How to configure utorrent

So, most users who have never met with a program like Torrent do not know how to properly configure it. And often, they have too little speed, or even some problems. The purpose of this article is to show you how to properly configure uTorrent.

If you do not have a client, you need to download it. You can do this on any soft portal or on some Torrent.

How to set up u Torrent: Step 1

The Internet is full of English versions of this application. If you downloaded this one, then it should be Russified. We are looking for a file of the Russian language for the torrent in the network. It is called "utorrent.lng". After downloading, place it in the folder C: \ Users \ Name of your user \ AppData \ Roaming \ uTorrent \.

We start the program and see that it has become completely in Russian.

How to configure u Torrent: step 2

Now you need to make basic settings. Open the menu item "settings", and click there on the "configuration".

On the left, in the tree of subparagraphs we select "general". In the field of integration settings of the program, click to associate with torrent. Now all files with this extension will be opened by default with this program.

We remove ticks from auto-updates. Why is this necessary? The thing is that some Torrent portals are not compatible with some versions of the software. And so, that suddenly it did not happen that you were updated, and the program stopped working. More precisely, it will work, but you can not download from this tracker.

Next, it is very important to check the point where it says that the unfinished files will have the extension *.! Ut.

We jump over to the point of "folder". For convenience, it is advisable to make sure that downloaded and already downloaded files were in different folders, and the transfer occurred automatically. This is necessary so that you are not confused. In the same way, it's worth to deal with * .torrent files.

If you have several hard drives, then it is desirable to download files to another, not system hard. Do not confuse local disks and hard disks (real disks). With continued downloads at high speeds and active use of Windows, you can kill your HDD.

How to configure u Torrent: Step 3

Now let's start setting up additional moments that you can do at your discretion.

Consider the settings of the "interface". For convenience, you can make sure that the current program's upload speed and data upload are displayed in the program header. In addition, you can configure various events and queries to them, as well as options for "program behavior" when minimizing and clicking on the icon in the system tray.

Let's pay attention to the sub-item "speed". If you have traffic problems, or with speed, or something else, then you can limit the speed of loading or uploading at your own discretion.

It all depends on your speed of connection to the Internet, traffic and conscience. Do not laugh at this moment. Because so many people act in the following way. If there is no such parameter on the tracker as the rating (the amount of the given / the number of downloads), then many start only to download, at the maximum, and the distribution is limited to about 1 kb / s. Simply less it is impossible.

Priority. You can specify the number of simultaneously uploaded torrents. Also, the number of files distributed, the number of people connected to you and much more can be limited.

Optional - Interface. There is an opportunity to manually register the speed limit. Values must be specified separated by commas.

The rest, for example, scheduler schedules and so on, you can customize on your own. Everything is simple there. Use the "poke" method. In a particular way, you can not spoil the program. But if something goes wrong, then you can delete the system files that are in the same folder as the language pack, and then all the settings will be the default.

So, we hope this article helped you to understand, and you understood how to set up uTorrent.

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