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Completion and expiry date of the first aid kit

First-aid kit in the car must always be available. She is a kind of helper, a kind of wand-zashchalochkoy in emergency cases that can occur on the road. But how to choose them correctly, what is the composition and the expiration date of the first aid kit of automotive can not be answered by all motorists. Let's understand.

First aid kit (2010)

If in the emergency kit approved in 1996, in addition to the haemostatic agents there were painkillers and cardiac drugs, then the new car kits are devoid of medicines. Why was this decision made? There were several compelling reasons for this.

Refusal of medicines

The doctors decided that, for example, people suffering from heart disease always carry their own set of medicines prescribed by the doctor. And pain medications taken before the arrival of an ambulance, can sometimes seriously complicate the diagnosis of doctors.

And most importantly - medicines have a certain shelf life and requirements for storage conditions, and the temperature in the car is not always suitable for this. Not always people who provide assistance on the roads are competent in medicine and can give the right drug to the victim. Moreover, there have been cases when the help provided by an inexperienced person caused more problems than the accident itself.

First aid kit

Now the list of the car kit includes only haemostatic drugs:

  1. Two pairs of bandages (non-sterile), the width of which varies from five to ten centimeters. The length of the bandages must be at least fifty meters.
  2. One hemostatic tourniquet.
  3. One wide bandage (14 cm) of gauze.
  4. Two seven centimeters sterile bandage. The length of each - not less than five meters.
  5. Two ten centimeters sterile bandage (length 5 meters).
  6. Two pieces of sterile medical gloves.
  7. Dressing bag (sterile).
  8. Sterile gauze wipes measuring 14 x 16 cm.
  9. Bactericidal patches of two types: rolled and tape (10 pieces).
  10. Scissors.
  11. A special device used for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (artificial respiration).
  12. One pair of conventional medical gloves.
  13. A case and an abstract to the first aid kit, which includes a list of tools and recommendations for their use in emergency situations.

First aid kit for car

The cost of an automotive first aid kit, like many other products, directly depends on the manufacturer. The most inexpensive first-aid kits will cost about 160-250 rubles. The first-aid kit, the price of which is within 2000 rubles, will differ from the low-cost options by the quality of the case and internal filling. So which is better to choose: cheap or expensive?

Of course, it's up to you. But experienced motorists, who already, as they say, for many years on the purchase of first aid kits "ate a dog" say that it is better to stay on an expensive option. The first-aid kit, the price of which is slightly above average, will last longer due to a high-quality and reliable case. Qualitative in expensive first-aid kits will also be medical products. For example, bandages will not be "liquid", and gauze - not able to close even a small scratch. Scissors in expensive first aid kits are also much better than cheap ones. In the latter they will not be able to cut even paper, not to mention the gauze bandages.

Since there is now no medicinal product in the compulsory kit, the expiration date of the first aid kit has significantly increased. Consequently, this saved drivers a lot of money. And if you do not want to buy the necessary inventory every month, then better buy more. The miser, as you know, pays more than once.

The expiration date of the first aid kit

So, we have already found out what means of first aid is the first aid kit (GOST) and how much it costs.

In order to avoid buying a substandard, counterfeit goods, we advise you to always look at the expiration date. Conscientious producers always indicate it on a case or enclosed sheet-annotation.

The expiration date of the first aid kit is four and a half years. An additional six months are given to the car owner to replace it. Of course, bandages and gauze napkins can be stored for about ten years, and nothing will happen to them. But, for example, plasters have a limited time - 4-5 years.

Rules for using a first aid kit

When purchasing the recommended medical kit, observe certain rules:

  • Every driver should understand that it is impossible to use medical emergency aids at his own discretion. However, it is not forbidden to supplement the standard complex with some medical products.
  • Remember that if on preparations or first-aid facilities the packing is damaged or damaged (there is no) marking, it is better to refuse their application.
  • Once you used a bandage or gauze, the stock of funds in the medicine cabinet should be immediately refilled.
  • When you buy the described means of protection, try to check the integrity of the case in the store, the equipment and the must-have first-aid kit. Experts advise to buy them in specialized stores or pharmacies, in order to avoid fakes.

It is important to know! The traffic police can not require you to show the contents of the car kit. But in the presence it must be. Neglect this rule is not necessary. And not only because I do not want to pay a fine. Think about it, because at the right time, the first-aid kit can save a life for you, your relatives or other participants of the automobile movement.

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