to finish our list.

Women, according to statistics, spend six months in the restroom. Despite the fact that everyone always complains that the ladies go to the women's room in groups and are there literally for hours, men spend more time in the toilet. So know, guys, that we just spend time refreshing our make-up, putting ourselves in order, but when it comes to the most responsible process, we do everything very quickly.

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